How civilized was the world before the white man invaded to civilize them?
Posted on May 30th, 2018

Have you ever thought of how humans evolved, whether the world map looked the same as present, how people migrated, how civilizations developed, who white people emerged if all humans evolved from Africa? Don’t these and more questions haunt you and have you ever tried to find out? Think about it and you will be surprised that the ancestral home of white people is not Europe and Black Africans have a history kept hidden from all of us.

Some 1.5 million years ago the human beings first began to evolve in Africa, they had Black skin. Some 100,000 years ago when anatomically modern humans evolved in Africa, they gave rise to the Black man and woman. Africa is the world’s largest continent and the birthplace of mankind with Tanzania being the cradle of mankind – its original area known as Gondwanaland comprised and later became India, Australia, and South America.

The 1st great civilization of Pharaonic Egypt & the Nile Valley were inhabited by black people.

White injustice to Black history

The Euro-centric historians have done Africa great damage by portraying it as being devoid of history completely ignoring that Africa was the creators of original cultures. Prof A P Newton says Africa had no history before the coming of the Europeans”. What many ignore is that history of Africa was OLD when European history was not even born! Africans may have been dark people but their continent was certainly no Dark one. Matriarchal system, writing, painting, carving, drawing, mining, farming, circumcision all originated from Africa.

All the cultures – Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Nubian, ancient Greek, ancient Romans find their original roots to Africa.

Plato & Aristotle’s systems originated in Egypt. According to Diop Cheikh Anta the first cipherization of numbers started in Egypt. John Pappademos claims Isaac Newton borrowed from the science of the Nile Valley. What Archimedes had discovered the Egyptians had already discovered! Egyptians were the masters of geometry which came to Greece from Egypt. Pythagoras, Thales, Solon, Archimedes, and Eratosthenes among many others were trained in Egypt.  Even the 365 calendar was borrowed from the Egyptians. Mummification showed Egyptians surgical techniques. Egyptian doctors used ointments, syrups, suppositories, oils, massages, purges, enemas even inhalants. Egyptian astronomy is seen in its measuring of time & instruments sunbial, water clocks. Egyptian pyramids were built without mortar or cement!

According to Ivan Van Sestina, Africans came before Columbus to America not as slaves!

In short it means the African system of education was the parent of other systems of education & covered science, technology & philosophy.  

Why was Egypt removed from its African heritage? Was there any mischief to remove Egypt & place it as ‘Middle East’ by the white people to purposely disassociate the African-Egyptian links?

The White” people

Some 40,000 years ago, modern humans spread from Africa and one group moved north to populate Europe, North, West & Central Asia.

The black people who migrated to Europe began mutation into pale skin only some 6000 years ago. This mutation happened some 45,000 years after blacks began living in Europe! It can be presumed that the 100% white skin would have appeared some 3000 years ago and not 6000 years ago. So Europe was occupied by only black-skinned people for 48,000 years in comparison to the 3000 years of white European rule! Present white Europeans are unlikely to want to accept that the mutation from black to white is as a result of albino like the Budini people.

According to anthropologist C. Loring Brace there are no ancient skeletons of the Caucasian type.

It was Johann Blumenbach who first introduced the idea of identifying race by appearance & created the Caucasian race comparing to Caucasian mountain range. However, the American Anthropological Association declares that there is no such thing as a ‘race’ & it is only a ‘social construct’. In reality the word Caucasian should be obsolete. Modern use of the term ‘race’ began only in 16th century. However, human DNA is about 99.9 percent the same across the full spectrum of skin colour and ethnicity which denies segregating people by race.

According to the American Association of Physical Anthropologists after comparing DNA across genomes of 83 ancient individuals from archaeological sites throughout Europe concludes that Europeans are a mix of 3 ancient populations of hunter gatherers and farmers (nomadics from Steppes (Ukraine/Russia) known as Yamnaya) who migrated to Europe some 6000 years ago. This was the beginning of the Bronze Age

According to Daniel Zadik of University of Leicester the Y chromosomes of majority European men traces back to 3 individuals (called 1, R1a and R1b) living between 3500-7300 years ago.

Eske Willerslev, professor at the Centre for GeoGenetics and Professor David Reich from Harvard Medical School agree that the Yamnaya tribe migrated west into northern Europe. DNA taken from the wisdom tooth of a 7,000-year-old human found in Spain in 2006 revealed that the individual had dark hair and the dark-skinned genes of an African but blue eyes.

