Rohingiya Muslims in Myanmar  and West’s misinterpretation of problems of developing countries.
Posted on January 7th, 2018

By Charles.S. Perera.

The Problem of Rohingya in Myanmar is more political than  religious.  These are new  problems taking  place in the developing countries which are more often deliberately exaggerated by the West  to blame the  ruling governments , and get the victim of the conflict organised as rebels to enable the West to intervene by arming the rebels” to fight against the ruling governments for a regime change.

This happened in Libya exactly as the USA and the West wanted it to happen,  which was the assassination of the  Libyan leader Colonel Mauammar Gaddafi by his own people. What is the result ?

Libya is completely destroyed and once organised  rich country is today poverty stricken and in utter disorder. The West that organised  the rebels against the government of Colonel Gaddafi has left Libya and its people to themselves without any assistance to help them rebuild Libya  the towns of which were turned to rubble by incessant bombing by the NATO forces.

The West wanted to do the same thing in Syria but thanks to Russia there is still  a government to take the blame or to reorganise the destabilised country. Syria’s problems are the makings of USA and the West, they were trying to create a Bengazi” in Syria

The whole problem is with the United Nations Organisation which has been taken over by the West and made to act according to their dictates. If the UNO is made independent of the dictates of the rich countries of the West and allowed to be on its own to plan out their strategies  to settle between  countries and the peoples their problems  most of the problems in the developing countries could be Solved.

The former Secretary General of the UNO Ban Ki Moon was wholely  manipulated by the USA led West, turning UN into an Agent of the USA and the West. Hopefully there is still a balance of power in the  UN Security Council with China and Russia as its members . Even then they manipulated the Security Council to allow the NATO bomb Libya.

The West only divides countries and separate people without making any  effort to bring the communities together. Most of the problems in developing countries like Sri Lanka and now in Myanmar is the result of unnecessary false humanitarian interventions by USA and the West more in their own political interest than in the interest of the  people of the countries.

The West interferes into every thing in developing countries, making Human Rights a new Religion of the West. The USA and the West  blame governments without understanding the cultures and the problems created by the emigrants or minority Communities.

The West names the Buddhist Priests in Myanmar standing up to protect their religion from disrespectful immigrants as revolutionary Bikkhus or hate Mongers. That shows the complete ignorance of the West about the real problem in Myanmar.

Burma has a Muslim population that were there before the Rohingiya Muslims  came in droves to Myanmar from Bangladesh. Those ancient Muslim Communities lived amicably with the Myanmar Buddhists respecting each others religion . The invading Rohingiyas was a new phenomena to the people and the government of Myanmar.

This migrant invasion into Mynamar  had been planned by fundamentalist Muslims. There are many of them now by different names Jehadists, Wahabis, Muslim Brotherhood , ISIS , they are all out to spread the Muslim population into foreign countries with a view to spread Islamism. They invade into countries and clear forests  and destroy ancient religious ruins and monuments to make settlements for themselves.

They have no love for the invaded country and destroy every thing held sacred and considered  of  cultural  and religious importance. It is happening even in Sri Lanka. The Muslims in Sri Lanka are clearing forest reservations and bulldoze ancient Buddhist ruins to set up Muslim settlements.

The Buddhist Priests in Burma are struggling hard to save their Theravada Buddhism and preserve their ancient Buddhist ruins, which are their historic heritage.  The  Buddhist Priests are the guardians of Buddhism . When ever Buddhism was in danger they rose to protect it. The religious  philosophy is different from the political issue of immigration. The West does not want to understand this. For them even the terrorists who terrorise and massacre the innocent people are freedom fighters.

The West which pretends to be more civilized and just do not bother to understand  what is considered civilised and just by others. The USA and West hunt for terrorists outside their own countries and kill innocent people who are not theirs with complete impunity.

This happened in Sri Lanka where the West did not raise a finger to help the successive Governments of Sri Lanka to end terrorism. But finally when one government finally eliminated terrorism the West walked in with numerous human rights activists  and the now UN as an Agent of the West to accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes,  because that government of Sri Lanka  ended a terrorism that destroyed the country and massacred its people for 30 long years.

USA and the West were so assured of their righteousness they passed a resolution against Sri Lanka for violation  of human rights and war crimes for nothing but for eliminating a ruthless terrorism well settled and financed  by an enriched Tamil Community settled in the West and  helped by USA and the West.

The USA and the West ,  which disliked the government then in power, which was helped by China, Russia, Iran and  others,  was determined to change the regime seeking to impose their detrimental right to protect was adamant to pass their anti Sri Lanka resolution.

The UN Commissioner of Human Rights a Prince at that called Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, did not use his common sense to rule out the resolution as unfair and inappropriate as they had in preparing the resolution, depended on hearsay evidence and witnesses of doubtful honesty whose evidence, against all civilised norms of justice were refused to be challenged and their names required to be  kept confidential for twenty years. The sid Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein  had even endorsed the appointment of a hybrid court  to try the Armed Forces for war crimes.

