Dr. Kumar David defends the indefensible about singing hosannas to the LTTE.
Posted on December 16th, 2017

Bodhi Dhanapala, Canada.

In response to my lament (Island, 30-11-17) that Why are the likes of Dr. Kumar David, who waxed eloquent of the technical prowess of the LTTE in making little war planes, etc., contributed to the Tamil Net, worked to elect Yahapalanaya, and is ever ready to comment on the barbarism of the Sinhala Buddhists, being silent on all this?”, Prof. Kumar David replies (11-12-27)  where he attempts to defend the indefensible. He continues his  silence on post-LTTE provocations and the celebration of dead terrorists as heroes by Tamil racists.

Dr KD  lists his views in point form and we  use that  format,, noting several overlapping  points.

a) Prof. David says,
The LTTE did show technical prowess in developing a fledgling air-force…etc.” If you read what he wrote at the time, you see glowing admiration and not repugnance.

Kumar David  has been a Professor of electrical engineering in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong,  while I teach in a mere technical college in Quebec.  Some   aero-engineering student enthusiasts here  use their summer holidays  to buy  kits and assemble planes. Here is a link to Kitplane Magazine”  from the period when the LTTE began to build planes. Dr. KD may realize by perusing it that the planes built by the LTTE are  hardly a basis  to sing about   technical prowess”.
At the time, a  two-seater CGS Aviation Hawk II Arrow kit cost about $10,000 and could be built with
about 200 hours of work. So a group of engineering students could  buy  and build it during the summer.  It would be nothing for the LTTE with its financial and human resources.

The LTTE was  a terror  organization possessing ships, deploying ground-to-air missiles against government attack planes, having rockets and advance ground weapons. It had funds to buy what  it needed, and diaspora engineers as advisers.  The LTTE  builds this simple  kit airplane”  and modifies it in the most amateurish way to carry a bomb”. It was built simply  to impress and earn the accolades of its uncritical admirers. Fellow travelers of the LTTE, e.g.,  the TNA and some NGOs would have been impressed.  My surprise was that Dr. KD turned out to be one!

The LTTE showed much ingenuity in designing the suicide jackets they pioneered in the 1980s, and  exported to the Middle-East via their alleged links to PLO training camps. I do not know if  Dr. KD has written about the jacket design. Will KD defend the indefensible even here and sing hosannas to the technical prowess of the devil?

b)    Dr.  KD says:
I have opposed LTTE terrorism as much as I opposed the state sponsored terrorism of the Sri Lankan military. The later in fact helped to breed the former. Without the carnage of 1983 the LTTE would have remained no more than a marginal force among Tamils”.

The Sri Lankan military cannot be accused of the 1983 carnage.
I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. KD opposes  terrorism, but I  am surprised by his cock-eyed”  judgment. Of course, Dr. KD is a  member of an organization that holds that the end justified the means”, and hence any lie or immoral means can be employed to achieve the objective of a revolutionary capture of power by the proletariat”.  He does not regard that as  terrorism even if heads are to be rolled in the process. Dr. KD’s objectives have changed as he ages although his moral concerns remain where they were – violence and any means what ever are justified to achieve the objective?  So today he uses the same ethic (or lack of it) and even supported General Fonseka and his neo-con US imperialist backers who work with the UNP and the  TNA. The latter is a  political front of the land-owning upper-caste right-wing racist Tamils. That General Fonseka most likely would have become a UN-linked Pinochet of Sri Lanka was of no concern to Dr. KD.

The 1983 carnage was engineered by the UNP  with Ranil Wickermasinghe in the cabinet, and not by the SL army.   Dr. KD had no hesitation in backing the UNP candidate Fonseka  for the presidency. He justifies this in his item  (d) as a means of saving” Sri Lankan  democracy. Surely, his judgment failed when he supported Fonseka, or Sirisena in neo-con colour uprisings”  funded by the CIA.

Dr. KD’s seeming support for the LTTE goes way back. His comments on the  channel-4 videos (see 18th Dec. 2011 Sunday Island) are as naive as his views on the LTTE airplanes, perhaps because of his admiration for the LTTE.  We should expect Dr. KD to take a balanced approach to fake news. As an electrical engineer he knows how easy it is to fake any news, and doctor videos. Did he  know that the main parts of the channel-4 video had  been shown in Boston, USA an year ago? The original showed  assassins who  talked Tamil, and  more identifiable as LTTE  executing its prisoners.

Thus Dr. KD wrote:
Macrae (director of Killing Fields, )confirmed that the video had been thoroughly analysed technically and examined by forensic pathologists; it had been played before parliaments and heads of governments who in turn would have had officials report on authenticity. It had been assessed independently by the UN and confirmed as authentic”.

