My comments on Jack MacLaren’s request to remove Tamil Tigers from the Canadian Government’s list of Terrorist organizations
Posted on April 22nd, 2018

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

21 April 2018

Jack MacLaren, Independent (Trillium Party) MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills,


Cc. Premier Kathleen Wynne, MPP

Dear Jack MacLaren:

‘Sweet Mother of Jesus!’  What’s all this that I read in the Toronto Sun of April 12, 2018,  bylined Bonokoski which says Removing Tamil Tigers off terrorist list naive, foolish thinking.”  Did you really stand up in Queen’s Park Chambers and suggest that?.  Phew! Man, did you really! What the heck did you add in to your coffee that morning, or smoked before you went to bed the night before.  I am intrigued.

For God’s sake, give me a break, Jack.  What’s wrong with you.  It is not

Naive, foolish thinking”, It is stupid and idiotic thinking..”

Why all this stupidity Jack, what was the incentive, to come up with this stupidity. Did the friends of Tamil Tiger terrorists promise you a  year’s supply of spicy lentil Masala Wade for your breakfast for 365 days?  Or was it that they promised to fund your election campaign under the banner of the Trillium Party now that you were kicked out from the Conservative Party Caucus on May 2017. Spit out the truth, Jack.

I say to you that you will never  ever learn from your past Tamil Tiger supporting follys,  hiccups and faux pas when these Greater Toronto Area  separatist-Tamil friends of yours made you into a laughable finger-puppet that could be manipulated and squeezed into Ha-ha-hi-hi ridiculous shapes to be laughed at..  They know when they meet a foolish vote-greedy Canadian politician made out of putty.

And by now you should know unless you are dumb, that the Tamil bloc votes come with a price. – We will give you our bloc-vote only if you help us resurrect the Tamil Tiger terrorism and reclaim our past grandeur in the ‘World of Terrorism’ as the most ruthless terrorist group in the world, and help us to claim a mono-ethnic, racist, separatist-Tamil State, Eelam” in the North and East of Sri Lanka

containing 33% of the prime real estate bordered by 60% of the coast line.  And this too for 10% of the Tamil population, as thousands and thousands of Tamils flew out of their crow’s nests no sooner the floodgates were opened around the world for the Tamil refugees in search of a country in the West whose roads were paved with gold.  They had little interest to go East..  And  they chose Canada as one of them.  And so they came in plane loads, with passports when they got on the planes and no passports when they landed.  The passports had vanished in an ABRACADABRA swish of an ‘I am a refugee wand.’

Jack, I will bet my last dollar, that 90% of your separatist-Tamil friends wouldn’t have had a snowball chance in hell if they had tried to immigrate to Canada through the legitimate strict point system.  And that is the rub!.

These separatist-Tamils are smart, and they got you well entrenched in their green $20 bills stuffed pocket so that you could feel the bills and smell them.  They will pick by instinct and from the hungry looks of Canadian politicians who will come grovelling at their feet begging for their votes,  Hey! Jack, you happen to be one of them. A good pick of the draw as they know that you are a good candidate to take you down their garden path with a. maze of lies and untruths.

Do you remember Jack, you and a few other Conservative colleagues at Queen’s Park looked lobster red-faced bloody fools in December 2015, when you were taken without skates and skis, down the ice-slippery, sloping garden path by the separatist-Tamils.   Do you?

It was Stewart Bell who reported on 2nd December, 2015, in the National Post with a head line, Ontario Conservatives ‘unaware’ their Queen’s Park guest was being deported for terrorism,.”  And your guest was Eelaventham, a Tamil.  What a hoot!  Jack, you will never learn, will you.  What’s wrong with you?

Jack, you know sweet nothing about the Tamil Tiger terrorists that you are batting for to sanitize and white-wash them to claim that they are no longer a bunch of suicide bombing, ethnic cleansing terrorists, and that they are good guys, as good as innocent-faced choir boys and should be taken off Canada’s official Terrorist list.  Hmmm….interesting Fairy tale.!! Jack, just hold your horses right there. Don’t tell me that you had met some hard-core Tamil Tigers walking the streets of the Greater Toronto Area and got them into washing machines and tumble-washed them with Tide soap and got their white Tiger stripes off their bodies and presented them  to Canada as good, clean White Snow Tigers, who wouldn’t harm anyone, not even a fly on the wall, Did you?  I thought it won’t be that easy to get the Tamil Tiger terrorists stripes off as Tamil Tigers will always be  blood thirsty Tamil Tigers, whether you use Tide, or Purex or Sunlight soaps to wash them even with a drop or two of Bleach.

  • These are the Tamil Tiger terrorists who not only assassinated Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India using a suicide bomber on Tuesday, 21 May,1991, and also killed President Premadasa of Sri Lanka using a suicide bomber on 1 May, 1993.  They also killed several politicians who did not toe their Eelam-separatist lines.  Did you know this Jack? Or are all these news to you.  Here are some names of the Sri Lankan politicians that the Tamil Tigers assassinated.  The catalogue is long but I  will give you a taste of what they did and could do.