Studies on Paleolithic Europeans reveal that about 24,000 years ago, the last ice age began, with mountain-sized glaciers moving across most of Europe. The people retreated to now Spain, the Balkans & Ukraine before ice melted. The Y chromosome mutation developed. Years later the Neolithics migrated to Europe from Middle East bringing another new Y chromosome. Cro-Magnon sample genetically resembles modern Middle Easterners from Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Iran (he is not the original white man) Caucasoids also share Asian genes from Mongolia, Siberia and East Turkestan.

The European civilization emerged from ancient Greeks who were civilized by Black Africans of the Nile Valley. Greeks only improved what they learnt from the Egyptians – all that the Ancient Greeks claimed to have invented were already created centuries earlier. Why have these facts been erased? Adam & Eve or Eden had to be nowhere else but in Africa, Tanzania to be precise!

Europeans (neither Greeks nor Romans) did not give civilization to Africa. Africa gave civilization to the whole world.

The Greeks in turn passed on the culture to the Romans. Then came the Moors another group of Black Africans spreading Islam in the 7th century. Black African Moors & those in Portugal, Spain began mixing & this intermarriage of blacks & whites led to the disappearance of the negroid skin colour in Europe. So the whites may have to thank the Moors! Black African Egyptians and Black African Moors are credited with civilizing European barbarians!

The whites man has always enjoyed projecting himself as superior – everything good has always been associated with white, everything bad as black. The ‘Middle Age’s white historians refer to as the ‘Dark Ages’ partly because they cannot reconcile to the fact that the Middle Ages were the periods of the great empires which were all predominately African and the white Europeans were a bunch of lawless barbarians. Ironically it was during the dark ages that the Moors had built public baths & introduced underwear & bathing with soap to the Europeans which Christians in Europe thought it a sin to be clean & human waste was thrown to the streets! The Moors had splendid palaces of marble while the European Kings were living in cold damp barns of unfinished stone. According to Norman McCreary, when Christian Europe had just 2 universities, the Moors had constructed 17 great universities, 800 public schools,

Whatever said Jesus is certainly not the white person he is currently projected. (this is what Jesus really looked like) It was in the African continent that both Christianity & Islam originated & spread.

While we have plenty of people to boast of the ‘White Man’s Burden’ in civilizing the world, in actual fact it was the Blacks that had civilized the whites in particular Europe. The first well-known literate civilization in Europe was that of the Minoans (Island of Crete 27th BC to 15th BC) Troy was an Anatolian City – the people were Black. Jesus was a Hebrew, Hebrews were Black.

In summary what needs to be clearly said is that we all need to return to the history books & rewrite history correcting all the false notions that white historians have been spreading.

The black history, the black civilizations cannot simply be erased & replaced with the perception that only whites civilized the world, were the master innovators & the superior race. Sadly, history is written by the white victors – ever since the time of papal bulls, Age of Discovery & Christianizing of the world, white supremacy together with white racism has prevailed. In reality everything originated from Africa & so why complain about Africans migrating to the first world afterall they helped civilize the world? Evidence clearly should nullify all false paintings, false documents, false theories.

Shenali D Waduge

5 Responses to “How civilized was the world before the white man invaded to civilize them?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Hail the High Caste Indians.

    We are the Dalits.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Well said Shenali. The white supremacists in the USA are now flexing their muscles. The President has gone on record as saying that all immigrants are animals. If anyone checks their genes I am sure they will all have some genes from their African ancestors. The whole world is a mixed up a melting pot of genes from everywhere. In any case, it is such a short life so why do people take so much pride in their caste, skin color or anything else?

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    When Yamapalanaya THIEVES FALL OUT ……

    Sobitha Thero should NOT BE HONORED, he should be REVILED as a MUTT with an INFLATED EGO for helping to ENGINEER the CURRENT NATIONAL DISASTER!


    Sri Lanka President deals a knuckle punch to PM

    May 30 (ECONOMYNEXT) President Maithripala Sirisena launched his most ferocious attack against the Prime Minister Wednesday and challenged his senior coalition partner to debate failures of their three-and-a-half-year-old administration.

    An emotional Sirisena lambasted Ranil Wickremesinghe accusing him of making concessions to former president Mahinda Rajapaksa and delaying prosecutions of corrupt members of the former regime.

