Myanmar’s Just War with Bengali Terrorists no different to Sri Lanka’s against Tamil Terrorists
Posted on September 12th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

We cannot ignore global geopolitics and corporate warfare together with neocolonial aspirations in trying to come to terms with the situation unfolding in Myanmar. The stage is now being set to transfer the geopolitical focus to Asia and Myanmar has been placed centre stage. If groups of people are receiving armed training doesn’t a country have a right to defend itself? These armed groups are neither freedom fighter’s but terrorists for eventually they will even target their own just as the LTTE did in Sri Lanka.

Let’s look at some of the similarities that Sri Lanka & Myanmar share

Both are two of the last remaining Theravada Buddhist countries. Militancy in Sri Lanka was first launched clandestinely from South India trained with the knowledge of the Indian Government. In the case of Myanmar it is well documented that the Rohingya’s have at least 5 armed groups. While all Tamils did not side with LTTE Terrorists in Sri Lanka, it is without a doubt that all Rohingyas are not supporting these Bengali Terrorists. However, both did not have a choice and became victims in the hands of the militants and the governments tasked to defend their country against militancy.

Sri Lanka’s conflict generated a powerful diaspora lobby group who became tasked to fund and flame the conflict as it served their advantage in becoming economic refugees. Both fled in boats seeking better pastures overseas. It is more than possible that many a terrorist would have masqueraded as ‘refugees’ and accompanied the real victims to foreign shores where from these countries they would generate the propaganda necessary to keep the conflict ongoing as it would generate income and begin turning the wheels of how geopolitical maneuvering takes places in arm-twisting elected governments. This is where media/NGOs/ internet/humanitarian organizations enter the scene where a long and lucrative livelihood for them is certain so long as the conflict lasts. Many LTTE diaspora groups are registered as foreign charities/NGOs and humanitarian organizations fleecing foreign governments by making use of tax havens and other welfare freebies.

It is these entities now rushing to produce reports, documentaries, false flag situations, fake news and lies to assist those that are funding them to achieve their corporate/geopolitical objectives. The power of funding and what they can produce was clear in the lies that helped justify the illegal invasions & R2P actions against Yugoslavia carving a separate & independent state (Kosovo), South Sudan, lies that has destabilized Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & luckily the Syrian people backed their leader making the Syrian exercise placed in a list of surprising failures! Having virtually left Middle East and Africa in flames these same entities using the proxy jihadist partners are now moving to Asia where the political pivot policy was made clear.

When Bengali terrorists are being funded by Al Qaeda and ISIS both of which are now proven creations of the West and their intelligence it is baffling that just because they are using Islam as the slogan and Muslims as their soldiers, that the Muslim world are unable to realize these hard facts and denounce them.

However, it is nothing to be surprised as most Tamils have been silent against LTTE terror even after being militarily defeated and not many are coming forward to even nullify the lies that the LTTE diaspora are cooking up on a regular basis to sustain their existence and continue their livelihood based on their supposed ‘grievance’. It is more than possible that these Bengali Terrorists will be used to carry out a very long drawn out conflict in Myanmar till those pulling the strings are satisfied that they can force India, Myanmar, China to succumb to their machinations. These are serious factors that the governments of India, Myanmar & China need to take stock of. Asia must not be allowed to become another Middle East or Africa or even South America. Already the drugs smuggling, plethora of illegal activities, human smuggling etc have achieved hub status in Asia. Both LTTE and these jihadist terror groups are famous for narcotic smuggling partnering with foreign intelligence agencies.

We saw how hundreds of NGOs virtually opening shop next door to LTTE offices when LTTE ran their defacto state – while all of them wrote handsome reports on child soldiers, the suffering of the Tamils etc none of them did tuppence to stop a single child from being kidnapped from their families and turned into child soldiers. The lady now seated in Sri Lanka’s Constitutional Council stands guilty herself for contributing zero to stop child soldier recruitment and she was named to be part of a fact-finding mission to Myanmar!