Dr. KD could read the  report in the Sri Lanka Guardian  (http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2011/12/kumar-david-and-channel-4-tv-feature.html).
The author of the Sri Lanka Guardian article, reporting from Maryland USA, states that
Kumar David  …  an electrical engineer … could  have run the movie with the audio and video channels hooked to an oscilloscope and  verified …  problems of synchronization at the crucial points, e.g., before the assassination scene, …, well documented by its critics. The claim that the material is a fake is well founded. As many observers have pointed out, the assassin is wearing rubber slippers, as is usual for Tamil-Tiger soldiers, where are Sri Lankan Army soldiers always wear Government-issue boots”.

A more critical approach to the channel-4 movies was taken by others, e.g.,  Dr. Michael Roberts,  the Marga Institute crowd, or the Hooles, no friends of the Sinhala-Buddhist politicians. The Colombo ‘liberals’  with little  grounding in the culture of the land, wishing  to be identified with the Gramaci-quoting unintellectuals,   position themselves in the LTTE camp and comment only on the short-comings of the  state. They  go further to equate state terror”  to Sinhala-Buddhist terror”.  As a Sinhala Buddhist, I consider this to be not just an error of judgment, but also  a slander and a total falsification of the truth.

c) Dr. Kumar David says:
I will contribute to Tamil-Net even now if they will entertain me. I wish to reach out to Tamils with whom I disagree about secession.

Will KD write to the AmaQ News (vocie of the terror group ISIS) to reach out to violent Muslims? Is the principle  End justifies the means” only for Marxist revolutionaries?  Tamil nationalism  wedded to vowing ethnic polarization began in 1948 demanding secession and a Tamil Arasu”, long before 1956 or  the 1983 pogroms caused by  the Sri Lankan UNP capitalists who supported JRJ. Today Dr. KD is at one with the same Sri Lankan capitalist regime buttressed by the US neo-cons. May be, the End always justifies the Means” for Dr. KD.

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  1. helaya Says:

    Channel 4 video was shown in American University in DC. I was on the audience and I pointed out that all these points and also I mentioned that during the war in Eastern division no civilian casualties and LTTE learned the lesson and they took civilian as hostages, I could not finish my response and sponsors (so called human right activists and dumb professors) grabbed my mike and threatened me, Stupid Yahapalanaya stand with these guys.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party encouraged their catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan to create a
    catholic country in Sri Lanka with the full blessings of the christian west. That’s why traitor UNPatriotic low lives
    pretended to be fighting while sacrificing 100,000+ mainly Sinhalese, including Buddhist monks, men, women,
    children, tri forces personnel, police. It was to be a carefully planned Sinhalese cull ending with carving out a catholic country in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately for the traitor foreign terrorists, MR came and it was all over in a few months. Traitor UNPatriotic low lives kept sacrificing Sinhalese lives, thinking their terrorist buddies will succeed. Plan scuppered when MR got in. Now christian west’s cat’s paw, UNHCR, wants to punish MR & co, including tri forces
    personnel for scuppering the grand plan.

    Sinhala modayas never understood the background to catholic tigers of tamil drealam since all the newspapers are
    run by traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party henchmen. To make things worse for Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the
    Sinhalese race biggest traitor in the history of Sri Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief
    Mega Thakkadiya Bay Gal Karaya Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot r@nil wickrama Sinhala killer is ruling Sri Lanka
    while the rubber stamp puppet vairapala sorry sena looking on helplessly. Is there any wonder then these traitors
    coming out of wood work and show their true colours. These are cancers in Mother Lanka. These foreigners were
    brought to Sri Lanka by the dutch to work in tobacco plantations in the north and the east, by the british to work
    in tea estates, and the rest is kallathonis who crossed the seas in the 60s to save their lives from the severe famine
    in tn. Today all of them are out and out traitors who won’t stop until dismembering Mother Lanka. And the likes of pigneshwaran etc. etc. even claim to have ancient kingdoms like Anuradahapura, Polonnaruwa etc. Only problem they only exist in www. and books. Not an ancient tamil brick to substantiate their bogus claims.

    Their hearts,
    minds and loyalties are still in hell hole tn. That’s where they came from, that’s where they belong, that’s where
    they should pack up and go! Never happy, never loyal, never a good word, never enough, never Sri Lankan traitors. That’s the problem they have. While living in all parts of the country comfortably, getting more benefits than the native Sinhalese, traitors want exclusively tamils only drealam. Mother Lanka has been very very
    unfortunate to have traitors like them as her sons and daughters.

    Click on the following links to see why traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party didn’t want to kill catholic tigers of
    tamil drealam but brutal in killing Sinhalese Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp. You can’t see these in
    so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka. Thanks to that a lot of Sinhala modayas still support these anti Sinhalese,
    anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan traitor low lives. Sinhalaya modayas? Only a Sinhala modaya will dispute it!

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:









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