In the mean time when there was to be a presidential election in Sri Lanka USA, the West and India carried out a massive undercover activity to  defeat the sitting President and replace him with a puppet of the West. They succeeded in this and the new Government that was formed  was so determined to win the goodwill and the friendship of the West,  they went to the Geneva Human Rights Council and sponsored USA Resolution that was against the Armed Forces of their own country, a thing that no other country in the world would have done.

If the UNO is able to fulfil its role of bringing the countries together for a dialogue as it was expected to do before,  most of the problems arising in the developing countries could have been solved. But  USA and the West which as members of the UN contribute larger percentages to  the Budget of the Organisation , have taken over and  control the legitimate activities  of the UN according to its Charter , to make UN act to  suit their own political strategies.

It is now up to the new Secretary General of UNO Antonio Guterres to break this vicious destructive USA and Wests debilitating activities against developing countries using slogans of human rights .

Mynamar should be allowed to settle their problem with the Rohingya Muslims in consultation with Bangladesh. It is not correct that a historical country with a different culture is made to be assailed by another. The west it appears encourage  Rohingya Muslims to be terrorists.  The USA and West have not learnt from terrorism penetrating into their own countries by their encouragement of rebels else where in the world to be terrorists against those countries.

2 Responses to “Rohingiya Muslims in Myanmar  and West’s misinterpretation of problems of developing countries.”

  1. Nimal Says:

    There is no comparison between Libya and Burma.
    It is true the western powers murdered Gaddafi to stop him moving his oil revenue away from US,to stop him rallying the emerging African nations in the infrastructure development and even setting up their own African Central bank. Gaddafi also planned to turn the oil into gold, etc which upset Western countries
    In Burma the ruling junta poisoned the Buddhists against the Christians, minority tribes and the Rohigya,being Muslims had little support from the Western countries.
    Buddhists too were victims of the cruel junta where thousands of Buddhist clergy was put in prison.But the Junta could not run the country without the support of the major section of the population who are Buddhists which was easily done after setting the Buddhist population against the Muslim minorities. For all the atrocities committed by the majority Burmese their day of reckoning must come soon. We the minorities who live peacefully living and working in other countries will only be protected of similar acts of atrocities and ethnic cleansing if we support and insist that it is a war crime or a crime against humanity, to commit such act and should be severely dealt with by the international community. Some may say that the western countries are committing such vile acts in other countries, yet we don’t want ourselves to face a similar situation for us in the Western or any other country. Therefore we must fight any kind of injustice or we will face the same fate, where ever you may live.
    The writer must got to that country and walk the streets holding hands with Burmese girl then may not be supportive of these racists.
    Whenever I went with my wife holding hands in some of the streets in Far East I would surly encounter some unpleasantness, which we did several times in Japan.
    Latter are the worst racists where we both were abused in my own town, just in front of the Maligawa.
    These two Japanese priests swore at us in their language, which I knew the meaning,I used worse words to get at them,tormanted them all the way around the lake by purposely kissing my wife in front of them and hired a passerby to do a far… in front of them, which cost over 20K for the suddenly hired
    I do tormented racists by showing affection to various suddi girls I carried on with and in fact I enjoyed annoying the bigots. My true one time college (Spanish)girlfriend had upset my own people at the student centre in London. I had the same envy from the age of 14 when(kandy) I walked,danced,went to pictures with a few foreign girls. So it is easy to make people jealous, hateful and turned into murderous by highly motivated group like the junta and by highly ambitious civilian groups and the majority will fall for it,just like in Nazi Germany.
    So why have double standards and support the wrong doings of one community on another?
    My relative In Nuggegoda could not live peacefully in Rangoon, run their business and never got his right his property jointly bought.
    Now they are back in Sl and soon will settle in Australia where he had his highest studies, where he also worked over a decade after his studies and he too hopes like all of us that the host countries will not do any ethnic cleansing.
    So let’s stick to one rule for all the countries. Burmese .Saudis must surly pay for atrocities committed in Burma and in Yamen.Amen Too busy to correct.

  2. Christie Says:

    Ever remember the ‘milchard haal” that we used to eat and were sold cheap or given frre?

    Rohigiyaas are Indian Colonial Parasites like the Indian Colonial Parasites here.

    The difference is they went to work in Rice fields owned by Indian Colonial Parasites while most of the Indian Colonial Parasites here came to work in the plantations owned by the British.

    The rice that fed All the Indian Colonial Parasites and some of the hosts like us in the former British Indian Empire now the Indian Empire.

    Burma kicked out most of the wealthy Indians Colonial Parasites in the early sixties.

    Some of them ended up here thanks to Hon. Sirmao Bandaranayake.

    About six years ago lots of Rohigiyaas were kicked out and most of them retuned to their old home land in India in West Bengal State of India.

    Indian tightened up the border with Burma including electrified fences.

    So this time they could not go to West Bengal, India and did end up in Bangladesh.

    Burma and we have the same problem.

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