This is where Myanmar will also need to take stock of the UN and how UN and its puppet envoys are being used to politically present the need for foreign intervention. Sri Lanka’s case has been easier for we have an appeasing government placed in power after a well-funded regime change who are more than willing to hand over every piece of the administration & national asset to foreign powers! However, they are well aware that Myanmar and its people have more pluck and will refuse to bend down to the whims and fancies even though many accuse Aung San Su Ki of being a Western proxy. Note how the UN is taking out all their jargon – genocide, ethnic cleansing which should immediately warn us what the real gameplan is.

While it is without doubt that the Rohingyas must be suffering as a result of being guineapigs in a bigger game, it is virtually the same scenario that befell the Tamils caught between LTTE and Government troops. Was life better with the LTTE was often a question posed when LTTE was militarily defeated and when despite making USD300m annual profits the LTTE had not even made a single road or building for the people they claimed to be fighting to look after except build lavish bunkers for themselves and homes for their families. Similarly, we cannot ignore the fact that whoever is funding the Bengali militants and using the Rohingyas are doing so to carve out an area which had been historically a place that sought separation just like the Eelam ploy in Sri Lanka. It is baffling how Tamils who originate from Tamil Nadu where the first quest for self-determination started is arguing for a homeland in Sri Lanka’s North and East well while even the ethnicity of Rohingyas in question given that the name itself never existed until the 1950s.

Let us not forget that the British are accountable for the unfolding tragedy in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar through their divide and rule policies. Bangladesh eventually received independence but it is highly unlikely that India which turned down the independence of Khalistan nor supported the self-determination of Tamils in Tamil Nadu would help the Bengali Terrorists in Myanmar though India did use the LTTE militancy to wrest economic and political control over Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka’s leaders failed to adopt a strategy to deal with this reality. The leaders of Asia for petty political brownies against their own neighbors cannot and repeat cannot ignore that the enemy all of Asia is now dealing with will destroy all of these countries if the leaders of these countries do not unite to take the bull by the horns.

Those clamoring to present solutions will doubtless present the notion that taking a line and dividing an area is the solution. Do they need to be getting handsome salary packages to come up with a solution like that! They often completely ignore that in Sri Lanka more Tamils are living peacefully with the Sinhalese outside of the terrain being sought as ‘separate’ while in Myanmar too there are plenty of Muslims living peacefully with the people of Myanmar throughout the country. So what really is the mischief makers upto using Sri Lanka’s North/East and Myanmar’s Rakhine province? This is where the truth gets well hidden behind a plethora of propaganda and lies. This is where intelligence observers and readers and often the victims themselves need to realistically take stock of the situation.

While it is unfortunate that the Rohingyas are being used as bait, it is really no different to how the Vanni Tamils were used and not many Tamils in either Colombo or overseas nor even the Tamil leaders did anything to demand that the LTTE terrorists release their people and stop recruiting children to turn into child soldiers. This was so because the Tamils that the terrorists picked were from poor and low caste homes. Their welfare didn’t matter to Tamils living elsewhere who were beneficiaries of the conflict by using that to apply as refugees on the discrimination ticket and many who are now living overseas. Is this the same scenario for Muslim Rohingyas as Muslims themselves are divided the world over though both lobby as an united front to achieve their demands?

When the scrooge of terror enters the scene and when it is coupled with geopolitics and corporate objectives it is very hard for truth to prevail or for the victims to have any say. Even today, 8 years after LTTE defeat the Tamil people are now victims of Tamil political leadership continuing the separatist game. Rohingyas will no doubt face a similar future. Even if the solution is for them to return to Bangladesh where they originally came from it is unlikely that option would be promoted because these Rohingyas are needed for the Bengali terrorists to justify their existence and penetrate and win over territory while in the background the West and UN will play their part – we saw Western nations lining up to offer ‘aid’ to Rohingyas and we know exactly where that led in Libya, Syria and all other countries which after delivering ‘democracy’ they are now worse off than when under the rule of their supposed ‘dictators’.

