Commemorating LTTE dead is tantamount to celebrating every person killed by the LTTE
Posted on November 26th, 2017

Mahinda Gunasekera

Your Excellency, Maithripala Sirisena, Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Cabinet Ministers and Hon. Members of Parliament ,

Please see the annexed article published By Ms. Shenali D. Waduge highlighting the absurd lengths to which the present government has been directly and knowingly acceded to the extremist demands made by the Tamil National Alliance (Proxy Party representing the banned LTTE) and the TNA controlled Provincial Council of the Northern Province, which goes against the principles of good governance or yahapalanaya.

Tax payers’ monies paid into the Central Government allocated to the Northern Province under the decentralized budget in the amount of Rupees 4 Million is to be utilized by the NPC for setting up a Museum to commemorate those who died in the ranks of the internationally designated terrorist group known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which carried on armed warfare against the duly elected Government of Sri Lanka for over three decades to break-up the unitary state and establish a separate state encompassing the northern and eastern provinces, extending to nearly 30 percent of the island’s land area and 66 percent of its coastal belt by force of arms, for approximately 8-10 percent of the island’s total population, in which region the resident population is  predominantly from the Tamil community. This move to break up the country and form a separate state was attempted knowing full well that the majority of the Tamils lived outside the northern and eastern provinces, and at a time they enjoyed equal rights throughout the country.

It is indeed shocking to have the Central Government overlook this serious departure from good governance and silently watch tax payer funds being misused by the NPC. Accepting nonsensical fiscal measures drawn up by the subordinate provincial body with regard to funds allocated to it by the centre is the prime act of irresponsibility, as it in NO WAY helps to bring about RECONCILIATION. Is this the irresponsible and wayward manner of a government also embroiled in a major loss to the nation as a result of the Central Bank Bond Scam and attempted cover up, to win the support of the TNA when it next faces the polls? The Minister of Finance must take steps to prevent the misuse of tax funds by the NPC and ensure that same is not misdirected towards the stated objective of establishing a Museum to honour fighters of a proscribed terrorist group which is currently banned.

Mahinda Gunasekera

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    An Indian group has calculated the cost of the war to be $200 billion. The profit of war is over $600 billion for Tamils from Sri Lanka since 1980s. This is the difference of GDP per capita between Sri Lanka and Tamil Diaspora countries times by the Tamil diaspora that was created by the war. This keeps increasing every year.

    In addition, the life expenctancy of one third of Tamils from Sri Lanka has increased by 5 years as developed countries have a higher life expectancy. Quality of life of one third of Tamils have increased beyond their wildest dreams.

    Tamils’ economics and quality of life have dramatically increased thanks to the LTTE! This is why “grateful” Tamils celebrate the LTTE. They have reason to worship LTTE leaders and despise peace and reconciliation. Since the end of the war, their refugee visas stopped.

    Although at most 90,000 Tamils died in war, one third of it were Indians. The 60,000 (upper estimate) of local Tamil deaths are more than compensated by the enormous gains Tamils had and continue to have from war.

    This is the truth no one wants to tell. But without it one cannot understand why Tamils are so loyal to the LTTE despite severe restrictions imposed by governments of 32 countries with largest Tamil presence.

    Now middle eastern despots copy this strategy. They have created a 5 million strong diaspora throughout Europe and the Americas in just 5 years.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Now middle eastern despots copy this strategy. – Not bad ya… We-Tamils strategy is become world wide strategy now !!!

    All thanks to Our one & only Thesiya Thalaivar Velu !!!

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