White supremacist mentality pervades orders by UNHRC for hybrid court for Sri Lanka
Posted on March 22nd, 2018

What can we make out of a global entity claiming to be the custodians of peace, justice and equality towards all member states, refusing to accept evidence, denies to investigate requests & appeals & completely ignores appeals by citizens of member states? Well, if the global entity is the UN and the aggrieved member states are from the Third World, then it’s a one-way street because the UN is steered by white-supremacists & their local worshippers and there’s nothing the black, brown or yellow people can do, unless they unite & refuse to be re-colonized & return to the days where white rule of bloodshed, plunder & persecutions prevailed.

Black nations are being hounded by the ICC and nations of Asia by the UNHRC. Bloc nations in the UN in the form of the EU & OIC get away with the might of their money, political & trade advantage, population & religious outreach leaving all others prey to the UN system & international NGO network.

Countries that make profit from arms manufacture also makes sure there are plenty of conflicts to sell arms generally to both parties. Peace doves in the form of UN peace keepers, NGO organizations replace the traditional intelligence operatives who are sent to register under various missions/visions with the goal of collecting data & statistics to be used for various future strategic/tactical operations against any state that does not conform to the wish of the powerful nations. Assassinations of leaders, using subtle methods to buy over politicians (money, sexual weakness etc), state officials, influencing & roping in academics, media and any other locals who may pose a threat to their overall plans are orchestrated with precision and plenty of funding despatched for the purpose.

The arm twisting & diplomatic bullying is just a carry forward of how the white nations ruled over the world for over 500 years under colonial rule. Let’s not forget that every law that everyone has to currently abide by is what these white nations approved & sanctioned to use. All the indigenous laws, cultures & systems were completely ignored when international laws & regulations were drafted. It is only the OIC majority Muslim states that continue to resist international laws & continue to apply archaic laws associated with their faith. All other nations have had no choice but to nod agreement to and will not dare question why their traditional & indigenous laws, systems & cultures are being ignored & they are forced to follow something foreign which the natives opposed and sacrificed their lives during colonial rule. The West has been quick to formulate their own defence through local Kalu-Suddas or sepoys willing worshippers of anything imported from West.

The plantation system was the first major system used by the colonial forces in their violent transformation of the Earth into land, people into property, and nature into a commodity – all to be sold on the fair” market.” …..Ever since the colonial era, racialized structures have continued producing racialized outcomes biased in favor of whites and against darker skinned people, in the food system as well as outside of it. (Blain Snipstal)

Having taken stock of the reactions of the natives and studied the mentality of the natives the West has over the years implemented enough of programs especially on brainwashing & influencing the enemy. Therefore, they have enough of ways & means to subjugate the enemy.

What is currently taking place using the UN & its puppets in office is the virtual return of white supremacy in virtually all domains of national governance. The calls for hybrid court is nothing but a message that ‘you locals are not good enough, and we west have the right to rule over you’. The rejection of local judges in place of foreign judges connotes the same message. If the judiciary, law, penal codes are all being changed and nations are losing the Westphalian sovereign rights why not have hybrid legislation and dethrone the nincompoops in Parliament too…. We have had enough of their treacherous and corrupt rule anyways. Not that there is no corruption in the West in government or private sectors, in fact the West are the one’s that taught the rest of the world how to loot.

However, Sri Lankan citizens are aghast & many who are listening to Admiral Sarath Weerasekera & the Global Sri Lankan Forum Team battle out inside the halls of the UNHRC with legally sound arguments & evidence against the UNHRC Resolutions, must all be wondering why the UN & the world are not listening to the other side & accepting only the version of terrorists. Of course, the LTTE global kitty has bought a lot of influence, but over and above that we all need to understand that Sri Lanka is vulnerable at political & trade levels simply because of its geographical positioning. Countries eye Sri Lanka because it sees potential that our leaders do not see, refuse to see or they see but prefer to barter it for their personal gains instead of nurture it for the citizens and posterity.

At another more important & ignored level to understand why these Western bloc nations are going on a witch hunt against Sri Lanka with fabrications, cooked up stories & well-funded reports is that these countries continue to be plagued with the thought that ‘we are better’ and ‘our job is to civilize you’, remember the ‘white man’s burden’ version by Kipling. That very much prevails still. Let’s also not forget that these white nations were very angry that their calls to stop the military onslaught and refrain from defeating the LTTE was not adhered to. Revenge has been very much in line with all of the successive resolutions and threats accompanying these UN orders.

Joseph Parrott writing to the Washington Post How white supremacy went global” has explained the scenario & excerpts will provide clues for us to understand the nature of the global decisions being made through the UN & diplomatically.

their Protestant religion, national ingenuity and unmatched military power established their right to conquer and manage the world.”

leaders of the United States and the British Empire embraced the belief that Anglo-Saxons had a duty to educate backward civilizations in Christianity, Western modernity and capitalism.”

Tragically, national leaders representing the black, brown & yellow man have failed to stand up against the white supremacy. They have not understood the numerical dynamics of the Third World out numbering a handful of white nations bullying the rest of the world using money, arms & political influence through systems they have created & representatives they have appointed on their behalf. Standing up against the white supremacy is not to replace white with non-white rule but to clearly establish that justice means justice, equality should mean equality and it should not be in the format that the UN system currently dishes out to the rest of the world playing pied piper to the EU & OIC bloc of nations.

