Posted on November 23rd, 2017


Having learnt bitter lessons at the hands of Prez Maithreepala Sirisena at the last elections , the overwhelming majority voters rallied behind Prez Mahinda Rajapakse, with a clear understanding that the newly formed PoduJana Peramuna  will build a new force away from corrupt SLFP, UNP , JVP old guards.

Mr Basil Rajapakse had stated that there was a popular view that Mahinda lost the election because of Basil.”  Then to fill vacuum, Basil said, I will work hard to correct it and bring Mahinda back to power”. Such was a sincere and courageous commitment by a great leader and the best political organiser in the country as at present.  He has also been the best Minister of Economic Development Minister, we ever had.

Mr Basil Rajapakse had worked extremely hard in the past year or so with his own newly recruited new boys and girls, to perform a Hercules task of bringing SLPP as the most leading political force in the country.  It is built around the new faces at the grass root level, we understand high quality men and women who contributed to the Community with commitment are enthusiastically waiting for their chance to win the nomination and serve the country under the banner of SLPP.

This will be similar to 1956 victory for Mahajana Eksath Peramua, with SWRD, Philip Gunawardene, William de Silva, Ven Bambarende Siri Seewali, Jayaweera Kuruppu, TB Illangaratne, Maithreepala and R G Senanayake,  Kalugalle and A P Jayasuriya.

The JVP is also making contacts with SLPP, but Dr Wijedasa Rajapakse, clearly mentioned advancing Rs25 lakhs by the UNP to the leadership of the JVP during last elections. The JVP cannot be trusted, if MPs  such as Sunil Hadunhetti  prefer to come forward as a break-away group, that might be favourably considered.  But we should never ever have Anura Kumara Dissanayake on SLPP stage.

It is not just a case of winning the Election at any cost, but winning it with  non-corrupt, educated candidates with a sound standing in the region who will be our new faces as well as future leaders.  The discarded, recycled politicians are no longer respected by the average voter.  The hundreds of Mahinda supporters who came to his Carlton House, pleading Mahinda to come back to politics, instead of retiring, must be in the MIX of the Candidates.  They were true believers of Mahinda as they travelled long distances to meet a defeated candidate.  These were the NEW FACES who valued the contribution made by their Leader.

The SLFP  is making all moves to contest the Election with SLPP.  SLFP will be trounced with a landslide victory for SLPP. 

If SLPP fight the Election on its own, in line with Basil Rajapakse’s  strategies, with the participation of Wimal, Udaya, Sarath Weerasekera, Dinesh (probably Wijedasa Rajapakse) and Maha Sanga, the SLPP victory in the first Election it contest, will bring massive boost or  inducement for other future Elections at Provisional Council, General Election and Presidential Elections.  In the event SLFP is placed THIRD, that will be end of the road for SLFP.  The SLFP is now trying to do everything to avoid this embarrassment.

With the political landscape changing in this manner, it will ignite an early General Election, at the end of 4 years of current legislature. 

Therefore, there is a strong case for SLPP to fight it alone and prove its credentials as its Brand Name well positioned to take the leadership status at the National Elections.

Without any further delay,  we appeal President Mahinda Rajapakse to provide the leadership, instead of adopting a consultative approach of leaving his stand for the majority views of SLPP, Pivithuru Urumaya, Jathika Nidahas Peramuna, NLSSP, LSSP, CP  etc.

We need Mahinda Rajapakse to be the driving force.  The days of former Prime Minister D M Jayaratne, John  Seneviratne, Susil, Anura Yapa should not be encouraged by providing  any hope of reunion.   

Frankly, the current situation of lack of firm direction from the Top, is unsettling the progress of the SLPP.  Lack of firm stand by the BOSS is continuing to make die-hard SLPP aspirants nervous and the momentum created with such hardwork could be lost within few days.   Please do not provide this opportunity to SLFP and the UNP. 

If this is not possible for any technical reasons unknown to the general public, then give a free hand to Dr Gotabaya Rajapakse and recruit him to lead the first election of the SLPP.   He will take the mantle forward in an exceptional manner, with no soft pedalling.


  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Totally agree with Dr MDP Dissanayake. People are looking forward to a future under Mahinda’s aegis. He need not be the prime minister, or even the leader of the opposition to lead the country out of the present morass; he need not curry favour with the likes of Anura D of the JVP or with the minorities. Continue to treat all citizens equally which you have always done. Ordinary Tamils and Muslims do not ask for anything that is not given to the Sinhalese. He must not prevaricate and temporize without revealing what exactly he is contemplating to do finally, thinking that MS will relent and ultimately the SLFP which had its golden era under his (MR’s) leadership will be turned over to him (to Mahinda). That fond hope will never be allowed to be fulfilled by the treacherous self-absorbed puppet. Because he has already been rewarded for his treachery to the country with the president’s post, his undreamt dream, and on top of that most probably he has accepted a massive monetary reward. So he has nothing over and above these to gain by forming an alliance with his erstwhile boss, he so despicably betrayed. The more important reason why Mahinda should not think about ‘saving’ the SLFP is that there is no such party now. The so-called SLFP cobbled up by the old hag and the equally decrepit pongala mannaya around the rotten wooden puppet stuck in the mud is actually the rump SLFP that has no life left in it. So the SLFP is dead and gone. Don’t cry over it, Mahinda. Strengthen the SLPP, and speak out your mind unequivocally. People are started rallying round you, have already begun to have second thoughts because of your apparent indecision, for when you appear to be dillydallying about severing your imaginary links with the SLFP remnant led by the rump-fed ronyon (fat bottomed wretch), the masses might drift away. Please do not allow that to happen. They expect you to respect sound advice offered by honest patriotic citizens like Dr Dissanayake.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I would rather like to see Gota contesting for the Presidential election as an Independent Candidate without any of the current politicians, but with a panel of Educated professionals with a mandate to dissolve the parliament and create a senate like body with some 20-25 professionals to manage the day to day affairs.

    Dissolve the 100’s of ministries
    Dissolve the PCs’

    Money saved by these actions can provide a fantastic Health and Education system to SL.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Sirisena once again postponed the LG election fearing the fourth place.

    However, according to sources, he negotiated with the JO not to arrest Gotabaya if the JO does not contest against the SLFP. He has halted (temporarily) the arrest of Gotabaya (on the Walikada incident) as Mahinda had agreed not to contest against the SLFP.

    Sirisena is an experienced extortionist. This was the same trick he played in July 2015. Mahinda reluctantly agreed then. Mahinda was not fooled then (as we believed), he was threatened by Sirisena to toe his line or face consequences.

    This is the bane of clan politics. People are denied a choice because of one clan’s safety.

    Wimal’s NFF seems to grab the good opportunity and contest against both UNP and SLFP (including the JO). This is the best outcome for the country given the situation. Sirisena also doesn’t want Wimal’s people in his party. A Sirisena-Wimal meet ended in disagreement and blaming one another. Malik-Wimal meet also ended up without success.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    A good speech by the president.

    IF SLFP and SLPP contest separately, UriNePee wins!!

    It is simple arithmetic.

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