There are attempts to reflect a bad image about Buddhists to Int. community – MR (English)
Posted on March 12th, 2018


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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Buddhists are by definition expected not to defend or protect their essential interests, and supinely yield to every aggressor all that they have, even their ancestral homelands critical to their very survival as a people subscribing to that pristine faith.

    Every predatory external group PREYS on Buddhists and expect them to VOLUNTARILY lie down and become EXTINCT even as the Mantra of Buddhist Nonviolence is preached to them by their non-Buddhist TORMENTORS who know not what it means and do not practice it themselves. It is all an exercise in obfuscation and misleading strategy!

    That is why that I as a Sinhala Buddhist long ago resolved to be a Sinhala Warrior first and a Buddhist Devotee a long way second. We MUST FIRST SURVIVE as a COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE before we can SURVIVE as BUDDHIST DEVOTEES. We MUST secure a SAFE, PEACEFUL EXISTENCE for OURSELVES and OUR DESCENDENTS before we worry about PRACTICING our PRISTINE RELIGION.

    We OWE our FULL UNRESERVED COMITTMENT to that goal as did our millions of FOREFATHERS who sacrificed themselves to preserve and hand down to us what is NOW UNDER THREAT from ALL DIRECTIONS. It is our BOUNDEN DUTY towards the MOST VULNERABLE LESS ABLE people of our Community to step forward to DEFEND and PROTECT them today as our ancestors did yesyerday.


  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    Ananda-USA is right…..

    Buddhism is under attack from every front, especially from the pro-Christian Western Media. Buddhism is accepted and growing faster in the West than anywhere else. There is a fear by the organized religions in the West that Buddhism is threatening their dominance. The media will do anything to portray that Buddhism is violent and Buddhist monks as bad as Muslim Jihads. This is why they go out of their way to show that all the violence in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, are caused by the Buddhists, even though in reality it has nothing to do with Buddhism, but politics.

    Unfortunately, the current regime in SL is very pro-Western and doing nothing to protect Sinhala-Buddhist majority, while pandering to the West’s appeal to protect minorities at any cost. This was pretty obvious last week the way the West (USA, UK, Canada) trying to dictate SL how to protect the minority Muslims, while blaming Sinhala-Buddhists for the violence.

    We need patriotic leaders who protect Buddhism and our country. Not the pro-Western politicians who are willing to lick the asses of their white colonial masters, and dance to their tunes….

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Ananda !
    Buddhist Peoples SURVIVAL & wellbeing, same for other citizens, keeping the Country whole & undivided, and Law & Order, keeping up the Economy, all these items must come as essentials to Lankan Buddhists and the Leaders of Lanka.

    Do some outside people think that the ‘Sirisangabo’ act (made a pooja of his head), is supposed to be the Buddhist Culture, even at the cost of the Buddhist peoples very Survival as well as sacrificing their Lanka Homeland ?
    This ridiculous attitude has to stop.

    Activating the 6-A will bring some sanity.
    Is the current SL govt up to it ?

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