    He was speaking at ceremony at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute to commemorate venerable Maaduluwawe Sobitha, an architect of the movement that propelled Sirisena to power in January 2015. Sirisena said he had not been invited for the event, but he was gatecrashing.

    He discounted allegations that troubles in the administration started when he attempted to take the leadership of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) after quitting it in late 2014 to contest the 2015 presidential election as a common opposition candidate.

    Several United National Party (UNP) stalwarts have said that Sirisena’s bid to seize the SLFP leadership triggered tensions within the fragile coalition and caused fissures which have now come out into the open.

    “There are people who are trying to make out that it is I who obstruct the prosecution of corrupt members of the former regime. If you want to know the truth, ask the relatives of Wasim Thajudeen and their lawyers,” Sirisena said.

    Through innuendo he suggested that Wickremesinghe had cut deals with the Rajapaksas and were protecting the corrupt.

    He said he had telephoned the air force chief on Wednesday morning to ask who ordered the release of helicopters for former president Rajapaksa to travel to Tangalle soon after his defeat in January 2015.

    “I was told that the then Air Force commander had been told that I wanted helicopters given, but they didn’t even inform me about such a thing,” he said suggesting that it was done by Wickremesinghe.

    Sirisena said he was also unaware of the 100-day program unveiled by the UNP-led government soon after his election.

    “What they should have done was ask for parliamentary elections the day after my victory,” Sirisena said. “They did not do that.”

    He threw an open challenge to any UNP leader to publicly debate with him about the failures of the current administration.

    He said when the late Sobitha thera organised a civil society movement to end the corrupt rule of the Rajapaksas, he did not ask the new government to “break the central bank.” The President hinted that the UNP was responsible for looting the central bank.

    He said the UNP government had also attempted to sell of state banks and it was he who stopped it. There was no immediate comment from the UNP.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    TRAITOR Sampanthan makes BARELY VEILED THREATS against Sri Lanka!


    International community cannot be spectator if Govt. failed: Sampanthan

    While claiming that the International community could not be a spectator anymore with regard to Sri Lanka, Leader of the Opposition and the Tamil National Alliance R. Sampanthan said today if the Government continued to fail in its commitments, the International Community must clearly state its position on follow up mechanisms to safeguard the victims and ensure non-recurrence of the past.

    He told this during a meeting with the visiting United States House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Delegation led by McClellan Thornberry in Colombo today.

    Mr Sampanthan urged the delegation that the role of the International Community with regard to Sri Lanka must be defined in relation to the UNHRC recommendations and that the International Community must ensure that the promises and the commitments given by the Sri Lankan Government were adhered to and implemented.

    He briefed the delegation on the current political situation in the country and emphasized the importance of both President and Prime Minister working together in order to find solutions to fundamental issues and taking this country forward.

    “We are unhappy about the way the country is progressing,” Mr Sampanthan told the delegation.
    Answering a question Sampanthan said, that “the majority of the people in this country were willing to address the national issue once and for all.

    “What is lacking is that the courage from the Sinhala leaders to go out to the people and explicitly tell them on the need for a new Constitution and the benefits of framing a new Constitution,” he said.

    “Some Sinhala political leaders are trying to satisfy the hardliners than being just and equal to all people in this country, they cannot go on this path forever, it will only end up in history being repeated,” Sampanthan said.

    “Especially the President and the Prime Minister must go to the Sinhala people and genuinely explain the need for a new Constitution. Since 1988 every successive Government and President have made several attempts to change the present Constitution, therefore, this should not be a difficult task for the majority of Sinhala people to understand,” he added.

    He said that they wanted a solution within a United, Undivided and Indivisible Country and added that the power-sharing arrangements should be in accordance with the international covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Expressing his concerns on the stalled process of drafting a new Constitution Sampanthan said that a new Constitution would pave the way to solve many issues that this country has faced including the heavy debt and economic prosperity, and therefore this effort cannot be abandoned.

    He said that the legitimate demands of the Tamil people in finding a lasting solution to the national question could only be addressed through adopting a new Constitution.

    Sampanthan highlighted that his party was confident that if the Constitution were passed in Parliament with a two-thirds majority it would be approved by the people at a referendum, which was necessary for a new Constitution.

    “We may have to rethink and our people will be forced to rethink our position if things do not go well and if things are not achieved within a certain timeframe,” he said.