We certainly do not wish for Myanmar to become the newest victim of the geopolitical, corporate, neo-imperial agenda using Bengali terrorists as masquerade.

Shenali D Waduge

8 Responses to “Myanmar’s Just War with Bengali Terrorists no different to Sri Lanka’s against Tamil Terrorists”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Vast majority of these mussies are youngsters. That’s the dirty old trick these crafty mussies use wherever they
    go. They multiply multiply and expect a handover of the country to them. In Sri Lanka, Thailand no difference.
    Breed, breed, breed. In fact all over the world. Then expect non believers to solve their miseries. The dirty disgusting trick worked in the olden days to convert Buddhist iran, afganisthan,
    pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia. Of course crafty mussies think they can get away with
    murder. But in today’s internet, tv, phone, fb, etc. etc. world, it is going to be difficult to keep multiplying a secret. So people fight back to stop this menace taking over their countries.

    Now the western countries jump on the band
    wagon and start their usual mantras genocide, human rights etc. Let’s see what happens if it is their backyard.
    Of course they will wipe them out. They forget they are the ones who created lot of these problems in the first place. In Sri Lanka they brought tamils from tn to work in tobacco and tea plantations. Then they planted their religions to promote in the country and divided the society. Within a few hundred years the foreigners started their
    separate kingdom agenda by murdering Sinhalese. What these guys do? They take the terrorists’ side and
    lambasted Sri Lanka and gave every assistance to break up the country. Along the religious lines. Double
    standards? Of course not! Who is going to say it when all the media is in their hands.

    Look at Sri Lanka’s situation. Not even wild life sanctuaries, ancient Buddist temples are not safe from the menace.
    Multiply at alarming rate. So they need more and more space. Schools, hospitals, jobs? Oh god will supply those!
    In the end god never bothers. Wonder why? Maybe he didn’t get the email or letter. Poor Sri Lankan govt. has to pick up the bill.

    This is the lot our ancient kings saved from parangi slaughter. Paying back with interest dirty ungrateful mussies!
    While all this happening all deshapaluwan lick their backs for votes. Soon it will all be mussie country. Not single
    mussie country comes forward to accept any of these breeders. That’s the truth, be it in syria, libya, pakesthan
    or any place. They just don’t want to know. Also the mussies in trouble head straight to non-mussie countries. As
    soon as they get a foothold in those countries, what do they do? Try to create a mussisthan and murder non-
    believers! What do you call these people who are following a never seen, doesn’t exist only heard of god? Charles
    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution should have destroyed this mythical creator god concept. Instead with money,
    intimidation, breeding they propagate the myth. What they don’t understand is by following these religions of
    conveniences they commit a lot of sins. Religions of conveniences don’t accept killing, lying, stealing etc. etc.
    as sins while any human (honest only) accept them to be sins. Committing sins, they accumulate a lot of sins and
    in next life they go straight to hell or close to thereabouts! Good for you? You do your maths!

  2. ranjit Says:

    Interesting article from Shenali as always. Terrific comment by ancient Sinhalaya. It’s the truth which our hypocrites doesn’t understand. Shenali always warned the danger before hand. Our stupid political leaders should take these advices and put in to their heads and act accordingly. We will be facing the same situation like in Myanmar if we stay blind to the activities of our Muslims who are openly challenging the majority sinhala buddhists. If we don’t stop them now it will be difficult to stop them because of the support they get from their terrorist friends and sympathisers abroad.
    They were openly destroying our buddhist cultural sites, they destroy forest reservetions, allow Muslim refugees to come and live here without proper authorization, build universities, school’s for Muslims only and make their own rules in their areas all with the blessings of this Yamapalanaya government. Sinhala majority many times complained to the government and showed the evidence in details but nothing was done against the culprits because of their cowardness and because they thought of their votes in coming elections. Traitors to our Motherland must and should be punished severely when the next people’s friendly government comes to power without any mercy. The time has come all sinhala buddhists to get united to fight the Tamil, Muslim menace. Sri Lanka is for all irrespective of colour religion or party but not for terrorists Tamil, Muslim or any other. They make stories against our Sinhalese and create tension among the citizens and their paymasters abroad pay in millions to do so and they too fingering in our country’s affairs pressuring the government in power. Today’s Yamapalanaya is a stooge of the western powers and they will do anything to be in power.who brings drugs to this country? Where are the drugs they took in to custody? Who was the mastermind? NO ANSWERS from these yamaballos. What is this two idiotic rulers do to save our country from these NOTHING!! because they haven’t got guts or the will power as they were both gays. Sorry Sri lankans. We can only cry for mother lanka.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well said Shenali..!

