Foolish Government antagonize China and Russia by obliging the United States
Posted on September 13th, 2017


Sirisena-Ranil western and Indian slavish Junta claims that they have gained friendship with all countries in the world but openly displays their slavery to the western countries especially to the International thug the United States. This foolish government has issued a statement, clearly on the behest of the United States deploring the nuclear test carried out by North Korea on 3rd September (almost 10 days after the event) and warning that its repeated violations of UN resolutions pose a grave threat to the countries in the region and beyond.  No other country except the American puppet South Korea has issued a condemnation like this.

North Korea is a strategically important country for both Russia and China having their borders on both sides of North Korea.  Recent American threats to North Korea were extensively condemned by Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping at the recently concluded 9th BRICS summit held in China and they emphasized that they will not allow any harm to befall on North Korea

Instead of issuing a statement on the behest of the international thug the Sirisena-Ranil Junta should understand that North Korea carried the nuclear test on 3rd September only three days after two nuclear-capable US B-1B strategic bombers conducted their own test” alongside four F-35Bs and a few Japanese F-15s. It was pointed out at the BRICS Summit that only a freeze on US/Japan/South Korea military drills; will lead to a freeze on North Korea’s nuclear program; and then diplomacy can take over. The Summit also condemned the United States for evoking nuclear capabilities” as a conflict resolution mechanism.

The Russian President addressing a media conference in the sidelines of the BRICS summit on 5th September, after the North Korean nuclear test, said that North Korea Would Rather Eat Grass Than Give Up Nuclear Weapons”.. He also warned that  imposing sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear missile program would be counter-productive and said threats of military action could trigger “a global catastrophe.”  Russia, which shares a border with North Korea, has repeatedly joined China in calling the belligerent United States for negotiations with Pyongyang, suggesting that the United States and South Korea halt all major war games in exchange for North Korea halting its testing program.

The Sirisena-Ranil Junta’s condemnation of North Korea evidently shows that Sri Lanka has obligingly accepted the recent idea floated by the United States for all countries to cut economic links with North Korea to try to strong-arm Pyongyang into changing its behaviour.

Foreign policy analysts have pointed out that the unstable regime in Pyongyang has concluded that its only hope of self-preservation, in the face of provocative threats from the Trump administration, is to try and expand its nuclear arsenal as quickly as possible. They say that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is acutely conscious of the brutal end of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, after they abandoned their so-called weapons of mass destruction.

US Defence Secretary James Mad Dog” Mattis has warned North Korea that it faced a massive military response” to any threat to the US or its allies. The bellicose Trump himself has warned of a US nuclear attack against North Korea when he declared last month that North Korea will confront fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

After September 3rd nuclear test, the White House, along with the American media have turned its fire on China and Russia, underscoring the fact that the US confrontation with North Korea is bound up with far broader strategic aims. American strategists regard domination of the vast Eurasian land mass as the key to US global hegemony and China as the chief obstacle to that goal. US media have also accused that China and Russia were providing economic help” to North Korea. Reports said that what is now being actively discussed in Washington is a total economic embargo, which itself is tantamount to an act of war, and the cutting of trade with those countries who continue to conduct any link with North Korea, above all China and Russia.

The belligerent Trump, who is reported to be preparing trade war measures against China has said that the United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea, and the U.S Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed to the media that he was preparing a sanctions package to send to the President, for his strong consideration.

Economic Analysts point out that if that happens the implications for the global economy are immense and would result in a collapse of trade, plunging the world into economic depression, as in the 1930s. They say that such a possibility is being actively considered is a measure of the depth of the economic and geo-political tensions wracking the world. They also state that the threat of all-out trade war between the world’s two largest economies, China and the United States will be accompanied by the preparations for all-out military conflict.

The Trump administration has accelerated the diplomatic, economic and military challenge to China which was mooted by the former U.S President Barak Obama under his pivot to Asia.” Programme.  Under this programme a massive US military build-up in North East Asia, including the installation of anti-ballistic missile systems and huge and highly provocative joint US-South Korean war games, is directed more at fighting a nuclear war with China than a conflict with the small, backward country of North Korea.

As well as ramping up the confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, the Trump administration has given the green light for more freedom of navigation” operations in another of the region’s volatile flashpoints—the South China Sea. The Wall Street Journal reported that the US Pacific Command is preparing to sail warships and send military aircraft directly into waters and airspace claimed by China around its islets, two or three times in the next few months as part of a regular schedule.

In Europe, the International Thug US is reported to be escalating its confrontation with Russia by taking the first steps towards annulling the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with the former Soviet Union. German sources have warned, the danger is that the US will construct new missiles and station them in Europe,” raising the terrifying spectre of a nuclear war in Europe between the two countries the US and Russia and that both possess thousands of nuclear warheads.

According to the joint Russian-Chinese de-escalation plan, North Korea would stop work on its missile program in exchange for the US and South Korea halting large-scale war games, allowing tensions to gradually subside.  Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile programme is misguided and futile. President Putin has pointed out that the region’s problems should only be settled through a direct dialogue of all the parties concerned without any preconditions and has added that provocations, pressure and militarist and insulting rhetoric are dead-end roads.

Under these circumstances Sirisena-Ranil Junta should feel shameful for issuing a warning to North Korea on the behest of the International thug the United States and thereby antagonizing China and Russia the two countries that firmly stood with us throughout the war period and would help us in the future as well.  If an all out war breaks out unfortunately the government should take full responsibility for all the difficulties that may be confronted by the people of this country.

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  1. RohanJay Says:

    When Britain invaded the Falklands in 1982 which was Britains last colonial war as a stand alone imperial power before becoming an attachment to the American Empire. Sri Lankan Govt issued a similar slavish statement supporting Britains colonial adventure in South America. Sri Lankan Government officials have absolutely no self respect they are an embarrassment to all Sri Lankans and dare I say it all Asians in the Asian continent as well. Like this article says only the South Korea issued a statement that too against the wishes of the south korean people who wanted dialogue with North Korea.

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