Thankfully Japan has said there is no requirement for foreign judges, can the rest of the Third World look at the evidence presented by the Global Sri Lanka Forum instead of relying on lies & distortions by LTTE terrorists & those that survive on LTTE money!



Shenali D Waduge


6 Responses to “White supremacist mentality pervades orders by UNHRC for hybrid court for Sri Lanka”

  1. vyasan Says:

    Well, it is unfortunate for the rest of the world( all the other countries but the West), that the leaders, with the exception of Russia, China and maybe some South American countries including Cuba, look like spineless in the face of threats from the West that they bend too much backward in fear of retribution if they don’t follow the West’s agenda. Just the countries that comprise the BRICKS along with the support of nations like Iran and Syria that can take care of the oil needs of those involved are enough to counter any military, economic and political threats posed by those Western powers! Who would take the lead for that? I believe the purpose for the said BRICKS is just the same mentioned above, but it doesn’t look like moving ahead!

  2. Christie Says:

    What I see is High Caste Indian Supremacy.

    There are plenty of Indian Colonial Parasites acting against us in the open and behind the scene.

    Navanatham Pillayan is not a white and the same applies to Yasmin Sooka.

    There are plenty of Indian Parasites Like Athul Keshap the US Ambassador.

  3. Son of Lanka Says:

    Ms Waduge, my apologies for making a comment outside the subject matter of your excellent article. But I believe the matter is of criticial importance to all Sri Lankans and I really had not idea of where else on Asianweb I could post my comment.
    I am sure that everyone must have by now heard of the antics of a company called Cambridge Analytics and the role it has played in influencing the results of various elections in the US, UK, Europe and Nigeria. In case you haven’t please read :


    And now comes news of the interference of Cambridge Analytics in neighboring India :


    The questions that screams to be answered is whether Cambridge Analytics played a role in the regime-change operation of 08th January 2015 in our Motherland.

  4. Son of Lanka Says:

    Error : It should read ‘LankaWeb’ and not ‘Asianweb’. Apologies to all.

  5. Christie Says:

    There are Indian Parasites in UK, USA, Canada and Europe who are very influential.

    Sinhalese should see what Indians are doing to us.

    I know this because I have come across Indians from India as well as Indians from Indian Colonies like ours, Mauritius, Malaysia, South Africa.

    It is the Indians who sucked us off and gave some to the whites they kept most of it.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UNHRC is the west’s bogus policeman and it has to keep busy. Us killed millions around the world (Hiroshima,
    Nagasaki, 1.5 million in Vietnam alonoe, Iraq etc. etc millions; then uk during the colonial era millions of natives, partition of india alone cost more than million lives. And they still doing it to poor countries cladestinely). So bogus prince & co. busy harassing Sri Lanka while that bogus prince’s tail is on fire caught up in the mass murders in syria and yemen. Millions of people have died/displaced over 7 years, and still bogus prince & co can’t see it. Don’t want to see it since syria – Russia involved. So it is a no no of course.
    yemen – saudi involved. Us, uk don’t want to upset saudis and lose billions of arms trade and loss of defence jobs
    So how do you keep the bogus prince and bogus police busy? Oh, it’s really easy. Go to Sri Lanka and harass them
    as long as you want. You can bully them to your heart’s content. Go on my bogus prince. That’s what is actually
    happening. People (honest only) all over the world have only contempt for these bogus police since they can’t
    see these mass murders happening in syria, yemen etc.

    Sad thing is it can happen to any poor country where these
    rich countries have an interest (arms sales or strategic importance). Unfortunately Sri Lanka is a very strategic place in the Indian Ocean and the west wants to stop China’s domination. That’s the reason this bogus prince and bogus police are at it like a bull in a china shop. It’s nothing to do with human rights. If it’s the reason, they should at least open their mouths in syria, yemen etc. But they can’t because of us, uk, russia involvement there. So Sri
    Lanka gets the full bullying by the bogus human rights monkeys.

    To stop this bogus prince and bogus police, you need a strong leader. Remember Sinhala modayas when david
    sillyband and kushner came to Sri Lanka to get the catholic tigers of tamil drealam off the hook. MR had only one
    answer to bogus human rights monkeys. Get lost and they did. But today’s Sri Lanka who is going to say some
    thing like that? Traitor puppet the rubber stamp vaira pala nari sena will hide under a chair and start licking the feet of
    the bogus police and the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya
    walking crime bomb with the timer set for (0 years?) Batalande Wandakaya pol pot r@nileech wickrama Sinhala
    killer will say be my guest and if you want, do what you like to Mother Lanka as well. That’s why these bogus
    prince and bogus police rampaging in Sri Lanka! Treacherous Sinhala modayas quickly got rid of the best leader
    we ever had. That’s why they are called Sinhala modayas!

    What the world needs today is an honest leader. These religions of conveniences followers leaders don’t think
    twice killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, drug abuse etc. (Buddhism’s five precept) as sins while all honest
    people including all the law courts under the Sun do. You can see what these leaders have done in the last few
    hundred years. Murder, murder in millions and armed themselves to the teeth and world can go into smithereens in a
    push of a button destroying the two legged creatures for good. Good/bad? Good if you want to wipe out all living
    things on the planet and make it a planet mars. What world needs today is a Buddhist leader and who will guarantee
    human rights, animal rights etc. An honest, principled person! Not these bogus prince and its bogus police who can’t see its tail on fire (syria, yemen, libya, iraq etc. etc. burning)! Ashamed? Not a bit of course.

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