    The Buddhist countries are under attack. The terrorist situations in SL and Myanmar are very similar. The bleeding-heart western media blame Buddhists in both countries for ignoring the minorities and their rights. They conveniently ignore the fact that these terrorists – LTTE and Bengali Terrorists are well-funded by their supporters in the West. UN is a joke, used by the West to promote their agenda.

    Unlike our current ass-kissing, pro-colonialists leaders in Sri Lanka, Myanmar leaders do not give and inch to pro-western forces, or UN to intervene in their country, on behalf of the fake refugee crisis created by the terrorists.

    Even Nobel prize winner and HR activist, Aung San Suu Kyi – once the darling of the West – is not going to give into the western pressure, but stands firm that it’s a terrorist situation in her country, not a genocide or ethnic cleansing as declared by the UN.

    Unlike our gutless government leaders in SL, Myanmar leaders stand firm against any foreign forces trying to interfere with their internal affairs, for which I truly admire them. More power to Myanmar Buddhists.

  4. HanMg Says:

    Shenali D Waduge – Very well said indeed…and I wholeheartedly agree with Nihal Perera.

    Myanmar must destroy muslim Bengali terrorists as Sri Lanka did with LTTE.

    Also, predominantly Buddhist countries must have a worldwide organization to protect and advance our interests.

  5. Dr.K Says:

    Myanmar terrorists follow the same tactics that the LTTE terrorists did in Sri Lanapka. They have focused the humanitarian sympathy of Westerns to get support from other parts of the world.

    Muslim religious leaders should reshape the Kuran and make their people understand the pain that they give to the other communities for the sake of their religion.

  6. Charles Says:

    The French Television show photos of the Rohingiya refugees with children and women to draw the sympathy of the people and say that it is the Buddhist monks who are active in chasing them. It is what it had been in Sri Lanka and portraying the tamil children and women suffering under from the Sri Lanka Army advancing into the terrorist controlled areas. There is an orgalised plan by the west to keep the poor countries poor depending on the West, and keep away from China. In this plan they ignore mentioning the ISIS and Jehadist plan to make a Muslim world in twenty years !!!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Mayanmar & Sri Lanka situations are somewhat similar.

    Situations of poor illegal migants arriving in massive numbers and disrupting life in other countries who have not invited them, is a modern day tragedy.

    Isn’t it the duty of the UN to protect their Member countries from such tragedies ?

    In the case of Sri Lanka, both INDIA & Sri Lanka are member countries of the UN. So, under UN supervision, both countries ought to pitch in and help illegal migrants to go back to their country of origin, i.e. In the case of Sri Lanka, they must go back to Tamil Nadu.

    In the long run, it is far cheaper than civil wars, and humane, for the UN and the interested international organisations to fund the needy in their OWN countries without looking for host countries, along with help from the so called host countries. Countries that NEVER invited the illegal migrants ought not be forced to host such people.

    Preventive Care : Give free and safe birth control material to all over crowded countries. It is far kinder to reduce populations through safe birth control methods rather than have wars of any type.
    Resources can be shared with the resource holder country in control on how it is done.
    That is the truly Democratic Way.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamil homeland is TAMIL NADU. Rohingya homeland is BANGLADESH.

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