Quo Vadis Sirisena –Ranil ?
Posted on June 18th, 2018

by Charles.S.Perera

We have had a heroic political leader with a equally heroic Armed Forces to save the country from destruction and its people from the threat of death hanging over their heads . But unfortunate planetary changes had brought to power two destructive elements to lead a wrongly labelled Yahapalanaya Government to take our country and its people to destruction and ensuing suffering.

With the elimination of terrorism it was reported  that  the army Commander who for what ever unknown” reason  negotiated to  buy arms at the end of terrorism and recalled ex Army offices and housed them in two big hotels in Colombo…,  the Commander of the Army was thereafter arrested, court marshalled and herded into the Prison. This incident was  later used as a means to  insult and scandalise the President of Sri Lanka who saved the country  from terrorism, and brought peace and freedom to his people.

The Army Commander was maid a Field Marshal by the Yahaplanaya Government and later appointed as a Minister with the special duty of  making speeches in the Parliament  insulting, scandalising, reviling and abusing the former President Mahinda Rajapakse

The present Yahapalanaya politicians try to escape blame for their political misdeeds by putting responsibility for what ever death, kidnapping, murder that had taken place during the previous government directly to the Rajapakse family.

If one were to follow the same  pattern of throwing responsibility to President Rajapakse for all ills reported to have been committed at the time, we can do the same today to accuse without hesitation the President Maithripala Sirisena  responsible for the Bond scam as he authorised the appointment of a non Sri Lankan as the Governor of the Central Bank, for not refusing to  allow the Prime Minister to take the administration of the  Central Bank from the Ministry of Finance, and include it under his Ministry.  Maithripala Sirisena after the Central Bank theft was committed and the Criminals were identified did not ask his Prime Minister not to re-employ Arjun Mahendran as an advisor to the Prime Minister.

President  Sirisena further waited a long time after the Bond scam to appoint a Commission  of inquiry, and after receiving the report of the Commission, the President only presented a part of the report having removed hundreds of pages from it.

Under these circumstances should not the President Maithripala Sirisena be accused for the negligence of  his duty as the executive President for having knowingly or unknowingly allowed the theft of the Central Bank by the Minister in-charge of the Central Bank, the Governor of the Central Bank and others ?  The President Maithripala Srisena has seemingly played a part in the Central Bank  Bond Scam .


What is happening to Buddhism under  disastrous Yahapalanaya ?

The Sinhala and Buddhism have become victims of the Yahapalanaya Government which is giving priority to a reconciliation with the Tamil Community. It is their effort to keep their Western benefactors happy and receive the applause of the Tamil Diaspora and Western Human Right activists and the local NGO agents that they got even the Venerable Galabodaatte Gnanasara thero arrested.

The Tamil politicians including Wigneswaran who is doing all he can to become a part of the Tamil Community of the North as he had separated himself from the Tamils since his birth, studying in the South and becoming a Judge and got his sons marry women from Sinhala families. After his retirement and invited by the TNA to become the Chief Minister he had a guilty feeling for not being a real Tamil. Therefore now he is doing his utmost to become one by accusing the Sinhala indiscriminately for genocide of   Tamils, and demanding  to make a Tamil only Province and remove the Military camps from the North.

Wigneswarana, Sampanthan and other Tamil politicians keep on telling lies to discredit Sinhala and Buddhism demanding Constitutional changes to make Sri Lanka a secular country without giving special protection to Buddhism.

But if the Sinhala Politicians and Buddhist Priests speak out the truth they are arrested prosecuted and put in Prison. Venerable Galabodaatte  Gnanasara thero never said a lie. He would threaten but he would not physically harm any one. Therefore there is no reason that a  Sinhala Buddhist Judge should have found him guilty for  threatening a woman in court, and sentence him to a prison term as an ordinary man.

No one has the right to disrobe a monk for whatever reason, and it was wrong if the Judge passing judgement did not instruct the Prison authorities to treat the Venerable G.Gnanasara thero with  the respect due to him as a Buddhist  Monk. Law is one thing,  but this is a Buddhist Country and the Judges should know how they use the law intelligently.

There is either something wrong with the legal system or the Government or the lack of developed  thinking of the Judges who make judgements. In English law there is a law of equity which is the fairness in the interpretation of law which goes beyond the common law.

