Police: Mastermind, nine others arrested Kandy violence
Posted on March 8th, 2018

Police said yesterday the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) had arrested Amith Jeevan Weerasinghe, alleged to be one of the masterminds of the communal unrest in Kandy and nine others, in predawn raids in Digana and Poojapitiya.

The TID also arrested Weerasinghe’s second in command Sureda Suraweera. They are accused of spreading misinformation that led to communal violence, organising violent mobs that attack persons and property and using social media to incite violence.

“What you should note is that only two of them are residents of the Kandy District. All others are outsiders,” said Police Spokesperson Superintendent Ruwan Gunasekera.

He said the TID was questioning the ten suspects and ascertaining information about the violent acts they had carried out.

“I am sure they will tell us who is behind these acts and we will reveal this to the public soon. We will take action against them under the Emergency Ordinance no 1 of 2018.”

Altogether police and the TID have arrested 81 persons for being involved in the communal strife. Police have also received 45 complaints of damage caused to houses and commercial properties, out of which 16 were in Pallekele and 18 from Teldeniya. Seven reports of religious places were either damaged or destroyed. “There have also been 11 cases of damage caused to vehicles and 11 persons were injured and two killed. Eleven persons were injured on Wednesday when a grenade in possession of a mob exploded in Poojapitiya and one person, who is believed to have carried the bomb was killed.”

Kandy Police also arrested four persons on Wednesday night for violating the curfew and those who were arrested can be imprisoned for up to seven years. “They were produced before the Kandy Magistrate, who remanded them till March 21,” the Police Spokesman said, adding that 3,000 policemen and 750 STF personnel had been deployed in Kandy.

“There was only one minor incident on Thursday during early hours. Some people who came on motorcycles tried to stone a place of worship. When the policemen near by rushed in they had run away leaving one motorcycle behind. We traced the owner of the motorcycle and arrested three persons who were involved in the incident. Two of them were from Karandeniya and Meerigama who work in private institutions in Colombo.:

Gunasekera added that a CID team led by a DIG and several other probe teams, also led by DIGs had been sent to the affected areas.

8 Responses to “Police: Mastermind, nine others arrested Kandy violence”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Is this man ‘master mind’ ?
    Where are the BIG PATRIOTS ? Are they sleeping ?
    We are not ‘Masason Balakaya’ but we outsiders are trying to get some MFRO plants to serve Buddhist Temples for survival.
    Where is the governement ? Where is the opposition ?


  2. shenali Waduge Says:

    Presuming that this mastermind attacked Muslims…. then who is the mastermind that attacked the Sinhalese & Buddhist temples? Surely it cannot be the same person?
    Why has the police not arrested the attackers of Sinhalese & Buddhist temples?

  3. Nanda Says:

    Anyone who his a Sinhalaya should not blame another Sinhalaya who bring up the TRUTH and expose it. No pint giving big speechs if there is not support for fight aganist injustice.


    This is nothing but a coordinate bipartisan plan to silence Sinhala majority. All patriotic politician ( there is only a very few), while insisting on peace and condemning violence against all innocent people including Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil races, they should also condemn the unjustifiable coordinated expansionism and land grab of minorities in the same speech.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    What COMPLETE NONSENSE is this!

    SL is a DICTATORSHIP. People cannot express their opinion freely.

    Amith EXPOSED various scams, violence, discrimination, terrorism, extremism, etc. By silencing him the govt. is giving a free reign to all REAL VILE elements.

    So Buddhist temples were attacked by ALIENS!
    Singhalese were killed by ALIENS!

    All this happens while our “patriotic” politicians are busy COLLECTING lost minority votes at the expense of Singhalese.

    This happened to WIJEYADASA RAJAPAKSHA too. When he REVEALED the TRUTH instead of taking action based on the truth the govt. SACKED him!!

    MAATHENAMUTTALS rule SL (including the so called “KOTHTHU PATRIOTS” who have eaten PITTU).

  5. ranjit Says:

    Shenali and Lorenzo you guys have asked a very fine question” who is the mastermind who attacked innocent Sinhalese and Buddhist priests and damaged buddhist temples? Give the answer. Same person cannot attack both sides ridiculous. This horrible treacherous Yamapalanaya government is filled with liars and thieves. They hide the truth from the public. On daily basis TV and media expose the atrocities committed by particularly Muslims in this country but the government in power never bothered to take action against them because of their vote base. Sinhala population is fed up with this second class treatment by the sitting government and it will be dangerous if they don’t take it serious and do something about it. Any blind guy can see the Muslim expansion happening in the country nowadays. They cannot punish only one side and make us Sinhalese villains in front of the world. It’s not fair at all. Way forward is by doing the justice fairly and squarely. No more bloodshed. Had enough for 30 long years and that is enough. UNP is responsible for every bloodshed occurred in this country. They and their white masters longing to swallow our sinhala land within seconds if we don’t be careful so let’s keep our diffences and avoid unnecessary violence for the sake of peace.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    You get sick by seeing these.

    Are our police chiefs so dumb and weak to blindly follow the unfair orders. Don’t they have feelings and don’t they have families to remind them what they are doing is wrong.

    It is true that they are following orders. However, people should carefully watch if these police slaves assault these guys and if so mark these perpetrators to give a return when their days are over. They should be laid on the ground and the innocent patriots whom they punished should be asked to urinate on them to humiliate them.

  7. Nimal Says:

    All master minds should be arrested.

  8. Nanda Says:

    ‘Mastermind’ seen here torching down Muslim properties ?
    ‘Mastermind ‘ planning to rob muslim properties together with ‘militant monks’ ?



    Parliament Created Terrorism ?


    Is this a ‘Master Plan’ of Jihadists ?

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