Government is trying to sell Fishery Harbour Corporation office and harbours ……JVP
Posted on September 13th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

I can see that JVP is so bankrupt because they have already lost the grass root level of support from youngsters ,hence they are trying their best to catch the audience by uttering nonsense .

That may be the reason why they talk utter nonsense about fishery harbours being sold .Mutwal/Modera fishery harbour was abandoned after  construction of the Dikovita Harbour and Sri Lanka Navy was using to park the arrested fishing boats which were used to transport migrants to Australia .Previous defence Secretary was plannings to acquire the harbour to be used to park such boats ,thus depriving The Corporation of any financial benefits.In this backdrop ,corporation offered the harbour for private development .

Bankrupt SPLA with  the connivance of a son of a fishery minister who sold the Fishery Corporation land to some scrupulous Russians to build a fish canning factory ,later bolted away because someone  was asking one rupee from  every fish-can produced ,keep accusing the ex fishery minister also for selling out Modera harbour .

The  investors, genuinely obtained the land for lease from  the corporation ,manage to secure a financing package from private sector to develop the harbour,Now the harbour is taking shape to become one of the state of art Fishery Boat Repair Yard with private investment is gearing to repair fishing trawlers plying in the area after lifting of EU sanctions.
JVP and some brainless politicians who have not even  visited the yard to see the unprecedented development are accusing various ministers for taking bribes .

One would like to also ask how JVP had Access to funds to build their head office in Battaramulle if they are so above board ?

JVP should be ashamed of telling utter lies to the public to get their attention. People feel sorry for the JVP as they will not get even a single seat new parliament seat after the amendment to the constitution,

That may be the reason why JVP keep uttering their funeral songs prior to their ultimate political death

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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