An open letter to all communal Tamil and Muslim politicians in Sri Lanka  And An appeal to All Sinhalese to unite under one banner, under an unassailable Sinhala leadership, a man like Mahinda Rajapaksa who saved this nation from its virtual subjugation to Tamil terrorists in 2009
Posted on May 24th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 24. 5.2018

We all know that all right thinking and sane Tamils and Muslims accept that this is the land of the Sinhala people (Sinhaladveepa or Lankadveepa) as it had been known for the past 2500 years or more.  I don’t think there is any debate over that non-negotiable fact by any sensible Tamil or Muslim or any other sane man on earth. They also know that Sinhala Kings and people in the yore have provided safety and security to all ethnic and religious minorities in times of their distress; of course other than in instances where they have openly challenge the formers sovereignty over their motherland. This is what they did to Cholas and Maghas when they invaded northern Lanka from the 2nd century up to the 13th C. When Muslims rushed to King Senarath of Kandy in distress, when they were massacred by the Portuguese in the south western littorals, they were settled in Panamapttuwa and provided safety   by King Senarath on Sinhale land. Muslims were also given lands and accommodated in different parts of the country by all Sinhala Kings to carry on their business safely. They were also given permission to marry Sinhala women. Ungrateful and shameless jihadists like Hakeem who have forgotten history and jump from this party to that party, I am sure will never be pardoned by Allah for the disgraceful manner they behave and betray the Sinhala people who gave them protection accommodation.

Even the South Indian Tamils who were left behind by the invaders in the past or those who came here subsequently for trade or brought by the Dutch and British as labourers to work on their tobacco farms in Jaffna and other menial jobs were absorbed as an integral part of the Sinhala society without any discrimination. But unfortunately all these ungrateful remnants have forgotten their past. Unfortunately they forgot that they were on somebody else’s land and they adopted the proverbial ‘itteye geta Vedunu Kaballeya’s attitude  (Kaballeya-Pangolin) that got in to the den of porcupine and now trying to ousted the porcupine) and now trying to ousted the native Sinhalese and own their country. This in sum is the crust of the present ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. That is why crazy and power hungry Tamil politicians create problems for the Government by asking for self determination and federal status for this bunch of remnants of South Indian invaders. I have no problem in understanding the attitude of savage murderer like Pirabaharan but it is impossible to fathom the behaviour of people like Sambandan and Vignesvaran who are supposed to be educated and cultured.

Looking back to history we find prominent Tamil leaders like Ponnambalam Ramanadanan and Arunachalam in the early 20th C fought side by side with the Sinhala leaders to liberate this country from the British. They never claim for a separate Kingdom at that time. They all stood as one nation, Ceylonese (which simply meant the people of the Sinhale which they accepted), as we were named by the colonial powers as it was the name of this country that was handed over to the British under the Kandyan Convention in 1815. Obviously people of Sinahale were naturally Sinhalese. Ethnically they could be Tamils, Muslims or any other. But none of them could claim to be an Indian or Arab. The country up to 1815 was known as Sinhale or Lanka the world over and no one can contest this fact.   Only on 2nd March 1815 the English named it as Ceylon which again simply means the land of the Sinhalese. As such there was no disagreement between anybody on that issue in the early days. That is why they all together formed the Ceylon National Congress to fight for independence (that is National Congress of Sinhale). The word EELAM, invented by Tigers to call this country also simply meant Sinhale and nothing else. The common South Indian adage ‘EELAM kandavar illam kanukka illei” (A malayali man who sees Lanka or the Sinhale will never come home; word EELAM here means Sinhale) clearly proves the unquenched thirst and greed South Indian hungry Tamils had to conquer this Land throughout history.

