Denigrating Buddhist Monks: How long are we going to allow this trend to continue as Buddhists, as a people, who understand the danger of such heresy for the survival of this nation?
Posted on September 27th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara


I have noted with much concern some Prominent Cabinet Ministers of this Government openly and publicly denigrating Buddhist monks during the past few days. The first man to do that publicly was Sarath Fonseka who called them Chivaradhariyo. He was followed by Ranjan Ramanayaka. Today the foul mouthed Rajita Senaratna, adding insult to injury called them animals. But they call themselves Honourable MPP. Of cause they are all really honourable. There is no doubt at all about it.  It is a pity that all these people carry the prefix Honourable before their names.

In this backdrop, I have few questions to ask from the President and the Prime Minister on this serious and deplorable issue.


Why are you silent on this type of uncivilized Ministers in your Cabinet? At least by now, you should have warned them and ask them to restrain their foul mouths.

Are we to take it for granted that your silence is tantamount to your conforming to what they have said on the Sangha

Is it your government’s open stand on Buddhist monks in this countr?

If the answer is no then why don’t you tender an open apology before the Mahasangha in this country on behalf of these fools and sack these mad men immediately as Ministers and unseat them as MPP as well forthwith as most of them are appointed as your favourite choice

Are you not ashamed to have such uncivilized babblers in your Cabinet or even in your Government?

Do you know where these hoodlums and foul mouthed ones, calling the Ven Sangha, the Guardian gods of this 2500 year old civilization, are taking your government?

Do you know the gravity of the damage these irresponsible public utterances are doing to your Government and to all of us as a nation and a civilization


Is it a part of a well -designed conspiracy to run down the Buddhist monks in this country, the golden thread of the Sinhala Buddhist civilization. I remember a Muslim Minister from the upcountry also calling Buddhist Monks Hoodlums’ some time back, also getting away with impunity

This in my view is an extremely serious situation that might lead to a complete disintegration of the very underpinning of our civilization perhaps might be irretrievable if not arrested immediately.


I have a far more important request, to be made from the Ven Mahasangha, rather a plea more than a mere request.  This is an open plea, firstly from the Ven Mahanayaka Theras of the Three Nikayas, and secondly from all Buddhist monks of all Nikayas, living all over the Island, I am making on behalf of the whole nation.


To deplore and condemn these unruly and uncivilized statements made by these lowbred politicians

To ask the President and Prime Minister to sack them and de-seat them as MPP and disqualify them from holding any public position in future in this country or abroad on behalf of this country.

And then refuse to give any appointment for any member of this Government and boycott them for all intent and purposes from all audiences and refuse to accept any offerings as well, until they prove to your full satisfaction

First by making an open apology to all Mahasangha in this country, both individually and collectively, Secondly make a firm affirming that they will not talk or behave like this in future and that they have reformed and learned to respect the Mahasangha and they are worthy of being accepted to a temple court in this Land of the Buddha.

4 Responses to “Denigrating Buddhist Monks: How long are we going to allow this trend to continue as Buddhists, as a people, who understand the danger of such heresy for the survival of this nation?”

  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you, Sudath. All this insulting of the monks intensified after the Asgiriya Statement. I don’t think muppet Maithree or rummy Ranil will care. The Mahanayake Theras must issue a suitable statement condemning the despicable duo and those scoundrelly foul-mouthed dogs of ministers.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    No point asking traitor maru sira who has no saying in any of the matters regarding running Sri Lanka. He is a mere
    rubber stamp. A puppet on strings! No point asking traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal karaya
    Mega Thief Cancer in Mother Lanka Pol Pot R@nil WickramaSinhalakiller either since he is the architect of all these
    Buddhist bashings. He is happily enjoying the sterling work he and his cohorts doing for the C brigade. Sinhala
    modayas don’t remember last time the catholic-run UNPatriotics were running Sri Lanka they got rid of 60,000+
    Sinhalese during the BHEESHANA SAMAYA with their catholic police top brass. Then the traitor anti Buddhist,
    anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lankan catholic run UNPatriotics got catholic tigers of tamil drealam to get rid of another
    100,000+ Sinhalese, mainly Buddhists. 2 Sinhalese culls! Still Sinhala modayas don’t realise these since all the
    catholic-run media paint a rosy picture to hoodwink them. They fall for the propaganda without batting an eye lid.
    Sinhalaya called modayas for a reason!

    People, including these Buddhist monks, don’t remember what happened in the 60s in Vietnam. Minority catholic
    government headed by din diem was destroying Buddist temples, stopped Vesak celebrations, etc.etc. and was
    on a Buddhist mudering campaign on the pretext of stopping communism creeping into the country. Several
    Buddhist monks self immolated in protest and the army finally revolted and sent him 6 feet under. That’s
    in Vietnam. We don’t know if there is any patriotic people in the army to do such a thing in Sri Lanka to save the
    country, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. One thing is certain. Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega
    thief Baygal Karaya Cancer in Mother Lanka Pol Pot R@nil WickramaSinhalakiller will get the job done this time.
    There are so many traitor low lives parajithaya, champakaya, lakshman xxxxxalla, etc. etc. can’t lick enough
    of Wadakaya’s back side to hang on to their portfolios. Traitors to the core kalakannis! Meanwhile Sinhala modayas mara ninde!

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UNPatriotic party’s ‘very very UNPatriotic acts’. Click and find out. These you can’t see in Buddhist (on paper)
    Sri Lanka.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Our sincere thanks and gratitude goes to Dr. Sudath Gunasekara for his untiring efforts to defend our Motherland against those hell-bent on destroying it!

    Sinhalayeni …..

    Let each of us echo Harry Belafonte’s words to pledge our fealty to our own resplendant island in the sun ….

    This is my island in the sun where my people have toiled since time began.
    I may sail on many a sea, but her shores will always be home to me.
    Oh my island in the sun, willed to me by my father’s hand.
    All my days I will sing in praise of your forests, waters and your shining sands.

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