    “The Government of Sri Lanka has given a Commitment to fully implement the UNHRC resolution adopted in 2015 before March 2019. It must fast-track the process to achieve those commitments,” he told the delegation.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    The SAME TRAITORS who ENGINEERED the Regime Change of Jan 8, 2015, and DROVE Mother Lanka to its KNEES, are LINING UP AGAIN to DISMEMBER Sri Lanka!


    Abolition of executive presidency: Civil society backs JVP’s 20 A
    May 30, 2018, 11:54 pm

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    A civil society grouping that had backed the 2015 change of government yesterday declared its unconditional support for the JVP’s 20th Amendment to the Constitution meant to further weaken the presidency.

    Civil society activists representing Purawesi Balaya (PB) and the National Movement for a Just Society (NMSJ) appreciated the JVP’s initiative while flaying President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for not taking tangible measures to fulfill the much-touted promise given at the last presidential poll, in 2015, to abolish the executive presidency.

    Addressing the media at the Center for Society and Religion (CSR), Maradana, co-convenor of PB Gamini Viyangoda, convenor of NMSJ Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya, Chairman of Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms Lal Wijenayake, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Javed Yusuf, Dr. Chandragupta Thenuwara and Wickremabahu Karunaratne underscored the importance of the JVP project against the backdrop of yahapalana leaders shirking their responsibility.

    Rebel LSSP veteran attorney-at-law Wijenayake said that the 20th Amendment to the Constitution should be examined as the constitutional making process had so far failed to make anticipated progress though a 20-member committee, led by PM Wickremesinghe, so far met on 78 occasions. Wijenayake alleged that President Sirisena and the vast majority of yahapalana ministers hadn’t commented on the contentious issue of abolition of the executive presidency.

    Wijenayake emphasized that executive powers pertaining to national security and Provincial Councils wouldn’t be tampered and there was absolutely no reason to be worried.

    The media was told that a key feature in the proposed 20th Amendment would be that the next president would be selected by members of parliament.

    Asked whether the civil society was comfortable in giving members of parliament the responsibility for electing the president at a time the parliament was enmeshed in corruption charges with some accused of receiving bribes and abuse of vehicle permits at the expense of the national economy, Viyangoda said that it would be the responsibility of the electorate to reject corrupt elements.

    When The Island pointed out that denial of nominations to corrupt elements should be the responsibility of respective political parties, Viyangoda said that they believed the executive presidency should be further weakened through the amendment proposed by the JVP. Having achieved that, he said the country could gradually improve governance structure step-by-step. Viyangoda urged political parties to sink their differences to restore democracy by transferring power to the parliament.

    Prof. Wijesuriya said that both President Sirisena and PM Wickremesinghe should be ashamed of their non-accomplishment of the abolition of executive presidency. Although President Sirisena vowed to do away with JRJ’s creation at yahapalana architect the late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha’s funeral in Nov 2015, he conveniently refrained from at least mentioning the promised abolition of the executive presidency at commemorative events in 2016 and 2017.

    Prof. Wijesuriya claimed that President Sirisena had been committed to do away with the executive presidency but appeared to have changed his mind following the death of the prelate. The civil society activist alleged that those around President Sirisena had influenced him.

    Commenting on UNP leader Wickremesinghe, Prof. Wijesuriya claimed that the premier seemed to have developed an interest in the presidency after he comfortably defeated a No-Confidence Motion (NCM) moved against him over treasury bond scams on April 4 this year.

    In the absence of national level political leadership, some had felt they could secure the presidency, the NMSJ convenor said.

    Prof. Wijesuriya urged Tamil and Muslim communities to think positively of the JVP proposal though they tend to believe executive presidency suited them.

    Responding to queries from the Tamil print media, Viyangoda insisted that the four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had not rejected the 20th Amendment. Viyangoda insisted that UNP MP Mano Ganesan’s opposition to the 20th Amendment should not be construed as the position of all Tamil speaking members, including those representing the TNA.

    Javed Yusuf recalled how the then PM Sirimavo Bandaranaike had turned down JRJ request to introduce the presidential elections system in 1972. Had that happened she would have been the first leader to exercise executive powers, the former Human Rights Commission member said.

    The civil society grouping said that it would continue its struggle even if the JVP’s bid failed to materialize. Asked by The Island whether the grouping would throw its weight behind the JVP at the next general election, in case the 20th Amendment failed to garner required support, Viyangoda said that such a decision couldn’t be made on that only. “We’ll have to take into consideration the entire gamut of issues before deciding whom to support at the next parliamentary polls.”

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