The turning point for the split of the Nation began in 1921 when Arunachalam broke away from the Ceylon National Congress to form the Ceylon Tamil Congress thereby dividing the Sinahala nation in to two antagonistic groups as Sinhalese and Tamils for the first time in the history of this country. This was followed by the famous 50, 50 demand by G. G. Ponnambalam in early 1930s and brought to a climax by Chelvanayagam with the formation of Ilankai Tamil Arasukachchi (Lanka Tamil Party), which he dubbed as Federal Party, in 1947. This crazy Tamil communal trend reached its climax with the formation of the separatist militant group LTTE in 1980s adopting the Cholan totem tiger, who waged a barbaric an d savage war against the Sri Lankan Government and peaceful Sinhalese, seeking a separate State called EELAM, paradoxically which also means the Land of the Sinhala people. The initial EELAM Kingdom they conceived as a coastal land covering 1/3 the area of the Island extending from Puttalam in the west to Kataragama in the south eastern end, with 2/3 the coastal belt claiming as the Traditional Homeland of Tamils who constitute less than 5% of the total population of this Island nation. There has never been a historical Tamil Homeland anywhere in this country, other than temporary rule of Sankili the usurper in the Jaffna Peninsula in the early 16th century.

Had the Ceylon National Congress, where all Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim leaders worked together continued until 1948 and the name of the country Sinhale restored at Independence and Tamils had not started their wild communal cry, definitely this country with its enormous resources would have been a paradise on earth by now. Squarely I attribute all the devastations and setbacks since independence to the aforesaid communal and racist approach adopted by Tamil politicians who were brainwashed by the Colonial British. British planted the seeds of communal hatred on this Island to keep the nation divided. Adding further complication to this issue now the Muslims, who were given shelter and security, also claim a distinct nationality and a separate territory as a bunch of ungrateful intruders also have started to add additional fuel to this communal fire. This was started by Ashroff and now continued by people like Hakeem, Rishard Badurdeen and Asad Sali. These idiots always talk of ‘our people’ meaning Muslims. This clearly proves that they serve only Muslim interest.

Added to this the Estate sector Tamils leaders also have started to follow suit by trying to establish a separate identity and  a separate territory -Malayanadu right at the centre of this country. Tamils and Muslims have now joined hands, though they are sworn enemies, in theory, as Tamil speaking people to make things even worse. Adding fuel to the burning fire former colonial power England now led by America and Sri Lanka’s traditional and eternal enemy India have thrown their full weight to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country. This trend is clearly seen with the direct intervention by the Ambassadors of these countries in all the country’s internal matters highlighted by the recent Presidential Election.

The tragedy is that none of the Tamil and Muslim politicians are prepared to accept this country as the land of the Sinhalese. The so-called Sinhala leaders also have miserably failed to assert and get the world to accept that this is the Land of the Sinhalese as it had been for 2500 years. Over the past several years the minorities, particularly the Tamils have been busy inventing new histories to prove their claims to the land. Both Tamils and Muslims want to have separate kingdoms within Lanka. Tamil politicians wants to have an EELAM here and Muslims like Hakeem, Badurdeen and Asad Sali wants to make this an Arabia and push the Sinhalese in to the Indian Ocean. They never understand the futility of this day dream. Indian invaders starting from Sena Guttika in the 2nd century BC and ending up with Cholian Kalinga Maga in the 12th century and the latest Pirapaharan the LTTE leader have failed to do this thanks to our Great Kings like Dutugemunu and Vijaya bahu and the patriotic men in the past and to our beloved leader Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Secretary to the Ministry of Defense and the members of three forces and the patriotic people in modern history 2009.

Therefore at least now these communal Tamil and Muslim politicians must realize that theirs is only a pipe dream that could never be realized as long as a single Sinhala man or women is alive in this country. They were the people who invented settlements in this country :they were the people  who made nearly 15,000 irrigation tanks all over the country culminating in Parakrama samudraya (sea of Parakrama 6000 acres in extent) in Polonnaruwa and canals and paddy fields they were the people who made temples and massive Stupas and colossal Buddhist religious structure carved living monumental statues like samadhhi statue in Anuradhapura, Avukana and Polonnaruwa Galviharaya; they were the people who made world wonders like famous Sigiriya frescoes and in short they were the architects of the ‘Wonder that is Sri Lankan civilization’ an ancient heritage to the whole world from the 3rd Century BC to date. I challenge any Tamil or Muslim politician or an academic historian to show me a single archaeological edifice of this magnitude constructed by their so-called Kings who were supposed to have ruled this country. It was the Sinhalese who had sacrificed the lives in millions over the centuries to defend this country against firstly, from South India and from the West thereafter. There wasn’t a single Tamil or a Muslim to my knowledge who had fought or died in defense of this country.

