Comments on disruption of discussion by Tamils
Posted on March 21st, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan  DipEE(UK), GradCert(Rel Eng-Monash), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), CEng., MIEE(Lond) Retired Director & Specialist Power Systems Engineer Rowville Australia

Viewing the attached video will reveal more truths on the behavioral pattern as to who are the rowdies and who are the gentle people of SriLanka. Behavioral pattern inflicts upon leadership quality. The Sinhala military officer gently and politely emphasized and outlined the events in the past which are the truths.

The Tamil guy behaves liked a Coolie and a rowdy and walks toward the military officer intimidating him. This is similar to the behavior of LTTE terrorists in the past when they were holding an AK 47 or T 56. LTTE was able to control the mass purely on intimidation with guns.  Some people are trying to control this guy and pull him backward. That itself is an indication of rowdy behavior. It is ridiculous that the guy wears a decent dress and talks bush English.


Why was Alfred Duraiyappa (AD) killed by LTTE? The AD, when he was the Mayor of Jaffna, allocated land near Oattumadam. The land is only two miles from Jaffna town for settlement by Muslim community. LTTE did not like this allocation. Prabakaran planned and assassinated AD in 1974 and killed AD in cold blood. When LTTE strengthened their hands, they ordered the Muslims to get out of the area within 48 hours.

When Tamils talk of self-determination, for 30 years the area was devastated by terrorism. If we are clever we could analyze the events after gaining independence. Since 1949, what did the Tamil politicians do for the Northern area? Were they a driver for the younger generation to do private practice and open up technical business. All Tamils wanted government jobs and ran to the South. Tamils kept their families in Jaffna and traveled by Yarl Devi during weekends. Tamils were happy with their life indicating they are selfish and self-centered. Politicians sucked the government politburo and got government high jobs for their kith and relatives. An upper caste guy will not allow a lower caste guy to buy a land next to him or in the area.

LTTE blasted and bombed the Central Bank building, Destroyed EHV power lines. Destroyed the KKS Cement factory. Destroyed roads, trains running to Jaffna by bombing rail tracks.

Tamil hooligan diaspora always talks about colonization. Don’t they know or are they small babies to understand who colonized the whole land. Indian Tamils colonized SriLanka right from the 13th century. According to 2011 statistics, 49% of Tamils live outside the N&E. There is no point in talking about colonization because the people who will be laughed at are the TAMILS. Why is there 98% of Tamils in Wellawatte? Why is there 98,000+ Tamils in Gampaha?

Kittu and another LTTE coolie killed several Sinhalese bystanders at Anuradhapura bus stand. What did these innocent civilians do?

The only thing the Tamil politicians did was to incite the Tamil Coolies and the population to enter into Satyagraha and fight against the government. Today MA Sumanthiran is in the USA sucking and begging the US to involve in UN and order something to their taste. Where did he qualify to become an attorney? SriLanka under free education scheme by GOSL.

Its time for Tamil Diaspora to behave like humans and not rowdies, and the Tamil politicians to be cohesive in SL. Tamils wanted power sharing. SL gave power-sharing by appointing the old fool Sambanthar as the Leader of Opposition. What more they want?

NPC wants police and land power for only one thing. They now find that the lower caste people are coming up in life with higher education and jobs, which they are unable to digest. If they have the power then they can still cheat the lower caste fools and control them to do menial jobs. Human riots violation occurs in the N&E. Lower caste fools must understand that the Tamil politicians do not love them but hate the lower caste idiots.

Tamil Diaspora fools must understand as to why the west is supporting them. Nothing more than to invade into the N & E and make it a Bangkok for their NAVY brothel house.

Already the Tamil Diaspora is living in pockets based on caste placement. No lower caste person or family is invited by a higher caste person. That’s the situation overseas. That indicates that the high caste Tamils are idiots with narrow mentality.

Let us Tamils behave like humans.

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  1. Kumari Says:

    Tamil politicians were / are just like the current President & the PM. They are puppets of the West & India (enemies of Sri Lankans) and dance according to the enemy tune.

  2. helaya Says:

    Thanks Kanthan. I agree 100% of your view. They cant digest he rise up of low cast people.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Good points Kanthar.

    But look at the bright side. These Tamils have SHOWN THE WORLD who they are!!

    Kudos to the lady who told the UNHRC man that SINGHALA PEOPLE ALSO HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS NOT JUST TAMILS.

    That went to the HEART of that man. He was shocked!!

    AD was killed in 1975. AD was a CHRISTIAN and he was against caste discrimination.

    “Tamil Diaspora fools must understand as to why the west is supporting them. Nothing more than to invade into the N & E and make it a Bangkok for their NAVY brothel house.”


    Dutch did it in Jaffna. Brits did it in Jaffna. IPKF did it in Jaffna. Sikhs did it in Jaffna. Gukhas did it in Jaffna. EPDP did it in Jaffna. NGOs did it in Jaffna. According to Tamil politicians Singhala army is doing it in Jaffna. Now the ENTIRE WEST is going to do it in Jaffna.

    Tamil people should REALIZE the danger and avoid it before the next round of f***fest hits Jaffna.

    Tamil people should thank Kanthar for warning them instead of following foolish politicians who have packed their females to the safety of Colombo.

  4. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:

    Thanks Lorenzo for your valuable points. Yes, A Duraiappa was a Christian and definitely against caste discrimination. He helped the poor and the lower class. He is a relative of GG Ponnambalam. For sure Tamils are on the wrong path with negligence. Its the Tamil Diaspora with that Mr Bean (Rudrakumaran) is directing the Tamils to be on the wrong footage. Tamils should get out from their misery.