27.07.1975      Alfred Duraiappah (Tamil) – Mayor of Jaffna

25.05.1981      A. Thiagarajah (Tamil) – MP for Vadukkodai

29.04.1983      S.J.Muttiah (Tamil) – UNP candidate for Chavakachcheri

29.04.1983      S.J.Rajarathnam (Tamil) -UNP Organizer, Valvettithurai

29.04.1983      K.B.Rathnasingham (Tamil) -UNP Organizer Point Pedro

12.08.1983      A.R.Rajasooriyar (Tamil) – UNP Organizer, Jaffna

18.09.1984      S. Gopalapillai (Tamil) – UNP Organizer Ampara

03.09.1985      V.Dharmalingam (Tamil) – MP for Manipay

03.09.1985       K.Alalasundaram (Tamil) – MP for Kopai

06.05.1986       Sri Sabaratnam (Tamil) – TELO Leader

08.03.1988       S. Vijayanandan (Tamil) – District Secretary of Ceylon

Communist Party

20.03.1988       V. Master (Tamil) – TULF Organizer for Kalmunai

07.03.1989       S. Sabarathnamoorthy (Tamil) – TULF Ex-DDC Chairman

13.07.1989       A. Amirthalingam (Tamil) – TULF Leader

13.07.1989       V. Yogeswaran (Tamil) -Ex-TULF MP for Jaffna

07.05.1990       Sam Tambimuttu (Tamil -EPRLF MP for Batticaloa

19.06.1990       K. Padmanabha (Tamil)) – EPRLF Leader

19.06.1990       W.K. Yogasangarie (Tamil) – EPRLF MP for Jaffna

19.06.1990       P .Krubakaran (Tamil) – Ex-Finance Minister for NEPC

28.06.1990       T. Ganeshalingam (Tamil) – Provincial Minister for North

and East.

Well, Jack, these were the killings of politicians by your friends, the Tamil Tiger terrorists, from July 1975 until the end of 1990. And there were many more assassinations of politicians by the end of  the Eelam War on 19 May, 2009, like Lakshman Kadirgamar (Tamil), the Foreign Minister.killed by a Tamil Tiger sniper bullet on 12 August, 2005.

So you have sold your soul to help these assassins. Does your conscience prick you a bit now, having heard all this.

Jack, but here’s what bothers me with your stupidity trying to give a clean slate for these assassins, the Tamil Tiger terrorists, when Canada put Momin Kawaja (born in April 1979)  behind bars for the rest of his life having found him guilty on his involvement in a plot to plant fertiliser bombs in the UK.  I believe that no bombs were made nor anyone killed from his involvement. He was found guilty under the Anti-Terrorism Act.  Can you reconcile with what you are trying to do for the Tamil Tigers with what we have done to Momin Kawaja.  Have you got an intelligent explanation to defend your act in the Queen’s Park Chambers.  If you do I’d like to hear of it.  Your foolishness amazes me!

Did you Jack, give a serious thought as to what you were planning to do to help the Tamil Tiger terrorists, before sanitizing and painting the Tamil Tiger terrorists lily-white to seek from the Canadian government a reprieve for their unholy killings and ethnic cleansing sins, and  have them erased from the official Canadian Government listing of terrorists organizations?  Or did you think that you had the divine right to act God and sweep all the Tamil Tiger heinous acts under the carpet so that no one would ever know?

Did you,Jack?  Heinous brutal acts like. how they plucked infants from Sinhalese Mothers breasts and cracked their skulls by bashing them on boulders of charnockite granite rocks; Like how they stopped a bus carrying novice Buddhist monks on June 2, 1987 and massacred and brutally mutilated 33 of them and their mentor, Chief priest Ven. Hegoda Indrasara at Aranthalawa in Ampara; Like on Friday, 3 August 1990, how the Tamil Tigers opened fire  with Kalashnikovs and killed 103 Muslims and injured 70 others while they were at prayer at the Meera Jumma Mosque in Kathankudy.  And later on 28 October 1990, the Tamil Tigers kicked out 90,000 Muslims from Jaffna giving them 24 hours to move out leaving behind gold and other valuables at the nearest mosque;

and how these cowards shot and killed 700 policemen on June 11, 1990, who had surrendered being blindfolded and their hands tied at their backs and  asked to kneel down, then shot them point blank through their skulls.  The policemen surrendered with the promise that they will be sent south unharmed.  Bloody cunning  liars, weren’t they Jack!  And they happen to be your buddies for whom you acted as their saviour standing at attention at the Queen’s Park chambers like a  preacher wearing a white-collar starched towards heaven. .Hallelujah! What glory to you, Jack.

Well, Jack, what have you got to say now.  And you have the audacity and temerity to ask the Canadian Government to remove these sordid murderers from the official list of terrorists.  Jack, I hope you won’t have nightmares tonight due to your ridiculous, crass stupidity.

To conclude this Lesson on Tamil Tiger Terrorists 101 so that you can make some educated decisions before you want to sanitize and whitewash them lily-white again,  it is incumbent upon you to explain to your constituents of your rural riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills who voted you into represent them at Queen’s Park, why the heck you are interested in Tamil Tigers who fought a terrorist war with the Sri Lankan Government almost 8,524 miles away.  Why this Tamil Tiger issue has taken precedent from what is expected of you like winning Ontario Trade for your riding, like the right to work in Quebec for your constituents, and fighting for a fair share of the transit pie at Queen’s Park, the safety, security, good education and jobs.  Well, why?

Call a Town Hall meeting Jack, and get on with it,  And if you want to have a public debate with me on the issue to consolidate your position on the Tamil Tiger file which has absolutely nothing to do with your  Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding, and why you did what you did speaking for the Tamil Tiger serial-killer terrorists. Trust me  I am game for it,,  Do it.  Let’s do it, Jack..


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

(an I will stand on guard for thee’ Sinhalese Sri Lankan-Canadian

to boot, and an Ottawan since 1970)

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  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Unfortunately, many of the Canadian politicians are becoming like the third-world politicians. Corrupted and self-serving these politicians can be bought and used by any group with money and promise of ethnic votes in the next election.

    Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora and their associations have infiltrated all three major political parties (Liberals, Conservatives & NDP) in Canada, with the promise of their votes and support. As a results we cannot trust any politicians, regardless which party they are from.

    Their interest is in votes, not the policies…

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