Posted on March 31st, 2018


Currently all guns are directed at the Hon Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe.   President Maithreepala Sirisena is occupying the highest office of the land at the behest of Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe.

In the most recently held local government elections, Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe’s  political wing was placed second, in spite of Bond Scam allegations and mis-management of the economy. Popularity of the UNP was not shattered at the election.  Popularity of Mr Wickremasinghe was not shattered at the election.  To his credit, during the election campaign he did not blame the President Sirisena, he was far more diplomatic.    He openly admitted that the economy was not progressing during past two and half years, but he strongly portrayed and promised the voters that the remaining period in office, a significant progress will be achieved.  To that extent Mr Wickremasinghe displayed ‘last minute honesty’, for which he should be given full credit.

On the other hand, how did Prez. Sirisena conduct himself at the election.  With a view of preventing anti UNP votes flowing to the SLPP, the President suddenly portrayed himself as the strongest enemy of the UNP.  He attacked his own PM on grounds of dishonesty.  He attacked his own PM as unfit to manage the economy.  He virtually played the role of  Manuel of the Fawlty Towers, pretending ” I KNOW NOTHING”   to  absolve  himself  from the cardinal sins committed by the Yahapalana Government.

  • The President presided at all Cabinet Meetings,
  • the President allocated Ministerial portfolios to his Ministers, including allocation of the Central Bank to the PM,
  • the President  appointed RW  as Prime Minister with only 46 seats in Parliament  out of 225,
  • the President appointed RW, without dismissing or seeking resignation of the then Prime Minister Mr D M Jayaratne,
  • the President gave the nod for the formation of Hybrid Court,
  • the President gave his blessings to arrest Ranaviruvo,
  • the President approved the appointment of Arjun Mahendran as Governor of the Central Bank,
  • the National Anthem was sung in Tamil in the presence of the President
  • the President’s brother Dudley Sirisena now owns the largest number of Rice Mills in Sri Lanka,
  • the President approved the appointment of Mr Sambandan as the Leader of the Opposition with only 16 seats in the Parliament,
  • the President has provided STF security to Mano Ganeshan just before the recently held elections for Colombo Municipal Council, in order to obtain favours from Mano for the SLFP.

If PM RW is accountable for ruining the country, its culture and economy, the President Sirisena is also equally accountable on grounds of Contributory Negligence.

The President Sirisena will never go against the PM RW.  The developing latest political  drama point to RW becoming the President as President Sirisena step down, allowing a SLFP MP to become the Prime Minister and continue Yahapalana Government.  Needless to say, that this political development  will be embraced by the Westerners, Tamils etc.




    The second strategy well crafted by the same Westerners, will bring Sirisena as PM and RW as President.

  2. Christie Says:

    The President of our nation is an Executive President and he is responsible for what happens in the country.

    He is selected by a separate election from the election of the members of the Parliament.

    Both are in fact puppets of India voted in by the block vote of Indian Parasites in the island nation.

    The most unpopular is Chandrika the Indian agent whose family was dependent on Indian parasites finances.

    What we need is all non Indian Parasites of the island to unite.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    No confidence motion against RUN-NIL is brought to SAVE THE COUNTRY. Not to save UNP or JO. IF RUN-NIL stays he continues to destroy the country so PRESIDENT MY3 FORCED MR to bring it.

    We should think of the COUNTRY FIRST not how to benefit political parties.

    IF RUN-NIL wins the no confidence motion he will SPEED UP court cases against RAJAPAKSHAS because he knows the game played by the JO against the UNP.

    So it is a KILL OR GET KILLED situation for the JO and JO families and UNP.

  4. Charles Says:

    They are both equally unpopular in the normal meaning of the word. In respect of the popular vote Sirisena is more unpopular than Ranil. Sirisena could have put many things right but his sense of gratitude to Ranil for making him the President went beyond his love for the country which apparently is less than the love for himself. His fear or hatred towards Mahinda Rajapakse had no bound. It came from his sense of guilt in becoming traitor to SLFP and his Friend and Chief President Rajapakse. He got round him n,ot only Ranil but most uncouth politicians like Mangala, Rajitha Chandrika and Ravi. He could have stopped appointing a non citizen as the Governopr of the Central Bank. He should have erfused to accept Paskaralingam and Charitha Rathwatte. He shoild not have reappointed Shiranni B CJ. That impeachment wa not wrong iot was carried out according to rules.Sirisena should not have allowed National Anthem sung in Tamil. etc. etc. Ranil and Sirisena should both go and we shpould have a new government of the left without the JVP, without Rauf Hakil , Ratana Thero, Ranavaka etc.


