PC polls before year end of 1018-Declared President Maithripala Sirisena (A News item)
Posted on June 8th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara


  Why Provincial Councils at all, so why talk of elections, instead of abolishing this curse immediately? This is a crucial political decision long overdue some patriotic Statesman has to take in order to save this country   from an imminent political, economic, social and cultural disaster in the offing.  That will put an end to all divisive political manipulations and all federal, self-determination, self-rule and EELAM dreams of the Tamils. It will also save billions of dollars now spent for the upkeep of these monkey cages and piggeries, a classical political appendage that has burdened the nation for the past 31 years. Finally it will also relive us from the future subversive Indian invasions of this Island nation and conspiracies hatched to divide this country on ethnic basis with a dream of Indianization of this country.

Why don’t the people of this country get on to the streets and demand and force the Government at least now, to abolish these monkey cages and dens of thieves that have exponentially increased waste and corruption and completely ruined the decent political culture of this country for the past 31 years and multiplied separatists tendencies and communal agitations dragging the nation to complete disintegration on ethnic lines with no chance of redemption in future.

This is the billion Dollar question I pose to the entire nation in view of the President’s above statement which he appears to have made after a deep slumber?

I know it very well that no political party, including the UNP as well as all those who were against them in 1987 will ask for their abolition as they use these Councils members to net votes at the general elections. But for the general public these Councils are an eye sore when they see the way how public funds are been wasted criminally on the upkeep of these useless lotus eater Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Members, plethora of officials and the institutions that house them. Other than enjoying the luxuries of office, attending openings, weddings, funerals school functions like sport meets, temple functions, and various other social and private tamsas, roaming all over the world on pleasure trips and running all over the country to show their loyalty to their political masters,  misusing public funds, and collecting votes and funds for their political leaders in Colombo and herding people for their meetings like May day rallies and propaganda meetings of their masters in Parliament who in turn ruin the whole country and throwing their weight on the innocent and helpless masses on the other hand, I ask these parasitic creatures as to what service they to the people or the country that pay their salaries and ill-gotten fabulous perks

As all Sri Lankans know

1 These Provincial Councils were set up under the 13th Amendment stemming from the Rajiv/JR Accord of 29 July 1987       imposed on JR under duress by Indian manipulations to achieve its vicious  objectives of political ,economic and strategic ambitions in the Indian Ocean

2 This was designed by India to divide and destabilize this country as a part of its political invasion of this country firstly to appease Tamils in this country and secondly those in Tamilnadu to consolidate power at home.

3 13th A was opposed by the SLFP the main opposition at that time and JR got it passed undemocratically, against the wishes of the MPP using his dictatorial powers by imprisoning them in a hotel  I Gall face just before the Election Day.

4 It was rejected by a majority of Supreme Court judges, led by Judge Raja Wansundara, who heard the case against it, as unconstitutional

5 The past 31 years since its implementation it has taken the country from bad to worse

6 It also has destabilized the country’s governance beyond redemption and wasted billions of national wealth for no gain at all to the country and become a virtual curse to the nation, which otherwise could have been used for development and would also have reduced the  nation’s debt burden7

Why can’t the SLPP, as a group who constitutes the majority who opposed the 13th A in 1987 at least now agitate for the abolition of this tragic national curse. The people hate this system, their members and wanted them abolished for the past 30 years with no politician paid any head. Now that they already have the Local Government bodies in their hand to organize the election campaign for them at the village and the local levels there is no need for them to depend on a Provincial apparatus for elections. The Provincial Councils politicians are a non-entity now in this regard. In view of this hate of the masses against the Provincial system, if the SLPP can get them abolished, its vote base will undergo exponential rise at all future election.  Therefore the SLPP will not lose anything by getting them abolished. Instead people will definitely rally round the party as a mark of appreciation and gratitude for relieving them of this 31 year curse and disaster. But the UNP on the other hand need them to garner votes in all future elections at local levels hey have already lost the grass root level. As for President Sirisena, it is utterly irrelevant whether they are there or not for two reasons. Firstly the moment the elections are declared majority of these sitting Provincial Councilor’s will jump to the MR Camp and secondly, even otherwise his chances of getting his nominees elected are almost zero. Also whether they jump or not, over 95 % of the SLFP voters at the grass root level will vote with the MR Camp.

Furthermore MR also can make use of this golden opportunity to punish all those ungrateful rascals who have betrayed him after the 2015 elections and send them permanently to political wilderness. In this backdrop if the SLPP do this, I can assure that the grateful masses who have suffered for the past 31 years under this curse will rally round it in a manner nobody would ever imagined.  Besides increasing its vote base it will also be doing a yeoman service by this country and the nation, for liberating this country out of this wishful Indian trap that has already done enormous political and economic damage to this country and that will definitely play the main role in dividing and destabilizing this Island nation. I can assure you that the abolition of the Provincial Council curse on the part of MR will not be second to liberating the country from the LTTE in 2009 and it will definitely go down in history as another historic landmark in Rajapaksa legend.

Over to you SLPP brains to make use of this golden opportunity.

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