There should be no commemoration of terrorism,  but celebration of its elimination on the 19th May, every year.
Posted on May 17th, 2018

By Charles S.Perera

Mullivaikkal  death of terrorists remembrance events in the North and East  commenced with lighting of lamps in Chemmani, Mirisuvil in Jaffna and  Uyilankulam in  Mannar, last Friday. The commerations will continue for one week.

It was reported, The commemorations were attended by former Jaffna University Vice Chancellor, Prof. S. Mohanadas, Provincial Councillors, local government and civil society representatives. The commemorative events will take place across the North and East in the run up to 18 May.”

While all that is happening in the North, in the South the President Sirisena’s and Prime Minister Ranil’s government Spokesman  Rajitha Senarathna says that there is nothing to celebrate in the South and those who died in the military operations against the terrorism were all our” children. If there is going to be a commemoration  in the south he said then  we have to commemorate both the death of Mr.Prabhakarana and Mr. Rohana Wijeweera.

The Government Spokesman as well as its leadership seems to have gone mad”, power some times is insupportable by weak minds. Rajitha Senaratne admits that what he says as the Government Spokesman  is the information he  gets from the Secretary to the Cabinet. The Yahapalanaya Cabinet is then made up of mad people with slave mentalities.

The JVP insurrection was a rebellion of the youth to change the government to set up a Marxist Government. It was not an attempt to divide the country and set up a separate territorial Government which was the aim of the Tamil terrorists.  The ruthless terrorist Prabhakaran terrorised not only the Sinhala of the South,  but also the Tamils of the North and East.

The Tamil politicians running after a mirage of a Tamil Eelam do not seem to  regrets terrorism as it was not they who suffered but the poor Tamils.   At least three hundred thousand of them driven from place to place by the terrorists keeping them as human shields without proper food to eat, without enough clothes to wear, and enough water to wash themselves suffered immensely under terrorism. But their voice is not heard over the braying of the Tamil political madmen  of the TNA and those of the Tamil diaspora who lived in utter comfort when the poor Tamils civilians suffered under Tamil terror.

Sri Lanka now without the terrorists our brave soldiers vanquished, and completely  eliminated on the 19th May,2009, is a free and a peaceful country without fear of death and terror. If we do not continue to make this day a day to celebrate the end of the suffering under terroris of all the people of this country, without distinction of race, and religion we will be ungrateful to the 30000 soldiers who gave their lives and others  who gave their  blood and limbs. We would then be an ungrateful people unworthy of  calling ourselves human beings.

No country would like to be divided and its innocent people kept in bondage by a misled set of terrorists be they its own children or kith or kin, as a terrorist is a terrorist what ever link they may have to the nation of people terrorised by them. The terror has to be despised, terror has to be avoided and terror has to be stopped. That is what our heroic soldiers undertook to do knowing the prize they have to pay. They did it for us to live in peace  and security today, and therefore there should be no commemoration of terrorism on the 29th May, but celebration of its elimination.

It should be celebrated every year  because we know how it was under terrorism when we lived every day in fear, not knowing when our lives may end in a terrorist  bomb blast, a snipers bullet,  or the burst of a grenade.

The foolish Yahapalanaya government  of Sirisena and Ranil, which a misled people elected to power forgetting the elimination of a 30 years of suffering under terrorism by  the President Mahinda Rajapakse,  has become today a servile government living in fear of retribution in some way or another by the Tamil politicians, the Tamil diaspora  and their supportive West if the 29th May is made a date to celebrate the end of terrorism.

Therefore, they have allowed the traitors of  Sri Lanka the Tamil politicians of the North and East to Commemorate the dead terrorists while forbidding the people in the South to celebrate the greatest day in the history of Sri Lanka, where their children paid with their lives to end terrorism, fear of death and insecurity that came with it.

While the Northern Privincial Council  led by Ananthi Sasitharan , and  Jayasegaram have passed a resolution to  hold remembrance events on the 18th May,2018, as they had done for the past three years for those terrorists who were killed, the Yahapalanaya down plays the role of our heroic soldiers who eliminated terrorism as no other country in the world has been able to do.

Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya has for the purpose of reconciliation with Tamils which  they are forced to do by the West, has bowed to those requirements and there would therefore be no Celebrations of the elimination of terrorism  on the 19th May this year.

The reconciliation the Yahapalanay government is carrying out has not provided any benefits in return . The Tamil politicians both Local and foreign  continue their anti Sinhala activities  with out paying any attention to reconciliation, and the foreign countries the President Sirsena endlessly visits do not come to invest in any projects in Sri Lanka.  The whole reconciliation effort of the Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya has become a joke”, but a sad one, as the loosers are the Sinhala Buddhists

The latest attempt it appears  the Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanya is doing to please the west to show their seriousness in reconciliation  with the Tamils, is  rewriting  the history books for schools removing the importance of King Dutugamunu in the history of Sri Lanka.

It is time that we should now make the people aware by manifestations, meetings, distribution of printed pamphlerts, about the damage the Yahapalanaya Government of the President Sirisena  is doing to Sri Lanka, retrograding  Sri Lankan Armed Forces and making Sri Lanka a petty subject state of the west, allowing the  Tamil politicians to dictate terms of its conduct.

Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya Government has no right to continue to rule the country as the people have already rejected it.

The people should not allow the Ranil Sirisena Governments, which is no more a Government of the people, from Celebrating the 19th May as the day of Victory-the day its heroic Armed Forces brought victory over a ruthless terrorism and brought back peace and security to Sri Lanka.

3 Responses to “There should be no commemoration of terrorism,  but celebration of its elimination on the 19th May, every year.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Nobody can erase or forget the day 19th May 2009. It was a historic day for all citizens in this blessed land. The day our heroic armed forces killed the butcher of kankasanturai and his gang of murderers who made our land a blood bath for thirty long years with the help of Indian parasites and the west. When Mahinda had two third majority in the parliament he would have done more to stop the LTTE and Muslim fanatics comeback by blocking all the resources and banning all their activities and propaganda machine etc. As a country we are not doing anything to stop these terrorist organisations or their terrorist activities going on in this country or outside the country. I wonder whether we have a government in this country when you see and hear the stories around the country on daily basis thru the news channels.
    This whole government should be kicked out as soon as possible if not we will not have a country to call home. They are selling our country piece by piece and playing with its citizens. They are bunch of traitors who will do anything to stay in power. They should be hanged and throw their corpses to all the rivers around the country for crocodiles to eat. They shouldn’t be given any mercy. I urged our citizens to light a candle and pray for our war heroes on 19th and curse all our enemies and the yamaballo clique who were trying to destroy our sinhala buddhist land. May lord Buddha protects our Motherland.

  2. Christie Says:

    The Sinhala Victory Day over Indian terrorists is celebrated outside the country in places like Australia.

    The Indian installed current government does what India directs it to do.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    It is USELESS to expect this DESHA-DROHI PARA-GATHI UNGRATEFUL Yamapalana KALLIYA to protect the Nation or to demonstrate an IOTA of DESHA-ABIMANAYA!

    I YEARN for the day when this band of HYPOCRITES & SERIAL CROOKS are OUSTED by the Patriotic People of our Motherland!

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