Heed Warning Signs About Buddhist Muslim Unrest Now  !
Posted on March 20th, 2018

Insight by Sunil Kumar

March 20th. 2017

Islamist fundamentalism is posing a growing threat to universal liberal society unquestionably. This seems quite apparent also in Sri Lanka in recent times. Considering the bloody ethnic strife involving religious as well as ethnic differences initiated by the Tamil Tigers now vanquished- hopefully never to resurge, it may be fortuitous for the administrators and legislators of Sri Lanka today to keep a watchful eye on the conflicts between Muslims and Buddhists and never let them esacalate into becoming an uncontrollable issue as Sri Lanka can ill afford such a lapse given her recent history relative to the Tamil Tiger insurrection which took a heavy toll on the country, her economy and her inhabitants.

Quoting from a recent world report “Islamist militancy and aggression is generating many issues plaguing the world today. In Bangladesh, for example, liberal commentators have been killed by alleged Islamic fundamentalists. In Malaysia, self-declared atheists have been bullied by militant Islamic organizations. In Indonesia, Muslim fundamentalists have seized the political initiative. ” Then there is the ISIS conflict in the Middle East which thankfully seems to be gradually being overcome by those against it and a redeeming factor for the world although resistance seems to be stubborn.  Pockets of ISIS sympathisers tend to crop up in various parts of the world as well as the wretched Islamic militant groups such as the Taliban, Al Quaeda et al which continue to wreak havoc in various parts of the world where they are tolerated with impunity where in reality they need to be wiped out for the good of all humanity.

It is imperative that immediate intervention be necessary to quell, dissuade or completely destroy any signs of   Muslim / Buddhist  unrest and for the Muslims to realise they have no right to initiate or provoke any unrest within Sri Lanka inasmuch as the Tamil militants who in the end are in a very visible minority where the majority rules and will always prevail . A majority that is not only tolerant of all Sri Lankan citizens and aware of their inherant rights but are also conciliatory to all their needs but to tolerate them indulging in excessive aggression towards whatever they devise their cause to be seems irrelevant and even downright dangerous from many perspectives of which National Security stands out apart from the rights and comforts of all law abiding citizens.

The warning signs towards this is fast becoming apparent and perhaps time appropriate for the Administration to take necessary remedial action and prevent the Nation from slipping back into the quagmire it has just extricated itself from or face the consequences.

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  1. Christie Says:

    There are some trouble created by Islamic religions.

    In Malaysia it is the Indian Colonial Parasites who attacked our High Commissioner to Malaysia who himself was a Muslim.

    India and Indian Parasites have not given up their aim of wiping out Sinhalese from Earth as they have done in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    I hate to say it but Muslims (The radical factions ) are the cause of much of the world’s problems and need to be harnessed to align to a world order of non aggression and harmony but their doctrine is based on anything but these concepts. They seem to believe they have a license to destroy and kill anything and everything that contradicts their falsely grounded and baseless dogma which even refutes the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.
    They have destroyed the Middle East systematically and viciously eliminated many artifacts and leaders of immeasurable and irreplaceable value and caused mayhem globally without reproach or containment.It’s high time they were put in their place and prevented from causing further destruction.They never raised their heads in Sri Lanka during previous administrations but the present Government seems to have exposed its fallibilities which have been taken advantage of by the local Muslim community where kindness seems to have been mistaken for weakness.If they are not contained the world could become a wasteland overrun by barbarians, Sri Lanka being no exception.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    While agreeing broadly with the comments, we must not forget that the biggest terrorism threat faced by Sri Lanka comes from banned terrorist groups in Sri Lanka. All of them are Tamil groups and not a single Muslim group is included in the list for good reasons.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Judging from the MURDEROUS GENOCIDAL acts of ISIS, and the the HATEFUL WAHABI DOGMA, if these Muslim Jihadists gain a footold in Sri Lanka ….. we will be in for a ery bad time.

    As Shenali had written in a pevious article, it is time that Sri Lanka BANNE and DISMANTLED all communal laws (Sharia and Thesawalamai

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Judging from the MURDEROUS GENOCIDAL acts of ISIS, and the the HATEFUL WAHABI DOGMA, if these Muslim Jihadists gain a footold in Sri Lanka ….. we will be in for a ery bad time.

    As Shenali had written in a pevious article, it is time that Sri Lanka BANNE and DISMANTLED all communal laws (Sharia and Thesawalamai laws in particular) and STRICTLY ENFORCED ONE SYSTEM of Law applicable to all citizens of Sri Lanka, and BOOTED all non-citizens living illegally in the country WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

    There is MUCH to be DONE by the NEXT PATRIOTIC GOVT as SOON as it RISES TO POWER in the LONG-TERM INTEREST of the Nation.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Court Order closure of children’s home

    BY Kavindya Chris Thomas, Ruwan Laknath Jayakody and Shaahidah Riza

    The controversial Darun Nusra children’s home was temporarily shut down on a Magistrate’s orders, which saw the children in its care being transferred to separate orphanages.

    Officers of the Department of Probation, acting on the orders issued by the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court, recommended three orphanages to which the 15 children in the care of the Darun Nusra, were transferred to.
    Accordingly, the Darun Nusra orphanage was temporarily shut down yesterday (21), following the removal of the children.

    Several lawyers, including Nilani Manthirinayake, representing the victimized children, State Counsel Janaka Bandara for the National Child Protection Authority and Suranga Lakmal, representing Darun Nusra Founding President Dr. Mareena Reffai, were present for the Court proceedings.

    The Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court issued the directives following the report submitted by the Department of Probation. The Court issuing the order emphasized that the victims of the crime must be protected and cannot continue to stay at the venue further.

    Charges were brought against Darun Nusra and Al Muslimaath, the latter the organization under which Darun Nusra comes, following the revelation of 18 girls being allegedly sexually harassed by one of its male employees in 2017.

    Following this, several Court cases were filed and taken up at the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court, including one where a victimised girl was being assaulted by the orphanage matron.

    Further investigations into the matter are conducted by the National Child Protection Authority.

    Ceylon Today contacted Dr. Reffai and she claimed that the children were transferred temporarily, in order to fulfil Court orders.

    She noted that she and her organization also requires justice for the children and does not want to hinder the Court process, thus adhering to the Court Orders. However, she noted that this was only temporary.

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