Saw Namal carrying money filled bags on his shoulders to deposit in a Dubai Bank.  A boy wearing a Short and killing Thajudeen is in CCTV cameras.  To be arrested tomorrow
Posted on December 12th, 2017

Translated by : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA

Given below is the translation of a speech made by the member of Parliament for Hambantota District Mr. Namal Rajapaksa at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Minuwangoda  electorate of the Joint Opposition held at the Reggie Ranatunge Commemoration Hall in Udugampola.  The meeting was convened by the Gampaha District MP and convenor of the Joint Opposition Mr. Prasanna Ranatunga and a large crowd of several thousand from the Minuwangoda electorate attended. This meeting was held to affirm the victory of the Joint Opposition in the forthcoming local government elections. Participants came in motorcades from all parts of Minuwangoda to attend the meeting.

The members of the Joint Opposition oppose the unity talks because they cannot agree to SLFP’s double games.  What is being attempted by the SLFP is while remaining in the government with the United National Party they want to be with the Joint Opposition in the Local Government Institutions.  It is not possible for us to allow for such double games

Within hundred days of this government coming to power those who voted for searching various things that were reported to be missing and hidden came to understand the lies and started calling for an election.  As it was not possible to market the 100 days promissory note a 60 months promissory note was introduced.  Even before 10 months of introducing that promissory note there came another one with  dateline to be before 2025.

The whole government cannot understand what to do now.  It told the lies of 100 days, when it backfired told about 60 months and when that also backfired they are talking now about 2025.  These people carried out election campaigns with lies and mud slinging.  It was full of mud slinging that was visible in the stages of the Swan Front.  They hurled mud on the dress people were wearing up to what they were eating.

They said there are Lamboginis. They searched for helicopters in the courtyard of the ancestral residence Medamulana”.  They searched for Gold horses.  Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that he saw by his own eyes Namal with some others carrying money filled bags on their shoulders for depositing in a Dubai Bank.  It was said that a boy wearing Shorts and killing Thajudeen is in CCTV cameras and arrests will be made on the next day.

They fooled the people by telling these lies.   Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe came to power by promising one million jobs.  By promising so he laid the foundation stone for a  Valksvagen factory in Kuliyapitiya and before he returned to Colombo from Kuliyapitiya the original Volkswagen factory announced it was not factory of theirs.  It may not be a matter of much importance to the President because he comes to know things through the newspapers only.

Now cases have been filed against all of us.  They attempt to frighten us by filing cases against us.  They are attempting to frighten the opposition, sell the state assets and establish a dictatorial regime.  We would like to tell the government that they cannot frighten us by putting us in jails. I saw yesterday that Mr. Wickremaasinghe who said in the past that Hambantota is a swimming pool holding a cheque for 200  odd million dollars.

The Prime Minister who claimed he will get 1 ½ Billion US$ received only 200  odd million dollars.  If Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa could come from Medamulana and make the Ports Authority to the status of a profit earning institution why can’t the tie-coat wearing Prime Minister cannot do it?  He cannot do things.  There is no work and there is no result also. The Policy of this government is selling of state assets.

It is the policy of this government to sell the state assets to cover day to day expenses and then come for elections and win them by bribing and making pay offs.   It is how the UNP had won elections from the very beginning.  It was why the father of Mr. Prasanna Ranatunga the late Mr. Reggie Rnatunga fought with the UNP and dedicated himself to form a government of the commoners.

The late leaders such as Mr. S.W.R.D..Bandaranaike and Mr. D.A.Rajapaaksa left the UNP because they could not accept the policies of the UNP. No person who is policy minded and hold on to principles cannot get on to a stage of the UNP.  Today the SLFP has entered into an agreement with the UNP to run this government.  In the meantime they are asking us also to come for an agreement.

It is just like bringing another wife when there is a wife at home.  How can we go for an agreement with a group that has entered into an agreement with the UNP? It will be similar to entering into an agreement with the UNP.  Our grandfathers left the UNP because they could not agree with UNP policies.  In this village all of you did politics against the UNP.

Although it is possible for the JVP we cannot enter into agreements with the UNP.  The JVP has also become a partner of the government.  Now they say that two three persons in the joint opposition are against uniting with the government.  We are not afraid of saying that and we are not indebted also.  All the JO MPs here are against joining with the government.

If they want to join with us let them quit the government and come to us. Let them discard the Minister posts and come out.  There cannot be double games of staying with the UNP in the government and staying with us in the LG institutions.  No possibility for hoppers theory.   If the are coming let them come straight.  If ready to come as such so let us jointly fight with the UNP. It is useless thundering in the stages saying that we are opposed to the sale of Hambantota while holding the ministerial posts and remaining in the government..

The gazette for making railways an essential service was brought through the wrong route.  It should have been done through parliament.  What was done was a suppression of the trade union rights.  The President and the Minister of Transport Mr. Nimal Siripala de Silva represent the SLFP.  Mr. Maithripala should hold responsibility for the chaos being faced by this country.

The Treasury Bond Scam report was postponed by another one month.  The President also should hold responsibility similar to the Prime Minister for this fraud.  It was the President who made Arjun Mahendran the governor of the Central Bank and made the Central Bank to come under the Prime Minister.  Today the King is from the Rajarata, but rice is being brought from overseas. Those days Ranil came out to the streets saying that rice for sixty and the country forward.  Today rice is one hundred and twenty.

Now steps are underway to bring rice and coconut from overseas.  Now we have to eat coconut spending dollars.  The sister who went to buy small cars travels home by bus without even having a bicycle.  Mangala speaks about concessions and impose taxes.  Mr. Duminda Dissanayake spends Rs. 25 million a month as rent for an unoccupied Ministry building for more than two years now. There is no point of participating in the budget debate.  It will be the same budget that will be brought next year as well.

Today people have to pay 40% of their earnings to the government as taxes.  No harm of paying taxes even if a road at least is being built.  That also does not happen. It was a country that had been the fastest developing country in Asia that has fallen into this status today.    It was such a country that has been destroyed in this manner saying initiative was taken for a change.  It is the responsibility of all of us to rescue this country.(end)

Courtesy : LankaCNews.

3 Responses to “Saw Namal carrying money filled bags on his shoulders to deposit in a Dubai Bank.  A boy wearing a Short and killing Thajudeen is in CCTV cameras.  To be arrested tomorrow”

  1. ranjit Says:

    If somebody says this Yamapalanaya government is good then we have to check his head. Only a crazy man without brains will say Ranil is a clean guy after seen how he planned the biggest Bank robbery in our history. From Jan 8th onwards this horrible government did everything was unconstitutional. They appointed a prime minister when a prime prime minister already there. They did the same thing with the chief justice. They appointed an opposition leader with the lowest total MP’s. All this was done by the instructions of their coup plotters. Western and the Indian parasites were involved in changing the then government. It’s a fact which everybody knows.

    Still the coup plotters are there planning their next move. They throw green bucks all around to survive without giving any room for Mahinda Rajapaksa to come back to power. Ordinary people should be aware of all this and make up their minds not to fall in to the same trap like last time. Sira and Ranil playing a game. We should not trust either one. Look how the west behave on the bond scam? Do they make any comments about it? Those vultures are silent because Ranil is their man. Let’s see what Sira will do about it when the report comes out. We are watching you yamaballo.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Strange Economic Policies by UNP led Yahap govt !

    Export Lanka local produce, staples such rice & coconuts etc., and import the same from other countries ….
    What does this mean ?
    Will Lanka end up as a dependent state with imported staple Food, and with Food at high prices ?

    Nuts !

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    If imported staple foods are cheaper, then what about quality ?

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