You will recall how Sinhala people have been shifting from place to place like gypsies in desperation to save this civilization from the ruthless south Indian invaders throughout history starting from Anuradhapura onwards. Then Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa, Dambadeniya, Kurunegala. Gampola, Dambadeniya, Kotte and finally Senkadagala. Even at present the ruins of the burned down Palace of King Parakramabahu in Polonnaruwa bares witness to the kind of vandalism these barbarous South Indian invaders have inflicted on this great civilization. All this is part of our true history. And no one should expect the Sinhalese to forget such savages and barbaric vandalism in the name of reconciliation

Therefore if they and their followers want to live here as Sri Lankan citizens

1 They must immediately give up all their claims for separate Kingdoms and separate identity

2they must accept this country as the de facto and de jure land of the Sinhala Buddhist people

3 Agree to live as brothers and sisters of the Sinhalese without trying to be the owners of the land and ousted them from their motherland

4 give up all attachment to India and Arabia and resolve to live as countrymen of the Sinhale or Sri Lanka.

5 If this is not possible then they have to find their own countries and vanish from this Lanka of the Sinhalese without creating problems for us and themselves as well.

On the other hand the best advice I can give to those rootless cosmopolitan Singalese people like Ranil, Mangala, Wijedasa Rajapaksa and Wickramabahu and all others of the same genre is please immediately stop betraying the Motherland and the Sinhala people any more.  If you can’t do so please keep out of politics and mind some other business that keeps you people going.

Meanwhile the Sinhala politicians like Luxman Kiriella, Ranil wickramasingha and Maitripala Sirisena who run after Tamils and Muslims begging for their votes should also immediately stop this dirty game. Don’t you think this type of traitor politicians who sell the motherland and the Sinhala nation to get temporary political power are a disgrace to the entire Sinhala nation. Every man and woman who calls himself/herself a Sinhalese should shun these traitors and get on to the road to defeat them at the forthcoming election. Because this election, unlike all previous election is extremely crucial for the survival of the nation as it is not going to decide between an unpatriotic bunch of rootless ‘poly tricians’  taken for  a ride by Run ill and patriotic Mahinda Rajapaksa the Man who liberated the country from LTTE Tigers to save our Motherland. In short it is a struggle between death and life of a nation.

Division of the Sinhala vote as UNP, SLFP is the main reason behind the increased bargaining power of the minorities. This situation can never be overcome until either the main Sinhala parties get together or the Tamil and Muslim politicians change their stance and give up their communal politics and concede to the reality  that they are only minor ethnic groups living in a country where the Sinhala people forms the majority. I am sure you all know what happened to the frog that tried to be as big as a water buffalo?

                              My Appeal to the nation!    

All Sinhalese must unite under one banner, under an unassailable Sinhala leadership a man like Mahinda Rajapaksa who saved this nation from its virtual subjugation to Tamil terrorists in 2009.

  1. I am afraid the way things are currently shaping up in the political scenario in this country it appears as if we are heading for disaster. The main cause for this tragic trend is the lack of a common bondage firstly, among the Sinhalese and then among all ethnic groups as a nation. Until and unless the three main communities such as the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims stands under one banner as one nation this problem will never be resolved. Even if you fight as long as the sun and moon shall last this problem will remain unsolved and intractable. The irony is, it is the politicians of Tamil and Muslim communities who ignite communal hatred and fan the communal fires for political gain, though the common people of all three communities are ever ready to live together as one nation.
  2. If you can  live together, work and do business together, till the land together, eat together, dress alike, go to the same temple together, worship the same gods, intermarry why the hell you people can’t think of the country and the posterity together and do politics together? You have already wasted nearly 68 years of your precious life fighting with the Sinhalese and having brought disaster to tens of thousands of innocent Sinhalese as well as Tamils, crippled the country’s economy with even darker clouds hanging over this beautiful Island. I want you to address your own conscience and find answers to these questions without indulging in vicious ethnic thinking any more. The day you do that you all will be hailed and worshiped as heroes and the saviours of this beautiful Island nation and its proud civilization and unique heritage by all citizens in this country.

