London rally and the Sri Lankan flag
Posted on February 26th, 2018


The media reported that due to pressure from the UK, military attache Brigadier Fernando had been recalled to Sri Lanka. During the last few weeks a lot had been written about the gesture made by Brig Fernando. As an Officer who fought the LTTE  he should have avoided confronting the demonstrators. But, of course he had that patriotic feeling.

Then, what about the pro-LTTE demonstrators who insulted the Sri Lankan flag right in front of the High Commissioner’s office? Brandishing LTTE flags, they had put the Sri Lankan flag on the road and stepped on it. This is an insult to the country. They had been carrying cut-outs of the terrorist leader Prabhakaran and chanting anti-govt slogans and so on. Did our High Commissioner in the UK made representations about this rally, promoting a terrorist organisation banned in the UK, and insulting the Sri Lanka flag, to the Minister for South Asia, South Asia Dept, Commonwealth Office, UK?  There had been no such representation made either by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the High Commissioner in the UK regarding this. It appears that they were more concerned in suspending the Brigadier and keeping the Global Tamil Forum happy. The GTF had made protests against the Brigadier to the Minister for South Asia.

This is not the least surprising. During the 30 year war, heavy propaganda carried out by the LTTE were never counter acted by High Commissioners. It was the Office bearers of Sri Lankan societies in western countries who confronted them and replied to their propaganda. I can vouch for this because I was the President of a Sri Lankan society for a few years. Whenever, we presented anti-govt propaganda by the LTTE to the High Commissioners, the reply was they were too busy or that they were not important. Too busy doing ‘business’, attending functions/dinners, or busy with their children’s education.Therefore for them, no time to attend to LTTE propaganda.

So it is not surprising, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the High Commissioner had done nothing about the Sri Lankan flag being trampled right in front of the High Commissioner’s office. For them, an insult to the Sri Lankan flag by the pro-LTTE demonstrators had been considered not ‘very serious’.

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  1. Christie Says:

    There are more than 20 Indian Parasite Parliamentarians in UK Parliament. So what do you expect?

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Tamil protestors who disrespected the national flag didn’t realise they were also insulting themselves. The flag has a strip that represents Hindus! 85 million world Tamils have no country of their own; hence no national flag. One cannot expect them to apprehend the significance of a national flag. A sad and unfortunate fact Tamils must come to terms with.

  3. ranjit Says:

    When gays and prostitutes govern a country what more to expect? There stupid leadership has taken our country’s image to zero level with their treacherous policies. Very sad story. Motherlanka is crying seeing the situation. 2009 we were a proud nation and now after 2015 we have become a failed state overnight due to bad governance by Yamapalanaya hora clique led by three Stooges of the Satan and the Indian parasites. America and India is behind for the sad situation we are in today. They conspire against our citizens. They throw millions to stop our war heroes coming back to power specially Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother Gota. We as citizens must get united under one strong sinhala buddhist leadership to fight those evil conspirators.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    The flag has a strip that represents Hindus! Correct My Chignkala Sakotharam not represents as We-Ilankai Tamilar but You represents as Sinhela (Sinha) not Bhuddist. why???

    A sad and unfortunate fact Tamils must come to terms with- It sad Why this discrimination in OUR Mother Lanka !!!!

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