Govt. politicians are lying about the mandate of the OMP
Posted on September 18th, 2017

Premalal Ferdinando Switzerland

Govt. politicians are lying about the mandate of the OMP.  The Office of the Missing persons act (OFFICE ON MISSING PERSONS

From Art. 10(2) and Art 12(b)(i) it is clear that OMP has the mandate to investigate past incidents of missing persons.

The synonyms given for “most recently” in the dictionaries are “more recently than any other time” and “last”. For example the JVP insurrection was in the past. The LTTE war took place “more recently than the JVP insurrection”. Therefore, incidents of the LTTE war according to Art 12(b)(i) will come under the mandate of the OMP. Our Prime Minister’s statement to the contrary is therefore FALSE.


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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Premalal, you have NAILED IT!

    WHY SHOULD Sri Lanka ADOPT and RATIFY a policy on Missing Persons that the MAJOR WESTERN POWERS REFUSE to ADOPT?

    Why SHOULD Sri Lanka shackle itself, when the major perpetrators of human rights violations in the world, preaching INCESSANTLY to Sri Lanka, REFUSE to do the SAME?

    Tell ALL of these BUGGERS to go to HELL! RIGHT NOW!

    This is NOT THE FIRST INSTANCE of Western Double Talk!

    The leading Western tormentors of Sri Lanka REFUSE to ADOPT & RATIFY Emissions reductions standards that affect Global Climate too.

    Furthermore, while they promote the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to DISSUADE potential New Nuclear weapons capable nations, they CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to DISMANTLE and DISARM their own Nuclear Weapons Programs!

    Their HYPOCRISY & DOUBLE-TALK is ASTOUNDING and harks back to the bad old days of NAKED COLONIALISM and GUN-BOAT DIPLOMACY!

    It is FAR BEYOND the time the Yamapalana Leaders of Sri Lanka SHED their PARA-GATHI SERVILE WAYS, and stand up for Sri Lanka’s National Interests without cowering in fear and licking the boots of Western powers at their beck and call!

    SHAME on the YAMAPALAANAYA, and that awful TRAITOR Avamangala Samaraweera who delivered our proud sovereign nation into the hands of its Western and Tamil Diaspora enemies in Geneva!

    May the Hatarawaran guardian Devi-Devatawas of Sri Lanka cast a POX on him and his entire clan!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Premalal & Ananda that the OMP law is highly flawed.


    Besides all the ambiguity in these OMP proposals, the fact that the Tsunami of Dec 2004 (on Boxing Day) resulted in a massive number of some 30,000 persons killed or MISSING, has gone quite ignored !

    What is Yahap going to do about the vast numbers MISSING in the Tsunami of Dec 2004 ?

    In fact, it is well known that the Tsunami (an Act of God as defined in international law), claimed the lives of LTTE leader Prabhakaran and his aide Pottu Amman, who were both in a Church near the sea on Boxing Day, Dec 2004.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    It was the Tamil ordinary people who lost the most due to the LTTE. Their children were forcibly recruited to the LTTE, the food supplies were diverted to the LTTE fighters most of whom came from South India, most of the infrastructure in the North and East were destroyed by the LTTE and also by the fighting between LTTE and the army. The LTTE were essentially a group of thugs and terrorists who just wanted a kingdom for themselves. They cloaked their greed in Tamil Nationalism to obtain support from South Indian Tamils and also from the Tamil diaspora abroad. They called themselves freedom fighters to cover their actions and the brutality towards the Sinhala people who had given them so much when they came as illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu.

    This small group of terrorists could have been put down very easily as they did the uprising by the Sinhala youth in the South in 1970’s and again in 1989-90’s period by both Mrs. Bandaranaiyake and Ranil Wickremasinghe. According to the Batalanda report, Ranil is supposed to have directed the torture and killed over 15,000 Sinhala youth most of whom were innocents. A total of 60-90,000 is supposed to have died. No inquiries were held for crimes committed by the police and the armed services. Why was there no outcry by the International agencies, Amnesty International, UNHRC etc?

    The LTTE was not put down in the same manner since it became internationalized due to the interference by many Western powers, and India. Some of the puppets of the International powers such as CBK and Ranil prevented the removal of Prabhakaran many times. Even that final stages of the war David Milliband from U.K. and Boucher from France came over to exert pressure on President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Luckily for the country on May 19, 2009, he withstood all international pressure and let the armed forces do their job.

    If there were missing people how do we set about finding what happened to them?
    1. Several people died in the Tsunami of 2004.
    2. Several people fled abroad to India and the West and assumed different identities. Recently a whole family which is supposed to have disappeared resurfaced in India and were arrested by India police.
    3. Many people died in the war.
    4. Many civilians were killed by the LTTE themselves. When the LTTE took 300,000 civilians as hostages they shot anyone who tried to escape. It was the Sri Lanka Army at great sacrifice to themselves who saved these civilians and also rehabilitated the 12,000 hardcore LTTE who were then released into society. Any effort to look for the truth must look at both sides of the issues and look at the good done by the Sri Lanka Army and also the massacres of innocent Sinhala villages done by the LTTE. Sri Lanka must be the only country in the world which fed their enemies while fighting a terrorist uprising.

    The office of the Missing Persons set up by the current Yahapalanaya is another Trojan horse which has been brought into harm our Honorable soldiers. According to the rules which go against all natural law, anyone abroad can bring charges against anyone in Sri Lanka and then those countries are bound to bring them to justice in those countries. In addition, the witnesses who bring such charges cannot be cross-examined as in a normal court of law since their identities are kept hidden. It is an insane act that has been established to lower the morale of the Sri Lanka forces and to destroy the country so that the powers be can then take over the areas of Strategic interests such as the Trincomalee harbor, and divide up the country to help their allies such as the Tamils who can then import the hordes of poor Dalit Tamils in South India into Sri Lanka to Tamilize the country permanently.

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