RAJITHA’S faux pass
Posted on March 1st, 2018


We read the sensational , yet the unbelievable statement of Yahapalnaya Minister and the Cabinet spokesman (!!!), Rajitha Senaratne that this government had not co-sponsored Geneva Resolution 30/1 (Island 1 March) .Given below is an extract from US State Department  website in which then Secretary of State ,USA praised Sri Lanka for co-sponsoring the resolution for truth ,justice, reparation, transitional justice etc

Will the minister issue a confirmation advising the cynical public that US Secretary Kerry’s statement  was in fact a fiddle.de.dee.?

Statement by Secretary Kerry: Resolution on Sri Lanka at the 30th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

“Today the United States, Sri Lanka, and our partners tabled a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that represents a landmark shared recognition of the critical importance of truth, justice, reparations, and guarantees of non-recurrence in promoting reconciliation and ensuring an enduring peace and prosperity for all Sri Lankans.The Sri Lankan government’s decision to join as a co-sponsor paves the way for all of us to work together to deliver the commitments reflected in the resolution.

In the past year, the Sri Lankan people have twice voted to put Sri Lanka on the path to peace and turned their country away from a divisive approach that for too long sapped Sri Lanka’s strength.  This resolution demonstrates our support for Sri Lanka as it takes courageous steps to strengthen its democracy and restore civil liberties for all Sri Lankans, while also addressing the painful experiences of the past to ensure they never recur.

This resolution marks an important step toward a credible transitional justice process, owned by Sri Lankans and with the support and involvement of the international community.  The resolution will help families of the missing find answers about their loved ones.  And it lays out a path to provide truth, justice, reparation, and guarantees of non-recurrence that the Sri Lankan people deserve while safeguarding the reputation of those, including within the military, who conducted themselves with honor and professionalism. As I promised in Colombo earlier this year, the United States will remain steadfast in our commitment to walk with Sri Lanka as it takes these important but challenging steps.”

The report of Rajitha Senaratne reminds one of Bernard Shaw who said “He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career”\\


4 Responses to “RAJITHA’S faux pass”

  1. Henry Says:

    Lying is the stock in trade of some politicians some of the time. All of the members of this government, lying all of the time gives them distinction that that makes them unique. Worse still is their thinking that all of the people of Sri Lanka are gullible enough to believe everything they say even with incontrovertible proof of their mendacity staring them in the face.
    Yahapalanaya my ar..!

  2. ranjit Says:

    This is the most hated guy in Sri lankan politics today for sure. This liar and the thief is the most corrupt unpopular person in the eyes of our citizens and has to find a hiding place very soon because of his dirty politics and for his dirty comments he makes now and then. When a new government comes to power he should be the first to bring to the justice for his crimes and actions against our citizens and Motherland. I am waiting to see him behind bars pretty soon. He shouldn’t be given any pardon because he is such a low class dirty politician who jumps from one party to another. We must thank Beruwala people for rejecting this dentist in last elections. We don’t have any place for such criminals in Sri lankan politics hereafter. Get lost dentist.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    To call it a faux pas is being too respectful towards this scoundrel. It is a deliberate falsehood that he is uttering. No doubt about that. But the fellow may be intentionally exhibiting what could be identified as classic signs of dementia: irrationality of thinking, memory failure, sudden personality changes, mental confusion, inability to recognize what is obvious to others, etc. No wonder, the individual is suffering from something that dogs sometimes suffer from.

  4. charithsls Says:

    To my knowledge he is Christian ,why if a Buddhist I could say the Karma he accumulates so much. What a dirty personality is he ? it has become his life, his living.His pals are Ranil ,Chandrika & Mangala, same breed,other name sake Buddhists, for them it won’t matter even if the country goes to the dogs.

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