I appeal to all Tamil and Muslim politicians to understand this reality, as I have outlined above, and give up communal politics at least now without making the mistake you did almost for 100 years. Wind up your communal political parties before the Government does it, give up selfish and narrow communal politics and rally round the major national parties to build up a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka without gambling with the destiny of a nation. Give up your day dream of Eelam and Khalistan. Let the legacy of communal hatred and suspicion your predecessors instilled in you be discarded and forgotten forever and let us together begin a new civilization and a new culture in the name of posterity and a new Sri Lanka.

In the event they don’t listen I strongly urge the Government to ban all communal political parties like the TNA and SLMC forth with as they pose a serious threat to territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of this Island nation.


9 Responses to “An open letter to all communal Tamil and Muslim politicians in Sri Lanka  And An appeal to All Sinhalese to unite under one banner, under an unassailable Sinhala leadership, a man like Mahinda Rajapaksa who saved this nation from its virtual subjugation to Tamil terrorists in 2009”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    unfortunately they forgot that they were on somebody else’s land and they adopted the proverbial – here come the trouble !

    My Chignkala Sakotharam We-Tamil knows very well OUR Mother Lanka is Chignkala Theevu ( Sinhala Island) like OUR Mother Land is Thamil Nadhu as alway is Bhuddist Sinhela Lanka !!!

    TN (Kachcha theevu) is only 15 miles away from Nedunth theevu so We are not adopted child of Sinhela (Sin-Eelam)Dveepa!

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Great piece of work Dr.Sudath. This is a great idea to take the things forward.

    The contents of this article should be edited to take out the names of current politicians and prepared for a leaflet to be done in all three languages and should be distributed to all the places in SL by somebody.

    This gives the history of the issue and definitely, Tamil people will get their minds clean from separatist ideology.

    I don’t think Dr, Sudath has any objection for doing it by someone.

    In the mean time, it has to be investigated to see who was behind Arunachalam when he broke away from the Ceylon National Congress to form the Ceylon Tamil Congress.

    Was it an act of British or was it an act by Indians??

  3. ranjit Says:

    Pointless asking any favours from this spineless President Doc. This guy is silent for everything. He is there as the president for what is the question we should ask? This government is like a floating refugee boat just floating without knowing the destination. How much you explain to these ungrateful Tamils and Muslims they never come to their senses and believe us except their own selfish leaders. The good Tamil leaders are all dead and gone. The current leaders are traitors to their own kind and to the motherland. We need a leader who will make this whole country one without separating and serve all alike. One country, one flag,one national anthem and one law to all citizens.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    There arethree reasons for this separatist drums being beaten by the two foreigner groups.
    First reason is traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka catholic run UNPatriotic_rats divide the Sinhalese
    and make minorities king makers who vote them 100%. These traitor foreigners know Sinhalese are divided and too
    weak thanks to traitor UNPatriotic_rats.

    Second reason is Sinhalese at present don’t have a patriotic leader who is bold enough to say to these miscreants to
    put up or shut up. Short-memoried Sinhalese don’t remember during MR’s time nobody ask for separate states, no
    Buddha statues vandalised anywhere in the country and people got on with their lives and country prospered. These
    separatits pigneshwaran, church acolyte sumanthiran, xxxxhim etc. etc kept their mouths shut. But we had too many
    traitor alugosuwas (to Sinhalese only) like thambi mudiyanselage jr@, lk porisada alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only),
    traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) Batalande Wandakaya etc. etc. have been mollycoddling these snakes for a long
    time and the traitor foreigners can’t shake off the old habits. Now Sri Lanka is ruled by the biggest traitors vairapala
    narisena, traitor chief Batalande Wandakaya, church acolyte pxke lapaya etc. etc. these traitor foreigners having
    party time with traitor diasporats trying to dismember Mother Lanka.

    Third reason is these foreigners are followers of religions of conveniences which don’t regard killing, lying, stealing,
    sexual misconduct, drug abuse etc. etc as sins while all honest people including all the law courts in the world do.
    Being followers of these religions of conveniences (which don’t make any sense in these scientific age) they can
    never be contented, can never be loyal, can never have enough and this sort of behaviour one should expect.

    How about giving these traitors 1 year to become Buddhists (the only true religion in the world), another year to be Sinhalese or get lost! That will solve the separatist problem forever! Plus the mythical god followers good life in their subsequent lives in the samsaric journey! They will also learn lying (pigneshwaran becoming chief justice and still
    uttering discrimination while living in the south comfortably wants tamils only separate drealam; next life four legged creature; spoilt for choice, cats, pigs, rats, dogs, etc. etc.), killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, drug abuse etc are actually bad things!

