Waiting for the honourable Migettuwatte Gunananda or Angaraika Dharamapala
Posted on March 5th, 2018

By Palitha Ariyarathna

Peace can srilanka afford on ethical foreign policy was really through provoking.It is true that if migettuwatte Gunananda and Angaraika Dharamapala were alive today, they would have questioned and stood up for the protection of Buddhism and welfare of Sinhala peoples

But now political has become a family matters or business venture. Srilanka politicians want to be in the good books of the head of other countries rather than being interested in the welfare of the general public. They want to save their own skin so that they can be assumed of their ‘ thrones’ for long time with out any interference from other countries in the form of war. Now all srilankan holding out for the one true hero will born again for the nation. Lot of Buddhist monks and Buddhist leaders are sought out and fight against intruder of their Sinhala culture and religious belief and they all are saying some of other extreme religious ideologist planning of the ahead of demise of buddhism and finally its country.

Venerable_Migettuwatte GunanandaThera

Angaraika Dharamapala

Also yet no government authority has been clearly state about unethical conversion of Buddhist to other religion. Its and yet hidden agenda in srilankan society and it’s powered by hidden dollar power of many country and keep it beneath of everyday life of srilankan . The unethical Commission Sabha was appointed on the day of poson in the year 2006 at the premises of most historic Mihintale. Around 348 monastic and laities have given their evidence before the commission for whole 4 year period during appointed its visit to various places throughout the Srilanka. The illegitimate affects of conversion of religions against the Sinhala Buddhist was describes through this report, based on very clear evidences.

Image courtesy by The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress:The first copy of the Commission Sabha Report forwarded to Rev. Udugama Sri Buddharakkita mahanayaka Thero; the Asgiri Chapter, Rev. Dauldena Ghanissara mahanayake Thero; the most honorable chief incumbents of samastha lanaka Amarapura maha sanga sabha, Rev. Iththapane Dhammalankara the sub chief incumbent of the malwathu chapter, Rev. Kotugoda Dhammawasa nayake Thero; President to the samastha lanaka Amarapura maha sanga sabha, Rev. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalarathna Thero, Chancellar Sri Jayawardanapura University, Rev. Balangoda Sobhitha nayake Thero; Parivenadhipathi, Vidyodaya Pirivena

Image courtesy by The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress: Buddhist monk

Image courtesy by The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress: Commission Sabha Report forwarded to Hon.. Minister to the cultural affairs, Mr. Lalith Weeratunga, Diyawadane Nilame of Sri Dalada Maligawa Mr. Dilanga Dala Bandara and other honorable invitees.

Image courtesy by The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress: Diyawadane Nilame of Sri Dalada Maligawa Mr. Dilanga Dala Bandara

Image courtesy by The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress: Mr. Lalith Weeratunga

Image courtesy by The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress: honorable invitees.

Anagarika Dharmapala is one of the most popular figures in Sri Lanka’s recent turbulent history and he rescued Sinhala culture and Buddhist heritage. Anagarika Dharmapala spent the rest of his life to preserve the Sinhala Buddhsit tradition and even he is extend his mission for protect historical sites in India where the Buddha taught and lived. While Srilanka was under the siege by Christian missionaries without thinking his life and safety Anagarika Dharmapala worked for protection of his Nation and its belief. And he counteracts the destructive effects of Christian Missionary by giving right speech to the nation.

Image courtesy by The wikipedia :Most Ven.Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala thero and Colonel Henry Steel Olcott in Colombo, 1889. Ven.Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala thero was a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, who was one of the pioneers of Sri Lankan Buddhist revivalist movement in the 19th century.[He did a great service to improve the Buddhist Education in the country and was the founder of Vidyodaya Pirivena, Maligakanda in 1873 which was granted the university status later in 1959 by the Government of Sri Lanka.A veteran author and a fiery orator, he was a major figure in the Panadurawadaya, a religious debate held between Christian missionaries and Buddhist monks in 1873 at Panadura. Most Ven.Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala thero was born on 20th January 1827 to the family of Don Johanis Abeyweera Gunawardhana Maha Liyana Arachchi Ralahamy and his wife Dandangoda Gamage Christina Hamine of Hettigoda, Hikkaduwa in Galle District.

Because following hidden foreign policies Once again Srialanka heading dangers way. Sinhala Buddhist leaders must consider their involvement in right leadership. Planning is essential, as well as cares to ensure the course is followed by country leaders until presidential level.We all elders and youths are will one day again responsible for working srilanka graveyard with all the fights between different scat and religion meaning full peace can developed by following Buddhist leaders like Anagarika Dhramapala.

Leaders of our country are trying to give priority for covert foreign policy. How can a country burning  out own safe policy for help other country?

The Buddhists of the world must follow the example set by Anagarika Dharmapala and ven migettuwatte Gunananda.

We all wish one more ven migettuwatte Gunananda or Angaraika Dharamapala would be born again in srilanka and other countries would be able to live in peace and harmony again.

Triple gem bless you all !

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