These laws  have trained the British  judges to be fair in making judgments without remaining strictly within the law. Some judgements of English Judges like Lord Denning are classic interpretation of law.  Do our Sri Lanka judges have that capacity to go beyond the law without breaking the laws but yet be fair in the judgements ?

No ! our Judges are not so delicate and philosophic. The recent judgement  made against Venerable Gnanasara Thero a Buddhist Monk in a Buddhiust country is a shame  which one feels ashamed of Sri Lanka judiciary.  It should have been the duty of the judge to give the prison authorities instruction to treat the venerable monk differently from other prisoners. To force a Buddhist Priest to get into a prisoners pant is in it self a criminal offence in the face of the Buddhists who venerates  him , whatever the offence he had committed.

It had been said that there were occasions the Buddhist monks were reprimanded for not getting up from their seats when the Judge enters into the Court.  There were monks remanded for having kept an elephant in the Temple. It is true that every one no matter what his standing in society is equal before the law, but surely there should be an exception in the case of a Venerable Monk as Sri Lanka is no more a British Colony but a sovereign State with a 2600 year old Buddhist Culture.

Of course the court verdict has been hailed by the anti Buddhist foreign elements such as the Omar Waraich of the Amnesty International.

Venerable Gnanasara thero’s incarceration is part of Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya Government’s reconciliation efforts to please the Tamil politicians and the West.

In the mean time Buddhist monks are being shot in their temples. The dead Bodies of Buddhist monks are being refused to be cremated in the North by the Tamil Provincial Councilors. What has  President Sirisena got to say ? Has Yahapalanaya forgotten that Sri Laka is a Sinhala Buddhist country ?

Sirisena Ranil duo should get the Venerable Gnanasaro thero released from the prison and apologise to the Maha Sangha and the Sinhala Buddhists for the Judgement given by a Sinhala Judge against  Venerable Maha Thero Galabodaattte Gnanasara.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dawasey Pada 4

    Sura sapa soya yahapalana sanakeliyey

    Horu dun salli aragena pirisak joliyey

    Athuley dedeneki sirabath kathi thaliyey

    Jampara andiya yuthu maha pirisak eliyey!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    My APOLOGIES to Charles for this OFF-TOPIC comment on an URGENT PROBLEM that affects our YOUTH.

    The CONSOLIDATION and REDUCTION in the NUMBER of O/L SUBJECTS from 9 to 6 as proposed by Minister Akila Viray Kariawasam is a GOOD IDEA that will REDUCE the BURDEN on Children.

    According to this proposal, the NEW O/L SUBJECTS will be: Religion, (Sinhala/Tamil) Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science (Presumably including Physical Sciences, BioSciences, Environmental Sciences etc), Citizenship and Sociology (Including History, Geography and Civics), and English (Language and Literature).

    A very important item that is MISSING from this LIST is Information and Computer Technology (ICT), which I hope they will ADD as a 7th Subject for the O/L, thus reducing the current 9 subjects to 7 subjects.

    As a person currently sponsoring the education of a large number of children in Sri Lanka, I am PERSONALLY aware of the HUGE BURDEN placed on young children preparing for the O/L exam and the CRYING need to reduce that BURDEN, while increasing the DEPTH of knowledge imparted to them in the retained subjects.

    However, an EVEN GREATER PROBLEM faced by these children is the DEGRADATION of TEACHING STANDARDS in both Govt and Private schools they attend.

    This COMPELS THEM to go for EXPENSIVE TUITION CLASSES most parents can barely afford. In my day, I did not attend ONE TUITION CLASS when preparing for my O/L and A/L exams and I received quality instruction at school. Today, no student can expect to perform well without attending outside tuition classes, because the teaching in the schools they attend is abysmally poor!

    The SO CALLED FREE EDUCATION in Govt schools is a VERY BAD JOKE PERPETRATED on the students and their anxious tax-paying parents. Public school teachers MOONLIGHT as TUITION CLASS TEACHERS who treat their MAIN JOB at the public schools as a guaranteed sinecure that is SECONDARY to their MAI INCOME from conducting TUITION CLASSES! The public schools …. at the O/L and A/L ….. only serve to provide facilities, such as science laboratories and libraries, that tuition providing institutions cannot muster!

    Therefore, FREE EDUCATION in Sri Lanka is a VAST SYSTEMATIC CONSPIRACY that SIPHONS OFF public Funds but DOES not DELIVER the anticipated LEVEL OF QUALITY TEACHING.


