Posted on May 11th, 2018


It  is now realized  that most of us have created difficult situations to Dr Gotabaya.  We loved him, but we did not protect him.  We only thought of ourselves of what further we can extract from the Great. We did the same to Prez. MR and continue to do so.

Consequently, we have made Dr Gota a target for our enemies. We are moving with the demands of public.  We are not allowing a visionary public servant due credit he deserves.  We are pushing his image, unintentionally to the forums of UNHRC, Imprerialist Alliance,  LTTE Diaspora, Ranil Wickremasinghe, My3,  Sarath Fonseka and Co. Ltd.

Dr Gotabaya Rajapakse has no political party.  He has never been earmarked for Executive Presidency by any political party .  He has never been a member of Parliament.  The remuneration he drew as Defence Secretary was PEANUTS, compared to what he could have earned as a Consultant in USA. He spent a frugal life even as Defence Secretary.

When asked during his role as Defence Secretary,   what you would like to do in retirement”,  Dr Gota replied in Sinhala:  I like to go to village, wear a Sarong as usual and be with the people”.  අහිංසක සිනහවක් පාමින් එතුමා පැවසුවේ මම කැමතියි සරමක් ඇඳගෙන සරල ජීවිතයක් ගතකරන්න ගමට ගිහින් ගමේ මිනිසුන් එක්ක” යනුවෙනි.

So, why we do things to put an unambitious person in difficulty?  Dr Gota is a Worker.  Dr Gota is a Supervisor. Dr Gota is a Manager.  Dr Gota is a Leader.  But Dr Gota should never ever be a Prisoner!

Therefore, those who love him and wish to see him live in basic comforts, not in a Prison Cell, should allow his wish, unless he decide otherwise on his own.

Public has already applied too much pressure on Prez. Mahinda Rajapakse, pulling him out of political retirement.  But those very same people let him down on August 15, 2015.

Can we trust our People 100%?




  1. Christie Says:

    There are lots of things that happen in the world that we are not aware because of the way we have been brainwashed by the Hinduthwa..

    India will never give up destroying Gota for defeating the Indian terrorist arm.

    I know this as I have heard and seen things that lead to this conclusion.

  2. Christie Says:

    “But those very same people let him down on August 15, 2015.”.

    No. Look at what happened leading to the 2015 Presidential and Parliament elections.

    Ven. Gnanasara alienated the Christians and Muslims from voting Mahinda.

    Ven. Sobitha divided Sinhala Buddhists alleging financial corruption.

    The Indian block vote decided the outcome of the elections.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Patriotic SLFPers and UNPers – let us all join into a single political party headed by Gotabhaya to safeguard Sri Lanka!

    It is time all patriots unite to defend our Motherland from the Western Hegemonistic powers who are intent on creating mayhem in the rest of the world so that they can plunder world resources at their will and pleasure.

    What Yahapalanaya headed by the pansy Ranil with the traitor guttersnipe Sirisena in tow is doing is nothing but efforts to make Sri Lanka a failed state. For this it is essential for them to make the population at large entirely helpless. This is why they took the farmers subsidies away to destroy food security, why they are weakening the security apparatus, why they are bringing ‘US Peace Corps’ and also US Military to lay the foundations for a complete collapse of the nation state so that it can be balkanized to enable ‘divide and rule’. Robbing of the Central Bank was to finance and bankroll the expenses of regime change. This way they have got the whole nation to do fund their operations. Verily a plot hatched in the US and UK now self financing Sri Lanka to bring her own destruction. Idiots across the Palk Straits have no idea that their British Colonial Construct – Indis will be the next in their cross hairs after Sri Lanka!

    Only way ahead is for Mahinda faction to let go of the SLFP and the patriotic UNPers to leave the UNP and join one patriotic establishment to defeat all forces that are for the dissolution, dismemberment and balkanization of Sri Lanka. There are no major differences between the UNP and the SLFP voters and both parties per se are beyond their individual ‘use by dates’! Ranil hanging onto the power constitutes the very dying embers of unpatriotic party that is the UNP. UNP a Christian Conglomerate managed to hoodwink a larger portion of the Sinhala Buddhist population to kowtow to their Christian Agenda.

    The only good thing that this so called National Government has done is to show that there is no essential difference between the majority voters who support these two unpatriotic parties. The only reason the party leaders are sticking to these parties is to keep their positions and for the continuation of their individual political dynasties. Some of these aging politicians have shown that they are utterly corrupt and are looking at every opportunity to jockey themselves into positons of power.

    Joining into a new party will enable more educated, able, pragmatic, younger politicians to occupy positions of power
    and work towards a united Sri Lanka and a brighter future together. This was Lee Kuan Yew’s success in Singapore.

    Already this conversation is happening with a proven leader at the head. It is Gotabhaya and the party is already there with Pohottuwa. Pohottuwa must not the left in the hands of Mahinda Rajapakse alone for him to do more of the same ‘old party politics’. We need to bring discipline and show that nepotism is not entertained. Sri Lanka is an educated nation and there are enough and more good leadership material among the populace. They should be brought to the fore to take over future leadership of the nation regardless of race, creed or station in life if they are for one nation and eager to safeguard our cultures, common true history and values.

    If this happens, we need not worry about the racist and religious extremist becoming kingmakers of Sri Lanka any further.

  4. Christie Says:

    “Indis will be the next in their cross hairs after Sri Lanka!”.

    We Sinhalese have been the target of India and Indian Colonial Parasites since the birth of India and the Indian Colonial Parasites.

    The writer is correct about Gota. India wants him.

    An Indian who worked for the Time mag and now a regional boss of the Indian funded US based human rights mob; has about two years ago said Gota is the worst human rights abuser while referring to terrorists like Parabakaran.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Question to ask : Why is it that ABLE SINHALA LEADERS are harrassed so much in Lanka ?
    Over the many years since Independence, so many have been harrassed/eliminated, one way or another due to ghastly politics, that we are all stunned !
    Contributing factors :
    * Small size of the country.
    * Strategic Location of Lanka in the Indian Ocean.
    * Aslo, nearly 500 yrs of colonisation plus constant interference in Lanka owing to proximity of INDIA & the earlier breakaway Tamil Nadu with over 15 Million Tamil folk of Dalit descent and CASTE stated in their birth certificates.

    Suggestions to save Lanka :
    – High PATRIOTISM needed by all citizens of Lanka to prevent disintegration of this island home.
    – It is the Sinhala/Buddhists who have held it together.
    – All minorities must protect our leaders.
    – Remove the illegal 13-A.
    – Also remove the 19-A & 20-A.
    – “Unite or Die” was the motto of colonised America !
    “Unite or Disintegrate” must be the motto to unite Lanka to PATRIOTISM, forever !

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    COLD WAR politics as a major reason for instability in Lanka.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Gota & other members of the Rajapakse Family must be protected through FACTS, which ought to be constantly presented to the public by all PATRIOTS, whenever challenges are presented.
    Indeed, the country itself must be protected through FACTS, when challenged by outside forces, however long it takes. It is up to the PATRIOTS to defend the Nation, by the written word and effective dissemination of accurate information on all relevant topics.

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