  5. Charles Says:

    Sudath good ideas but not only for the English educated crowd there should be a campaign for distribution of small pamphlets in Sinhala, Tamil and Englis to the ordinary mass of people. It will not help trying to convince the Tamils because they are a special creed who will continue to go after the image of thalaivaar Prabhakarana and Sampanthan, Sumandiran, sivajilingam crowd.

    S.A.Kumar what say you ? my friend

  6. Christie Says:

    Sudhath Sinhalese have been in the island for more than 100,000 years.

    Sinhalese include Budhists, Muslims and Christians.

    There were few Indians in the island before they came in hundreds of thousands on the back of the British.

    Our problem is these Indian Colonial Parasites.

    It is a problem faced by the locals in other Indian colonies like Guyana, Mauritius, Fiji etc.

    If we are to progress the majority of us Sinhalese that is Budhists, Muslims and Christians have to unite and stand up to Indian colonists and India.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    We have to understand that OUR OWN MENTAL WEAKNESS and LACK OF CONSISTENCY and DETERMINATION is what is KILLING the Sinhala Buddhist’s claim and ownership of own Motherland.

    We TOLERATE people like Sampanthan, Vigneswaran and Sumanthiran, and ACCEPT strange notions like RECONCILIATION with UNREPENTANT TERRORISTS and SEPARATISTS who refused to stop their CARNAGE until they were ROOTED OUT at the conclusion of a 30-year civil war.

    Foreign powers that PREACH RECONCILIATION with muderers NEVER DO THAT in their own countries after wars fought to secure their own security. After the US Civil War, Abraham Lincoln preached reconciliation, which was NEVER PRACTICED in reality. For the following 5 decades the Southerners were heavily suppressed and kept under the thumb of the victors. After World War I the DRACONIAN Treaty of Versailles mandated payment of heavy reparations, the total dismantlingerie of the German military, and the boundary modifications that restored territories won previously by war. These were well deserved punishments.

    Likewise, after World War II Germany was partitioned and disposed of the territory it Anne ed after Hitler’s murderous rampage a ross Europe. The Allies stationed occupying armies in Germany; they still remain there in the guise of NATO troops to this day. The Nazi Party was NEVER FORGIVEN and it’s pemberton were ostracized and are pursued for their crimes even to this day.

    So where is the much balley-hoped RECONCILIATION that the West push on 3rd World Countrise like Sri Lanka in pursuit of its Neo-COLONIALIST AGENDA. They INCESSANTLY PREACH Reconciliation to us but PURSUE ABJECT UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER when their own interests in FAR-OFF LANDS are at stake. We see this RELENTLESSLY APPLIED HYPORITICAL DOUBLE-STANDARD at play today in how the West is ganging-up against Iran and even North Korea. They say WE ned our Nuclear arsenal’s, but YOU can’t have any …. Even tough we do threaten and will continue to anihilate you EVERYDAY.

    There are NO UNIVERSALLY JUST and FAIR PRINCIPLES governing the actions of the West; for them it’s only a question of WHOSE OX IS BEING GORED AT ANY TIME.

    It is ABOUT TIME that the Majority Sinhala Buddhist Community of Sri Lanka DITCHED RECONCILIATION and ACTED SOLELY in the LONG TERM INTEREST of the Sri Lankan Nation. We are the ONLY COMMUNITY that not only cares for the Nation as a Whole, but when in power can be TRUSTED to protect the integrity of the Nation and govern it for the BENEFIT of ALL of its CITIZENS irrespective of communal differences. The latter behaviour of the Sinhala Buddhist community is AMPLY DEMONSTRATED by the SOCIAL EQUITY we have achieved in Sri Lanka under successive Sinhala Buddhist governments despite all of the political upheaval since 1948. Comparison to societies in the rest of South Asia will prove my point with preponderant evidence.

  8. Cerberus Says:

    Let us not forget the history.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    S.A.Kumar what say you ? my friend
    Charles what can say as you said no point trying to convince the Tamils – correct
    We-Tamil want Thani TE no more no less !!!

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