Even First Lady could be sued
Posted on September 8th, 2017

Chamil Rupasinghe Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said even the current First Lady could be sued as she was seen distributing ‘Sil Redi’ along with the President a few days ago.

Speaking to journalists in Kandy, Mr. Rajapaksa said he would visit former president’s secretary Lalith Weeratunga who was sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment.

Mr.Weeratunga was found guilty of misappropriating Rs.600 million belonging to the TRC and using it to distribute ‘Sil Redi’ during the 2015 presidential election campaign.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    If done wrong then one must face justice says the tax payers like us.Last night I was rushing to Kandy from Colombo,seen many little shops opened even at 10.30PM,just trying to make a living.
    I was approaching a small town called Kaladedipitya or handiya(sound like that) where we passed a family trying to sell about 2 Dozs of wood apples and two papayas.It was the father holding an infant,mother with three other kids.Their little stall was unlit being so poor and I felt for them and told the driver to turn around and go back to that stall.They told me that they are housed in one room somewhere they pay 2000Rs per month and they hardly have money to pay the rent,feed the kids and send them to school.Their takings for that day was only Rs180 and trying to make rs 600 just to break even.This was about 7 PM.My other guests in the car was very unhappy that their travel to their homes were delayed by this gesture and I told them to find another transport if they wished.
    Could not give enough but told them wait there the whole day until I find someone TRUSTWORTHY to take some money for them so that they could improve their stall with more goods and with some lighting,etc.
    This situations are very common in our country,when ever yo look around,just like the woman we met at Talamanwila in 2003 where she had to run her home and the watermelon business where she only made Rs 50 until 3PM.
    Therefore we need our tax incomes to be spent wisely to those who can’t help them selves but not to be squandered by the politicians in power,who ever they are.To rob the poor is the worse crime and they must dearly pay for it.This problem is all over the third world…

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