    My Dear Charles
    You are spot on. Maithree strengthened Ranil. These two culprits are very much together. I personally believe that Ranil will survive NCM, with the help of tamil and muslims. JVP all 6 of them may not attend parliament.

    Sirisena fear black-mail by Ranil’s junta.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What you have to understand vaira pala narisena is just a puppet on a string. A mere rubber stamp. He should’ve
    stamped his authority in the first place. Instead of stamping authority he became a stamp. A rubber stamp and he
    allowed it to happen. Being uneducated isn’t a hindrance to high office. Having brain cells >1 is. Ronald Reagan
    was a b film actor before and he did a good job of it. What you need is a trustworthy, able civil servants since they are the ones who got know how. Politician is a just a mouthpiece! See that’s why MR was a success. He had
    Cabraal at the CB and Weeratunga, Sarath Silva etc. etc. who are both experienced, knowledgable and
    trustworthy. A good Team!

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay Gal Karaya Walking
    Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years? Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot r@nileech wickrama Sinhala killer
    is the one holding the strings. Still a lot of people revere the monster. For some, he is the destroyer of Buddhism,
    some he is the one doing everything possible to destroy Sinhalese race and promote them, to the west he is the
    darling who dance to their tune and destroy Sri Lanka. So there are various reasons. It showed in the last polls
    when tamils, mussies and catholics voted 100% for the traitor UNPatrioticrats just because of the sterling work
    Wadakaya doing for them and showed the country they still have a voter base when in fact that was mainly the tamils, mussies and catholics votes. Most importantly this managed to fool Sinhala modayas despite the
    destructive, mega thieving, mega treachery activities by the Wandakaya in the last 40+ years.

    Being the most hated person
    ever by the Sinhalese, he is still always addressed Mr, Hon (never dishonorable?) Rt Hon (dishonourable) etc. etc.
    Having a NCM itself alone should’ve been enough for any self respecting two-legged creature to disappear from
    the scene. But not this r@nileech. After sucking so much blood from Mother Lanka it is still not falling off. A tragedy for
    Mother Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism! Being a crafty to the core murderous (Sinhalese only), thieving
    (mega only), lying (mega only), treachery (mega only) deshapaluwek I’m sure Wandakaya is going to survive since all these
    racist foreigner tribes parties Tamil Nadua Alliance aka TNA, Sri Lankan Multiplying Community aka SLMC,
    Jaathidhrohee Vermins’ Party aka jvp (currently headed by r@nileech’s C buddy p ke lapaya) going to save the
    Wandakaya for the sterling work it’s doing for them. After all Wandakaya is the nephew of another crafitiest fox
    ever traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) jr@. The only good outcome is Wandakaya’s downhill slide has started
    and it is only downhill from now on for the biggest traitor ever in the history of the country. Batalande torture
    victims’ painful screams or the 100,000+ you sacrificed for your catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan’s
    catholic drealam project or the Millennium City intelligent officers screams at the death’s door or all these murder
    victims’ sighs must be ringing in this papatharaya’s ears all the time I think now. Only way to save its
    pathetic skin is to flee the country now for the traitor chief now. Being a token Buddhist Wandakaya never thought
    karma is going to catch up with it!

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    ‘Sterling work’ by the traitor chief during the 40+ years. Is there any wonder then those foreigner racist
    tribes revere the monster? Wonder is how Wadakaya managed to fool some Sinhala modayas with its l
    change of spots by becoming a token Buddhist. Won’ts see these articles in so called Buddhist (on paper)
    Sri Lanka where all the media is run by the traitor UNPatrioticrats party henchmen.









  8. ranjit Says:

    Both are unpopular and weak as individuals and as leaders of this country. Both do not have any vision or backbone to govern or stand up to our countless enemies within and abroad. They both brought our country to it’s knees in every way of governance. They are both gutless thieves who rule with hatred and revenge. People are waiting to give them a good answer very soon. They both have to find hiding places to escape from the people’s power.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Question : Which sector of society in Lanka gained with RW/CBK duo return to power ?
    None, as far as we know, except for some MPs – and outside Lanka, some foreign powers did.

    It would appear that Sri Lankans would be crazy to go on keeping RW as Exec PM, as he has harmed virtually every sector of society here and the Sinhala/Buddhists have suffered the most.

