Can LTTE proxy, the TNA dictate what goes into a new Sri Lankan Constitution?
Posted on September 20th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

Everybody including Sri Lanka’s Parliament & the diplomatic community seem to be ignoring some ground realities. LTTE remains banned and TNA is a mouthpiece of the LTTE and often described as LTTE political proxy. If these are mere allegations, then the onus is on anyone in power to launch a Commission and investigate the TNA and remove all doubt. Until such time TNA cannot be dictating terms given that TNA received just 515,963 votes which is 4.62% of all votes cast in 2015 General Elections. The most baffling thing is how TNA leader has become the Opposition Leader in Sri Lanka’s Parliament! There can be no reconciliation when at the back of our minds the fact that TNA are linked to LTTE remains alive – it is a concern for not only the majority Sinhalese or minority Muslims but every Tamil that suffered, died and every Tamil child kidnapped and turned into LTTE child soldiers. All of TNA’s wailings and demands are not worth its water when it sat silent and was an accomplice to LTTE’s crimes over 30 years.

TNA and its leadership cannot pretend that the rest of the world are illiterate. There is enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt of TNA’s links with LTTE. Guilt by association makes TNA culpable for much. LTTE’s terror was brutal and inhuman. No amount of complaints against the Sri Lankan Army can omit the murders, assassinations, bombs, suicides, anarchy for which LTTE was responsible upon not only Sinhalese and Muslims but Tamils too. Justice for the victims cannot be denied claiming LTTE leader and ground force is no more. A lot of people were helping and funding and promoting the LTTE. If the West can hound men over 90s because they were former Nazi’s why are they not going after the LTTE? Among those who helped were not only Tamils but Sinhalese, Muslims, Foreigners and even diplomats, UN personnel, NGOs, foreign governments too. None of these links cannot be ignored by going after the Sri Lanka Army only. Moreover, TNA cannot be allowed to dictate anything until it is cleared of any wrong doing. As things stand TNA is guilty by association and guilty due to collective responsibility for a host of no ordinary crimes. These are unlike the allegations thrown at the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. These have names of victims, footage of incidents and LTTE acknowledgement.

Here are a handful of examples of LTTE-TNA links

The most damning comes from the West itself wherein EU Election Observation Mission Chief Cushnahan released his EU report on 17 June 2004 establishing the LTTE-TNA alliance

Quote: Firstly, the LTTE intended that no other rival Tamil party (or Tamil candidate from the mainstream political alliances) to the TNA would be able to claim to represent Tamil interests. A chilling message to this effect was sent early in the campaign when a UNP candidate and an EPDP activist were murdered. Incidents such as this seriously restricted the right of the parties other than the TNA to campaign freely in the Northern and Eastern Districts. During the 2004 elections, the major incidences of violence was perpetrated by the LTTE, whereas at the earlier elections, the primary source of the violence (although not all), were the two largest political parties. Unquote

The amendment to ITAK constitution in 2008 has a footnote endorsing the 1976 Vaddukoddai Resolution for separatism. ITAK is the main constituent party of the TNA alliance formed by LTTE in 2001.

TNA has no grounds to say it has nothing to do with the LTTE when its party manifestos’ on which it campaigned for elections declared LTTE was the ‘sole Tamil National Entity’ (2001 TNA manifesto) TNA goes on to say Accepting the LTTE’s leadership as the national leadership of ‘Tamil Eelam’ Tamils and the Liberation Tigers as the sole and authentic representative of the Tamil people, let us devote our full cooperation for the ideals of the Liberation Tigers’ struggle with honesty and steadfastness. Let us endeavour determinedly, collectively as one group, one nation, one country, transcending race and religious differences, under the leadership of the LTTE, for a life of liberty, honour and justice for the Tamil people.” (2004 TNA election manifesto)

DBS Jeyraj himself describes how TNA was formed by LTTE –

Letter to Indian PM – ‘Mr. Modi, TNA is a LTTE’s proxy’ – Anandasangaree

Should the Government revoke PTA as demanded by LTTE proxy TNA? 

Malin Abeytunge

TNA Still LTTE Proxy –  A. H. M. Azwer

When the 8000 students who sat for the G.C.E(O/L) exam were taken away for compulsory training by the LTTE the TNA kept mum. Some of them are now dead” (2009 Anandasangaree)

Woo India: LTTE tells TNA MPs (2006) The advice was given by LTT’E Political Wing leader S. P. Thamilselvan at a meeting with TNA MPs in Kilinochchi.

