Stop talking and preaching and go for action at least now before the curtain falls on this 2500 year old Sinhala nation in this country.
Posted on March 15th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 15 3 2018.

I am sending again a list of special privileges given to Muslims by our treacherous and unpatriotic politicians that was first published in Lankaweb (translation by Shenali) around 10th March. I attached this to an article published in the same news site on the 12th appealing authorities to rescind this immediately. I quote my request therein below.

 Therefore we should demand the Government and its treacherous leaders to immediately rescind and remove all these discriminatory privileges conferred on one community (Muslims) as discriminatory against all other communities in this country, more especially the the Sinhala Buddhist majority and also illegal and pause a serious threat to law and order and peace and harmony of this country or else pack up and go home so that some true patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader will emerge to do it”.

What I wanted to do by this call was to open an active public debate which will finally compel the Government to rescind and withdraw this list so that first, the blatant discrimination caused thereby against all other communities will be removed and secondly, all politicians in this country also will be warned not to commit this type of treacherous and asinine blunders in future at least.

But I regret to note that no one has taken it seriously. Only 2 persons had responded and made some comments irrelevant to the subject. That shows the deep rooted lethargy and the chronic disinterest Sinhaha Buddhists have in protecting their age old traditions from these imminent threats.  I am also adding few more issues at the end of this list in respect of which immediate action is needed to be taken to restore peace, sanity, law and order and good will among all communities in this country.

We should demand the Government in one voice to rescind and withdraw this list immediately and also ask the leaders who allowed them to make a public apology to the whole nation for granting such treacherous privileges to minorities to collect their vote and who betrayed the nation.

The list published on 12.3.2018 in Lankaweb

    When it was mandatory for all citizens to wear a helmet when riding motorbikes, one ethnic group   started riding bikes without helmets

    When it was mandatory for all citizens to show their face in public places, one ethnic group began wearing robes that covered even face.

    When common quality standards for food was applicable, one ethnic group began a new standard based on their religious belief which all had to comply with

    When it was illegal for citizens to cut forests, one ethnic group began raping forests and settling their people

    When the law declared a minimum age for marriage, one ethnic group demanded to marry children

    When all citizens had to come under one equal law, one ethnic group is demanding a separate Shariah law for them above that of the common law

    When marriage/divorce is registered & comes under one common law, another ethnic group wants to marry 4 women and have separate Quazi Courts

    When anyone entering a public & state offices has to remove helmets, jackets another group of people demand to wear a robe that covers everything but their eyes making distinction and recognition impossible

    When motorists were asked to remove full face helmets citing threats to national security, another ethnic group demanded to cover themselves from head to toe including sitting for public exams and having their NIC photos taken in that manner

    When a common banking system prevailed for all citizens, another group of people demanded Shariah Banking

    When people were asked to follow planned parenthood to assist in developing the nation by controlling population growth, another group of people began encouraging more children and has been accused of in promoting drugs and other subtle means of controlling population of others.

Guess these are a good list for this said group to self-question and realize these may be the irritants that cause threats to peaceful coexistence. certainly none of these features existed before 1990s

New items

Ban all ethno-religious political parties like TNA, SLMC etc Immediately

Declare that there is only one nation in this country and stop using words like Siyaluma Jatiin, Sema jatiyakatama etc

Declare that there is only

One country

One nation

One State

One Government

One Law

One official Language

In this country and write them in to the Constitution as non-negotiable and inalienable as long as this nation exists.


Restore death penalty by hanging so that we could remove such persons from the society and further  stop making our prisons being the training grounds for expert criminals at public cost

Abolish proportional representations at all levels and re-introduce the first-past-the post system for all elections.

Abolish the cancerous Provincial Councils and the Rajiv –JR Accord of July 29th 1987 at least now

Remove communal atomic bombs like Hekeem, Rishard Badurdeen, Faiser Musthapa and Ashad Sali Vignesvaran, who flare up communal hatred though subversive communal conspiracies first, from their Ministries and thereafter from politics. This type of Communal extremists should be barred from entering politics for life, whether one is Sinhala Muslim or Tamil. We must get the minority people to spearhead such movements activated against the Tamil and Muslim politicians. The question of removing Sinhala politicians on this ground does not arise fortunately as you don’t get such rabid people among Sinhala politicians