    RW has tried to back track and correct himself the last few days, but who trusts him, as he has let down his People with lies and false promises very often in the past decades.
    ‘A tree is known by the fruit it bears’ goes the saying – Lankans, be warned of false and untrustworthy leaders who have proven themselves to be so in the past.
    People who owe their first and truest allegiance to foreign parts ought to retire and go there and live there.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Charles, SPOT ON!

    Backstabber Lorenzo, the Eelamist Agitator, hiding under a tattered sheepskin, is BACK in ACTION again supporting his Backstabbing (surprise!!) Presidential Candidate Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena ONCE AGAIN dressing him in FIG LEAVES to hide his nakedness!

    This Lorenzo is the VERY SAME SOB who danced up and down the aisles at LankaWeb SPEWING False Anti-Mahinda propaganda, including non-existent Lamborghini’s and Golden Statues yet to be found, BOASTED and CROWED right here at LankaWeb after the Jan 8, 2015 mis-election, how he led Patriots by the NOSE at various websites, off the cliff on to the rocks below.

    Yes, we PATRIOTS REMEMBER VERY WELL HIS ANTICS and will NEVER FORGIVE HIM for the role he had played in SOWING the DESTRUCTION of our beloved Motherland since then, and pushing it into the SAD PRESENT STATE.

    Our National ECONOMY is now in tatters, our Central Bank SCAMMED, our public Pension Funds DEFRAUDED by the Yamapalana leaders, our National Infrastructure built at great COST with great EXPECTATIONS toPROPEL Sri Lanka intoa developed state, sold or given on LENGTHY LEASES to foreigner powers, Communal Muslim politicians allowed to ILLEGALLY create Muslim Bantustans on Govt Lands, our ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE subjected to invasion by Indian Conglomerates, FOREIGN WORKERS given the right to settle in Lanka DISPLACING our workers who are asked to go abroad to EARN the foreign exchange with which the Yamapalanaya Ministers buy themselves LUXURY VEHICLES, an ECTA agreement is in the offing to cement and consolidate that invasion, a NEW DESHADROHI CONSTITUTION, dictated by foreigners and separatists, that FEDERALIZES the Nation giving nearly independent powers and states to DEFEATED Separatists who are GEARING up to to RESUME their TERRORISM, our pristine faith of Buddhism subjected to ATTACK at every turn without government sponsorship and protection, Buddhist priests and Armed Forces personnel imprisoned by the hundreds, Armed Forces expelled from the former separatist-controlled war zones, leaving those lands UNDEFENDED and open to REMILITARIZATION by terrorists, and the SOVEREIGNTY of the Nation subjected to the DICTATES of the UN and its Western Neo-Colonialist backers …….

    NEED I CONTINUE this LITANY of the NEGATIVE IMPACT of the Yamapalanaya that this REPROBATE Lorenzo helped to ELECT and IMPOSE upon our beloved Motherland?


    And HERE IS the SOB Lorenzo AGAIN, pontificating to ALL & SUNDRY on the VIRTUES of the Backstabbing PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI who has BLITHELY PRESIDED over this National Carnage spouting HOMILIES while his Motherland BURNED!

    A POX on the TRAITOR Lorenzo and his entire CLAN!

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Charles and Ananda-USA

    My concern is SL. Your concern is JO, to hell with SL.

    Don’t you see the DESTRUCTION RUN-NIL does to SL in ECONOMY, SECURITY, BUSSHISM, etc. You want it continued so your favourtie politicians can win the election!

    A POX and HEX on the TRAITOR Ananda and his entire CLAN!

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    This is the problem with SL. There are people who want SL MURDERED by RUN-NIL if that helps their darling politicians come to power!! What a curse on SL!

    STOP thinking in party politics and think of the country.

    Look what RUN-NIL has already done. Can you imagine and take responsibility to his action for the next 2 years???

    1. 30/1 UN resolution against SL. This November he plans to do it again and Ananda-USA wants it.


    3. Demoting Buddhism, arresting Buddhist monks

    4. Arresting 27 war heroes already and how many more do you want arrested before kicking out RUN-NIL?

    5. SELLING H’tota to China. Now he plans to sell TRINCO to ENDIA. So USA wants it to happen? Curse!

    6. RUN-NIL is about to sign ETCA that will DESTROY SL economy. Ananda-USA wants it!

    7. RUN-NIL sold SWARNAWAHINI to TAMIL DIASPORA. What more he will sell if he stays and USA wants it.

    8. HYBRID courts against SL war heroes. This is the first thing RUN-NIL will do if he stays. And Ananda-USA wants it.

    9. ARREST GR over concocted allegations on the LASANTHA case and WELIKADE case. I can understand why BR want it happened but why Ananda-USA? This is what RUN-NIL is doing now.

