Rest SLFP in peace
Posted on February 12th, 2018

Lionel Rajapakse

Electorate has spoken. There is a clear message to politicians who still keep alliance with SLFP. Leave SLFP now”. Yes, right now. Feb 10 election results proved people don’t care about the future of the SLFP and they do not trust the SLFP leadership any more. Hope, politicos who play a double game understand this clear message and honour people’s wish.

It is not a secret, most of the SLPP politicians still have their SLFP membership. For the sake of what? There is no need for these politicians to play a double game from now on. If they still think it is a risk to cut their ties with the SLFP, that is an insult for the millions of voters who voted for SLPP. Voters clearly said, they are ready to support for a third force. If these politicians who still have ties with SLFP thinks it is impossible to form a government without SLFP, this election proved they are wrong. Also, someone can argue if these politicos give up their SLFP memberships, they are going lose their parliament membership as well. Who cares. Voters like to see the leaders who play the game straight. So, the politicians in SLPP who still keep a foot in the rotten SLFP, should come out of that muddy puddle right now.

Same with the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA). It is high time for Dinesh, Wimal, Wasu and rest of the members to come out of this so-called Alliance. People clearly rejected President Sirisena’s leadership, so what kind of alliance with a party led by him? Now the electorate has chosen a new front to fight the UNP. So, let the Sirisena’s SLFP to have its own demise.

Feb 10 election is a good signal for the JVP as well. Now they should realise their dream to capture the power in 2020 is not real. Rather than supporting their real enemy UNP, JVP should re-consider where they should stand. If they want to make their dream a reality, it is better to let Ranil’s UNP to have the same fate as the Sirisena’s SLFP.

Also, this election result is the amber light given by the SLPP voters for their next presidential candidate, whoever that person is.  No need to play hide and seek. That person should come forward and lead this third force for the next victory.




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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    While I agree in principle with what Lionel Rajapaksa says, I hesitate to advocate this in practice because I know that SLPP’s majority in votes is razor thin if all of its (and mine) enemies pool all of their votes together in future elections.

    While the SLPP became the largest single party, voters did not give it such a great plurality that it can do without smaller parties as allies.

    The SLPP will have to tread very carefully and develop allies and bring in the patriotic residual factions of parties such as the SLFP. The survival and ultimate triumph of the SLPP is too important to the Patriotic movement to do any less.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:


    Many members of the UPFA elected to various Local Government entities around the country HAVE EXPRESSED SUPPORT for the SLPP.

    As such, the total number of Local Government Entities controlled by the SLPP has INCREASED from the ORIGINAL 231 to 239 at the last count reported on TV news.

    No doubt, many more will join the SLPP in the near future! The post-election FENCE JUMPING has begun in EARNEST and will only ACCELERATE!

    JAYAWEWA …. Pohottuwa!

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