7 Responses to “Stop talking and preaching and go for action at least now before the curtain falls on this 2500 year old Sinhala nation in this country.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    I fully agree with you doctor for every word you have written in your article. Somebody in this treacherous Yamapalanaya government must see this or read these articles written by you and others in this Lankaweb to know the views of the public. Our country is very small and we don’t need thousands of people’s representatives to rule this land which costs millions of public funds. Best thing is to abolish evil 13 amendment from the books. Need to cut all the unnecessary government expenditure and use the money on development and the welfare of the people in this country. It’s not time to fight. It’s over fighting was over for god’s sake think of the country we were born and help each other to build it for the sake of our future generations. Tamil and Muslim fanatics who tries to separate us and demand for separate land should be severely dealt with and stopped immediately. We have seen enough of their undercut, underhand conspiracies for long time. Somebody should stop them. Should have only one law for every citizen not two as we see in some places. One flag,one national anthem, one government,one law. Stop all NGO’S and Para suddas and Indian parasites coming to our country to make trouble by poisoning the minds of the people. We are a free nation and we should be free from all viruses coming from abroad and within.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Declare that there is only- for Bhuddist Sinhela Lanka (7PCS) & Saiva TE (NPC) & Muslim TE(EPC) !!!!

    One country

    One nation

    One State

    One Government

    One Law

    One official Language

  3. Christie Says:

    he problem we have is the Sinhalese are divided.
    If not we are doomed.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    The biggest problem is Sinhalese are not practical. Our heads are in utopia but feet in hell. All our strategies are discussed at the utopia level and have no relevence to reality (the hell at ground level). In a debate of reality verses utopia, the latter (utopia) always wins prolonging our misery. We never have a Plan B because a Plan B assumes failure (we live in utopia where Plan A never fails).

    We live in an extreme federal country but we think it is a unitary country. Even those who realise it only dream of resorting back to real unitary status. What if it is not possible due to various political reasons? We have no solution. Instead of a solution we blame each other!

    Until provincial councils are abolished (the ideal) we must live with them. Can anyone tell when will 13A be abrogated? If no one can give a date, that means 13A will never be abrogated.

    The best way to save Sri Lankan interests until then is to resort to the Indian federal model. It saved the Hindi majority and guaranteed their way in states with a Hindi majority. What happens in Sri Lanka is that Sinhalese are declining in population and influence in Sinhala majority provinces too (having lost the others). We cannot see this doable middle ground as we living in extreme federalism of expanding minority influence while dreaming of real unitary status.

    The plight of Sinhalese is like that of a serial gambler. He lives in poverty but dreams of extreme riches. There is a middle ground. Give up on possible riches and gambling and invest that little today. It shatters the dreams of riches no doubt but saves him from further losing money.

    Can we make up our mind to save the 7 provinces before we lose that too?
    There is no way we can get the northern and eastern provinces to promote Sinhala interests. It will never happen. But we can save the remaining 7. If we keep dreaming of winning all 9, we will lose all of them.

    Realign Sinhala western parts of Trincomalee and Ampara districts to adjoining western districts. Realign southern Sinhala parts of Vavuniya district to Anuradhapura district. Implement the Indian federal model thereafter. We will have a defendable devolution model, end this never-ending more and more devolution madness, have 7 solid provinces that will promote Sinhala interests and end economic cross-province parasiting.

    But most likely what will happens is the oppositte. We will boast and dream of a unitary nation while losing city after city, village after village and turn every district into a tribal pickle that resembles a combination of South India and Pakistan.

  5. Nanda Says:


    You said “we live in an extreme federal country”

    No. Our Federal system is worse than that. In all Federal systems states are responsible for each state’s economy. Armed forces are always run by Central(Fderal) governement and some major infra- structure too.
    We have ‘PARASITE” racial enclaves as states where they only fight about the races and direct foreign funds directly to crate racial enclaves.
    Not a single economist talks about this.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    There is no way we can get the northern and eastern provinces to promote Sinhala interests. It will never happen.- At last at least one person understood.

    Fully implement 13A with 16A (with out 16A do not implement 13A fully) it is same as the Indian federal model . no more no less .

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    No. Our Federal system is worse than that.-ok than why do not you support language base federal system same as Indian system ? fully implementation of 13A with 16A (Carrot & stick).

    My Sinhela Bros & Sis why can not We sort out our 2000 years (Elra to Velu) problem with open heart forever before OUR Mother Lanka become another union states of RSS India?

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