Pogrom we need in Sri Lanka ………
Posted on February 18th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

Catharine the Great and Stalin too over Soviet Union and carried out pogrom (The word Pogrom came to English Dictionary in 1881  it means massacre, extermination, persecution, holocaust, slaughter and devastation)

Though it is connected to religious or ethnic persecution, in modern day it should be applied to politics in Sri Lanka  ?

Unity government has lost badly ,People have expressed their discontent .Yahaplanaya alias  Good governance were the catch words in January 2015 .Search light of the public was aimed at the leaders at that time because a well worked- out convincing plan was executed .General  election was again concentrated only on Yahaplanaya .None of voters were worried about iron-hand rule of three  brothers to carry out development projects .No one was worried about finding a way to earn money from already developed Hambantota or Airport in Mattala. Southern circular highway and Central Highway completion was never considered .Building bridges in the villages was not in the agenda .Coconut was 50 Rs .rice was 60 Rs ,Fertizer was 350 Rs per ton .Roads were built with over expenditure due to kickbacks earned by members of local authority and people did not mind .

In February 2018 people have understood that Yahaplanaya does not suppress their hunger and discontent  .People were suffering due to strikes and demos .Buildings were rented at exorbitant rent by some ministers who have been accused of  earing  some kick backs .Central bank was  looted ( purportedly) with no mercy .Health education was in jeopardy.

Now it is time that hanging government s execute a pogrom.

Health minister should leave

Land Irrigation Minister   should resign

Minister of public security should voluntarily resign

Highway minister should find a retirement job in Upcountry

Minister in charge of investment may consider going back to his private business

Media minister may have to be changed to have a more dynamic person to convince the public that good work will be carried in the future

Minister in charge of coconut industry need changing

Railway minister should go to hibernation and sleep

Who else ?May be whole cabinet ?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

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