Re-emergence of His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse
Posted on February 12th, 2018

Nimal Tissa Wijetunga

Your Excellency, Mahinda Rajapakse,

Masses or people of Sri Lanka has voted to you mainly as a Mark of Gratitude to your leadership in annihilating terrorist LTTE and its leader Prabhakaran and it is only the 06th occasion a Head of the State of Sri Lanka among long line of kings and residents did so in the history of more than 2500 years as you never ever bowed down to so called western powers.

In view of the above, we would like to bring to your serious attention to the following:

1) No to Constitutional reforms to give Tamil Elam on a platter where terrorists failed after 30 years of violence.

2) Must maintain the Unitary nature of Sri Lanka and its territorial integrity.

3) Maintain the very fabrication of Sri Lanka as Sinhalese Buddhist country.

4) No Corruption and accountability must be maintained.

5) Must take action to Ranil, Ravi, Mahendran, Aloysius, Palisena, Cope committee members involved in foot notes in the investigation of Bod Scam, whom involved in day light Robbery or Plunder of Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

6) No Human right cases or Prosecution by foreign or local judiciary for any act by victorious Armed forces of Sri Lanka during annihilation of Terrorist LTTE and its leader Prabhakaran.

7) Taking care of subsidies rovided to farmers, other governmental officials and Sri Lankan masses as a whole for their Economic development and day to day living.

8) Approach to so called Tamil problem as mere Economic problem as same as to all the people of Sri Lanka. Must make inroads to Northern Province with concerted effort to convince the Tamil People that their bretheran are mostly living out side the Northern Province among other races in the country without any problem and so called Tamil Leaders since the formation of Tamil Arasu Katchichi in 1933 by S.J.V.Chelvanayagam up to Appailai Amirthalingam’s Waddukodai resolution and finally by terrorist LTTE led by Prabhakaran taken them in violent path with unrealistic and non-existing demands with no benefits rather than destruction to the ordinary tamil population.

9) No ECTA under any circumstances with India as it is really detrimental to service market of Sri Lanka.

10) No Air or sea ports to be given to India on outright or as a joint venture. Please note that India was never ever a friend of Sri Lanka except for a brief period where Emperor Dharmasoka sent his son and daughter to inculcate Buddhism here. In fact, India the so called biggest democracy in the world aided, abetted, funded, trained LTTE Terrorist to destabilize another democratic country of Sri Lanka.

Finally, we wish you all the best for the re-emergence and look forward to a great country and great future to the people of Sri Lanka under your great leadership.

Thanking you.


Nimal Tissa Wijetunga.

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