  5. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you very much, dear Kanthan, for speaking up for truth and justice. With people like you among patriotic Sri Lankans, we need not fear these racist rowdies. As a delegate of the Global Sri Lankan Forum said, the protesting Tamils were not even from Sri Lanka; some of them had never set foot in Sri Lanka at all. They could be from India, West Indies, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea or entirely from Europe. At least some of them are worried, as can be guessed by any person with average intelligence, that the revelation of the truth would jeopardize the refugee status that they have been given on compassionate grounds as refugees who got there on the false pretext that they were suffering discrimination in SL at the hand of the Sinhalese; they are actually economic refugees. The Sinhalese are never racist. It is an unspoken (but hugely defendable) hypothesis that the word ‘Sinhala’ in the name of a political party will not attract votes for that party among the Sinhalese themselves. (This sound attitude of the Sinhalese might soon change if their current persecution by their own elected government is allowed to continue.) Incidentally, just look at the name “Global Sri Lankan Forum”. Why not “Global Sinhala Forum” in answer to “Global Tamil Forum”? It is because the thought (that ‘Tamil’ should be countered with ‘Sinhalese’) did not even occur to the Sinhalese pioneers of this movement. For them Sri Lankan means ‘belonging to Sri Lanka’ irrespective of racial, religious, cultural, language, or other identity the characterizes individual citizens.

    A good sign that the GLF intervention on the sidelines of the Geneva UN sessions has not been in vain is that the foreigner/the White person sitting beside the Tamil person (The Tamil is named Paul Newman, not identifiable in this video) confronting or confronted by, the GLF is seen taking a document describing Tamil terrorist atrocities against others and putting it in his coat pocket; this means that these foreigners who have been clearly duped by anti-Sri Lankan Tamil émigrés are still ready to find out the truth. However, if the person is an outsourced mercenary as is usually the case, it is a different matter. But there were some authentic gentlemanly Tamils who wanted to calm the rowdies down; for me, they represent the ordinary Tamil people I always admire.

    It is a pity that the admirable role that the distinguished GLF delegation played and the brave manner they conducted themselves during the confrontation with the ill behaved Tamils have not been given due recognition or publicity in the mainstream Sri Lankan media. Perhaps, this is not surprising in the current context.

  6. Nanda Says:

    “Tamil Diaspora fools must understand as to why the west is supporting them. Nothing more than to invade into the N & E and make it a Bangkok for their NAVY brothel house.”

    That will not work. Women should be able to dance, shake and provide all services. They must be attractive to drunken sailor. No, not in Jaffna.

  7. nilwala Says:

    Kanthar…we thank you for your comments as a Tamil who had experienced the discrimination within their own community, and how their community treated the Muslims and Sinhalas who once lived in Jaffna and have never been all9owed to settle back, all of which get shoved under the carpet while they divert everything negative that the Tamil community experiences, and which is experienced in a developing country like Sri Lanka by ALL communities, as being due to oppression by the Sinhala people. Sinhala voices in defense against all the concocted propaganda are being heard at last in Geneva. And the Tamil Diaspora cannot take it having ruled the roost at the UNHRC for so long.
    What has emerged in Geneva all these years is that the UN’s ear is only lent to the Tamil Diaspora’s laments. Clearly, much of the war was stage-managed with some external elements who stood to gain politically from the conflict resorting to diversionary tactics timed to provide strategic advantages that were used to provide international media support to convey the Tamils as docile and the Sinhalas as aggressive. The current events in Geneva have revealed, albeit somewhat late, who the true racists are.

    The Truth is finally being heard and seen, and the real racists in Sri Lanka are being uncovered for the world to see. For all the hypocrisy and double standards that have been endured by this country, some measure of justice has to be shown to the Sinhala people by the UN which was created in order to provide fair and just guardianship for ALL nations and ALL human groups. The selectivity that has been clearly demonstrated at the UNHRC puts them to shame for their studied bias in the manner that they have treated Sri Lanka in their attempt to drag ia once highly regarded nation down to the status of a “failed state”.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Very well stated Nilwala. Thank you!

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Nilwala. Thank you !


    One wonders how things may have turned out for the Tamils of Sri Lanka if there was no CASTE system among them ?

    Sri Lanka is not the inventor of the Tamil CASTE system.

  10. NAK Says:

    It is nice that the truth comes from an unexpected part and it would be great if Mr. Kanthar can write this in Tamil for the benefit of the lower caste fools Jaffna.
    There is really no surprise in the behavior of the LTTE diaspora who are mostly uneducated economic refugees.

    The real issue here is not the behavior of the diaspora but what drives them to do what they do.

    The first actor in the Geneva drama is the USA. US wants Sri lanka be divided so that they can get invited by the newly established government in the North and east to come and establish their military base in Trincomalee. That is the main reason why the separatists never drop east from their demand.
    Geneva drama is a side support to that end. What they are doing in Geneva is to pressurize the Colombo government to give in to the Tamil demands of a separate state and it doesn’t matter if it is not exactly in the same name.
    The next is the diaspora’s Dollar turn over,which is still the same rate as it was during Prbhakaran’s time and they wouldn’t want it to dry out. So the show must go on.
    Most of those who come to protest for the diaspora in Geneva are paid for coolies and provided by the the diaspora collection and it is mutually beneficial to both parties.

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