LTTE-TNA conference concludes: “Tamil people have no interest in SL Presidential elections” (2005)

TNA leaders to meet LTTE leadership in Killinochchi (2004) Mr. Sampanthan and former national list parliamentarian Mr.K.Thurairatnasingham will be leaving from Trincomalee to Killinochchi Tuesday morning to meet Mr.S.P.Thamilchelvan and other LTTE leaders regarding mapping out election strategy, TNA sources said.”

TNA, LTTE meet on Interim Administration proposals (2003)

It was during the April 2004 election that, according to the PHW, the TNA presented itself for the first time as a proxy for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)” (UN Refugee website)

There are plenty of links with TNA attending pro-LTTE fronts overseas and addressing LTTE sympathetic ‘refugees/asylum’ seekers and other Tamils who had managed to go overseas as economic migrants.

Following the regime change this are some of the statements made by the TNA

The racism of the TNA leaders have had little opposition even from members of Parliament. From Sambanthan to Wigneswaran to Sumanthiran and Sivajilingam there are no signs that the TNA relinquishes any of the demands that LTTE was propagating – bogus homeland, demand that Sinhalese cannot live in the North, removal of Buddhist structures/sites and artefacts, demands to withdraw the army, forbidding Tamils to marry Sinhalese are just some of the racism that regularly spews out of Wigneswaran’s mouth. These are besides the resolutions passed by the NPC some of which are violations of the penal code like claiming genocide when Tamil population figures are increasing which denies any genocide claims.

Wigneswaran appears to forget he is just one of 9 other Chief Ministers in the 9 provinces of Sri Lanka –

Those who are drumming ‘reconciliation’ completely ignores the extent of racism by the TNA leaders that are infecting the minds of the Tamils too

Further reading

How dare TNA and leadership be allowed to even make statements on enforced disappearances or war crimes when they are well aware of the crimes committed by the LTTE for which no TNA leader or even Wigneswaran opened their mouths to object. The meetings and discussions held with LTTE leadership inspite of Tamils living in fear, being kidnapped and turned into child soldiers deprives TNA leaders from claiming to want to take charge of the welfare of the Tamil people.

The audacity with which they come before Parliament and speak without any guilt is incomprehensible. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the TNA is fast becoming a nuisance to the Tamils themselves. The loss of elections at cooperative levels and the fact that TNA leaders are not getting the red carpet welcome by Tamils in the North is clear evidence that people are not going to put up with the TNA nonsense for too long. TNA are where they are because the LTTE gun gave them that power.

However, we must all demand that no constitution can take place, no new Acts can be passed or accepted by a government which refuses to launch a comprehensive Commission to investigated LTTE and TNA links. If TNA believes it to be clean there is nothing to worry. However, the people, the victims must have justice. These victims have names, have addresses and there are death certificates and for all their deaths TNA too stand guilty.

New laws cannot be brought and have these be made applicable to events in the past. However, under existing laws a Commission to investigate links of the TNA to LTTE is possible and a Presidential Commission needs to be appointed immediately and all TNA leaders brought before it and questioned.

Similarly, all those who have disappeared as a result of JVP, UNP (Batalanda) should also be investigated. Until and such times all these people who are guilty in the eyes of the public CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be allowed to determine what the citizens of this country should be given. These parties and individuals have not by their conduct served the nation or the citizens and they should have NO ROLE in any decision making in Sri Lanka leave alone decide what gets into a new constitution.

The People must rise and object until the TNA, JVP, IPKF or even UNP comes with a clean chit for their past crimes which have victims with death certificates not like the bogus figures the LTTE-TNA-Diaspora comes up with on a regular basis.

Shenali D Waduge

7 Responses to “Can LTTE proxy, the TNA dictate what goes into a new Sri Lankan Constitution?”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    The answer is yes. TNA is backed by India and all Sinhala majority political parties. They compete with one another to appease TNA. Nearing the next presidential election, even self styled war heroes will be bending backwards to appease LTTE proxies.

    In 2009 Sri Lanka won the war but lost control of the nation.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Can LTTE proxy, the TNA – TULF create VP & co , VP &co create TNA so All-Ilankai Thamilar are same Eelamist .

    won the war but lost control of the nation.- one who win war is to control the nation so you are not control the nation than how can you claim you won war ?

    no you know why We Demila call you mod…….

    why this kavadi kolaveri machagn?????

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    * TULF create ( Usuppetthi – fooled them to believe can get TE) VP & co , VP &co create( Veruddi – made them scared ) TNA

    All Thamils are muddalukal (fools) but thing Sinhalese are fool still even after May 2009 !

    Thank god so call our enemy is Sinhalese !!!

  4. Christie Says:

    Indian Empire dictates.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    “Appease the TNA”

    WHY ?

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    “Appease the TNA” WHY ? last life or this life KARMA(M)!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Are the TNA leaders PATRIOTIC ?

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