    10. CHANGE the constitution to turn SL FEDERAL AND BEYOND.

    Who are the REAL supporters of RUN-NIL to destroy the country? I can see a few here!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    TRAITOR Lorenzo!

    By listing the DESTRUCTIVE ACTS of the list OF the UNP, you are PREACHING to the CHOIR! We ALREADY KNOW those things!

    BUT, they are things that Sirisena and the UNP did after they came to power, and you are a REPROBATE who helped to get them there!


  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    TRAITOR Lorenzo!

    Your CONCERN was NEVER with SL, but with HOW TO DESTABILIZE SL, OUST its WAR-WINNING NATION-REUNIFYING Govt, and help achieve the SEPARATIST GOALS of your EELAMIST Masters!

    Don’t BULLSHIT us about SL and the JO, and TRY to MISLEAD, DIVIDE & CONQUER us!

    We understand VERY WELL who you are supporting.

    Your words against the UNP are MERE CAMOUFLAGE to hide your SUPPORT for the UNP which is a TOOL that your Masters in the Tamil Diaspora SUPPORT & EXPLOIT to gain their SEPARATIST ends!


  15. Dilrook Says:

    Good arguments above that reveals the true character of Sri Lankan politics – both sides.

    It is easy to argue for the case of the nation but an even more powerful argument centers around party political fortunes (democracy).

    If Sirisena has an iota of brain matter, he should call for presidential elections late this year (before January 2019). We have to repay $6 billion in loans in 2019 (plus interest). Sri Lanka simply cannot do so. Most creditors are not state entities so there is no chance of a loan restructure without losing an arm and a leg.

    Whoever wins that early presidential election will regret winning it. 2020 parliamentary election will again change the ruling party.

    This is a regular feature of a country in debt trap. In those countries voters get disgruntled of the ruling party very frequently because the problem is structural, not political.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Is the DEBT TRAP like the RIOT TRAP, deliberately created to get the desired results by those who ‘divide & rule’. ?

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    These are the CHARGES against RUN-NIL. Pity Ananda USA DENIES them!!

    1) Removal of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka from the Finance Minister and placing it under the Prime Minister without following due procedure and with the ulterior motive of committing the treasury bond scam.

    2) Appointing Arjuna Mahendran who is a not a Sri Lankan citizen and has a questionable track record, as Governor of the Central Bank even when there was conflict of interest.

    3) Involvement in the treasury bond scam which can be considered as the world’s largest financial crime in recent history.

    4) Appointing close political associates to the Pitipana Committee with the intention of protecting those involved in the scam.

    5) Misleading the parliament with a special statement on the 17th of March 2015 with the aim of concealing the truth and protecting the corrupt.

    6) Replacing a member of COPE when proceedings were on-going, with an attempt to acquit those involved in the bond scam.

    7) Exerting pressure on COPE members during the period in which COPE carried out investigations.

    8) Recommending to Cabinet to appoint Former Central Bank Deputy Governor P. Samarasi, whose name was revealed at the Presidential Commission for his involvement in the Bond Scam, to a post at the Finance Ministry.

    9) Attempting to extend the tenure of Arjuna Mahendran as Governor of the Central Bank, when the president wanted to appoint someone else to that post.

    10) Appointing Arjuna Mahendran as an Advisor after he was removed as governor, following the treasury bond scam.

    11) Allowing Arjuna Mahendran to leave the country and evade courts.

    12) Violation of nine separate laws that can only be enforced by the Finance Minister.

    13) Placing the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank under his purview through the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Sub-committee on Economic Management, and thereafter steering the economy to a state where there is a serious economic crisis and adding a burden on to the people.

    14) Failure to respond promptly to the incidents in Kandy and ensure the security of the citizens of the country, while holding the Ministry of Law and Order.

    RUN-NIL deserves 10 no confidence motions for these crimes. RUN-NIL’S defenders are TRAITORS and guarding gods of SL must punish them mercilessly.

  18. L Perera Says:

    The people’s choice in 2015 included a rouge and a traitor this lethal combination is now manifest in the dire straits that Sri Lanka is currently in, both Financial and Political.

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