Yankee Neoliberals Dismantle European ‘Settler-Empires’
Posted on February 27th, 2018

By Gandara John

“Fascism is the merger of State and Corporate power” Benito Mussolini

The Neoliberals in the US manipulated World War 2 to dismantle prominent European White-Settler Empires, some of which had stood a near three centuries.

Simplistically put, World War 2 had become a bloody drama where European Whites warred against each other for a larger slice of the ‘Colonial Cake’ of Nation States in the Third World.

The Neoliberal Whites in the US however had other plans; they wanted to eat the ‘Entire European Cake’ (and more) by themselves and to achieve this it was imperative that they first deprived the Europeans of their ‘pieces of cake’,

The plan was, having deprived the Europeans of their ‘pieces of cake’ the Yankee Neoliberals would then proceed to cut up a ‘reconstituted’ whole cake into sizes and shapes that would facilitate easy governance and control for the yanks.

The Yanks had their own terminology for this process. Depriving the Europeans of their pieces of cake was, the granting of independence to the Colonised Nation States; reconstructing the cake as a whole was, restoring the Sovereignty of  Nation States’ of the Third World; breaking down Nation States, redefining their boundaries, and making obsolete, not only Sovereign Governments of the Third World but the concept of  Westphalian Nation-States is, globalisation; cutting anew the cake into sizes and shapes that the yanks are comfortable with is reshaping the world for a ‘One-World-Government’ of the Yanks or more appropriately ‘Yankee-Colonisation’.

It is a matter of interest that the US – itself a country yet struggling to free itself from the scourge of the White-settler Colonialists from Europe (often referred to as Yanks) –   though not actively involved in WW2 initially, financially profited from the war throughout its entire duration.

Financially controlling the antagonist and the protagonists in WW2, the Yankees determined the outcome of the war and consequently the immediate history of the world, post WW2.

Despite being bound by the US ‘Neutralities’ Act, the Yanks supplied munitions and funds to the NAZIS in Germany which had been pauperised by the Versailles Treaty that had been guilefully crafted by the US Corporates.

The yanks similarly supplied and funded an impoverished Britain through the ‘Cash and Carry’, ‘Destroyer for Bases’ and ‘Lend-Lease’ financial Mechanisms.

It is ironic that the anti-Communist Yanks supplied likewise the Communists in the Soviet Union, when the Yanks considered it opportune to open a war front on Germany’s Eastern flank.

The Neoliberal Yanks had played their cards well; all the major players in WW2 were in their pockets.

In 1941 British morale was at its lowest; their Army had been routed at Dunkirk, their soldiers had disgracefully abandoned much of their military ware in France and funds, to re- arm and re-equip this rag tag army, were dear.

The Germans on the other hand, fresh after the drubbing they had inflicted on the Brits at Dunkirk, smelt blood; their forces were primed, massing up along the coastline of France rearing to tear into Britain.

It was then that on 14th August of that year the yanks, who had been impatiently biding their time in the wings, shifted gear to move into Centre stage when a supplicant Britain, capitulated to the exactions laid down by the yanks in the ‘Atlantic Charter’.

Responding to a pitiful British SOS – that US enters the fray against Nazi Germany – the   Neoliberal yanks seized the opportunity to exploit Britain’s vulnerability; they insisted that if they were to acquiesce to British pleas, Britain and their allied European Powers perforce must give the US an assurance that at the end of WW2, independence would be granted to all their respective Colonies.

When Britain timidly threw in the towel in the face of patent Yankee blackmail and agreed to the conditions laid down in the Atlantic Charter, there emerged in the vortex of International politics a sudden and conspicuous vacuum of Power.

It is pertinent that at the time Churchill surrendered the British Empire in keeping with the ‘Atlantic Charter’, Roosevelt’s chief aide at the ‘Charter’ meeting was that arch- Neoliberal Averell Harriman, son of US rail road baron E H Harriman.

At the ‘Atlantic Charter’, Averell Harriman was to Roosevelt what the Neo-liberals of a previous generation like Mandel House and Bernard Baruch had been to Woodrow Wilson when drawing up the Versailles Treaty.

These respective corporate personalities were the architects of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 and the Atlantic Charter of 1941.

It is perhaps not coincidental that Harriman, following the ‘Atlantic Charter’ Agreement, proceeded to Moscow as US ambassador in that country, overseeing Yankee funding of the Communist State, the re-arming of the Soviet Union’s ill-equipped military and the establishment of an extensive rail system in that country.

Harriman’s company, his partners like ‘Grandfather’ Prescott Bush, and Yankee multi-billionaires  of the likes of the Koch brothers, thrived on communism or rather  made a fortune doing business with Communist Russia.

With the Atlantic Charter the Yanks secured a Non-colonised world, bar Germany’s Empire.

With Britain and the Soviet Union re-armed, the Yanks initiated a two prong attack on Germany; from the West a joint Anglo-American attack began while from the East the Soviets attacked on a very broad front.

There was no way that Germany could survive  from this twin offensive, coming from diametrically opposite sides.

The World was now ready for Yankee plundering, save the Soviet Union. In 1991, the Yankee-Neoliberals ensured the collapse of the Soviet Union.

And was it coincidental that immediately after WW2 Harriman moved into London as US Ambassador to UK; he reportedly coordinated the dismantling of the British Empire and the smooth transfer of global power from Britain to the US.

Thanks to WW2, the Yanks became a Global Power, dismantling and destroying the White-Settler Empires of the Europeans, establishing over thousand Military Bases around the world purportedly to thwart a threat from Communism and establishing a Transatlantic Army of Whites who today ceaselessly roam the seas, threatening the rest of the world.

In Sri Lanka recently viewers saw scenes resulting from the brash and insolent conduct of the Yank Ambassador, openly interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs! (Was it the Neoliberals who were sniffing about alleged Russian interference in the US Elections?)

The Yankee Empire is in the making. While it took a handful of European countries to plunder much of the world with their Empires, the nascent Yank Empire has covered much ground in its plan to bring the Entire World under its control.

The US is a classic example of a nation where Corporate power has fused with State Power.

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Gandara John is a freelance writer.

E mail:gandarajohn@outlook.com

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  1. Christie Says:

    US Ambassodor in our country is an Indian vermin Athul Keshap.

    This vermin first wok for the Indian Empire.

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