    NO AMOUNT of FINE TUNING the O/L and A/L CURRICULA will FIX this CANCEROUS PROFIT-DRIVEN STRUCTURAL PROBLEM in the SYSTEM OF EDUCATION that has taken root in Sri Lanka within the last 50-years!

    No plans to remove any subjects from GCE/O Level Syllabus – Education Minister
    Mon, Jun 18, 2018, 10:51 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 18, Colombo: Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says that there is no attempt to remove history, language or any other subject from the GCE Ordinary Level syllabuses.

    The Minister said some parties seeking narrow political gains are mixing education with politics and condemning such attempts said bankrupt political parties will never be allowed to use education for their political slogans.

    In 2013, the report of the National Education Commission chaired by Prof. Lakshman Jayatilleka, has recommended including six subjects for the GCE ordinary level and the six subjects included religion, language and literature, mathematics, science, citizenship and sociology as well as English. Geography, history and civics have been included in the citizenship and sociology subject, the Minister explained.

    Speaking to a local Sinhala daily Dinamina, Minister Kariyawasam said there is a social dialogue currently that the current syllabus is overburdening the children and he is ready to make changes based on a scientific approach.

    The Minister said he regrets that the bankrupt joint opposition or any other party mixing the education with politics for their advantage.

    The Minister further explained that the report of the commission formed by former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2013 was received in 2016.

    Minister Kariyawasam assured that he will not take decisions about education based on narrow political goals.

  3. Charles Says:

    Dear Ananda USA I am sorry you are not conceredn about the imprisonment of a Buddhist Monk. He was a man who told loud what others mumbled silently. He defended the Sinhala , defending the Sinhala is defending Buddhism. Buddhism is the Identity of Sri Lanka. Without it we are worthless.

    When Buddhism is being spread in the World, in Sri Lanka which had been sanctified by the compassionate Buddha by his visits, where Buddhism was established in a united country by Venerable Mahinda Maha Thero when there were neither Muslims nor Tamils at the time, is being defied by Tamils and Muslims today demanding that no more Buddhist Statues should be built in the North and East and make Sri Lanka a secular country giving every religion an equal official recognition. If we the Sinhala Buddhists turn away from this dangerous move that would be the end of 2600 or more years of a Buddhist Culture. Venerable Gnanasaara Maha Thero was impriosned purposely to weaken the Sangha, to weaken Buddhism . Venerable Gnanasara Thero did not kill any one to have sentenced him to Prison.

    You could have started your own thred Ananda on the School issue, which we still do not know how it will end as all projects of Yahapalanaya !!!

  4. Christie Says:

    Nanasara does not look like or at least behave as a Buddhist monk.

    Discipline is the most important for monk or any other person.

    Any comments on my first one and this comment.

  5. Charles Says:

    Ananda USA excuse me but I wondered whether you are working for some one’s agenda as when a burning question of the day had been raised levelling accusations against the Yahapalanaya, you distract attention to point out what you think is a positive move of the Yahapalanaya. Are you any where close to where Loenzo is ?

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Charles,

    As a person who has agreed with you 200% in the past on defending Sinhala Buddhists, I am quite sad that you chose to question my motives wjust because I had posted an off-topic yet important issue on your thread. I thought that as a friend at LankaWeb of long standing you would not mind. Needless to say, I have no connection with Lorenzo.

    Therefore, in the future I will strictly avoid commenting on your articles.

  7. Charles Says:

    Dear Ananda USA, I am so sorry I hurt you. Please do not give me up for that I like you even when you make irrelevant comments on my articles. You are a long standing friend and you cannot drop me like that . Can you ? You cannot possibly get angry for what I write even if I asked whether you are following Katussa. Forget about it and pardon this old man.

    You cannot trust the UNP, they do nothing without an ulterior motive. They give utmost priority to reconciliation with Tamil politicians. There is trouble brewing about their trying to drop History from school curriculum in the North and East.

    OK ! Ananda, We are friends aren’t we ?

  8. Christie Says:

    “But unfortunate planetary changes had brought to power two destructive elements to lead a wrongly labelled Yahapalanaya Government to take our country and its people to destruction and ensuing suffering.”

    How on earth Budhists believe in the above statement.

    Sobitha divided the Sinhala votes with his good governance.

    Nanasara alienated Muslims and Christians from voting Mahinda.

    Indian parasite block vote did the job.

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