Patriotic SLFPers  and UNPers, unite behind Pohottuwa! Away from ‘Politics as Usual’ & a practical alternative to Old UNP and Old SLFP
Posted on August 28th, 2018


28 Aug 2018

Under Yahapalanaya, country has gone to dogs literally and metaphorically! All what has happened to our Motherland since the coming to power of this traitorous administration is all around us to see. After three and a half years they still keep promising new things, new projects all very ethereal and not real. There is no law and order, there is no governance, there is no justice. Even the Sky Gods are angry and all what one can see is utter devastation all over Sri Lanka year after year. All what we see is clearly the opposite of ‘good governance’ – a Jadapalanaya.

What happened to Saadharana Samajayak ?

In 2015 people went chasing a mirage called Saadharana Samajayak – a Just Society and we know where we have ended up today. Even as they were speaking of a Yahapalana Administration – A Good Governance Administration, those at the very top were planning and laying the foundations of how to rob the Central Bank and thereby rob the entire nation. For a start it is obvious that the those who were behind Regime Change in Jan 2015, were planning to destroy and pauperize Sri Lanka. The facts and prima facie evidence before us show that the foundations of stealing the Central Bank and thereby improvising the nation were laid out, and were all there, and well before Maithree Palanayak came into effect. It is now quite apparent that Maithripala Sirisena was just the cat’s paw the UNP stalwarts used so cunningly to bring about this change. He is just Karapincha now – just biding his time, not knowing whether he is coming or going – just a big bag of bad wind!

Who is responsible for the Central Bank Bond Scam and other?

This is only a miniscule of what happened thereafter. First was the direct loss, and then the repercussions of the scam. This is akin to dropping the ‘atom bomb’ and then the ‘fall out’. It is like those who suffer from Radiation Sickness and die months and years after the first bomb drop, though not injured by the first blast! The fall out from the Bond Scam paved way to increased interest rates, depreciation of the Rupee, ballooning of foreign loans and increased taxes to the entire nation and many more.

They continue to rob through Coal Tender, BMW purchases, Rice purchases after destroying the local farmers by denying their fertilizer subsidies only to name a few.

If someone, makes all the ground work for a robbery – taking the Central Bank under one’s supervision and administration, then find suitable persons to carryout the robbery – Arjun Mahendran knowing his son-in-law is a primary dealer  gives necessary instructions – change the mode of bidding from Direct Placement to Auction, change the requisite bond amount, use government’s own funds – Employees Provident Fund and Bank of Ceylon among others to facilitate the bond transactions with deleterious consequences to those funds, then certainly that someone should be the Chief Robber, culprit and the mastermind. Then why is Ranil Wickramasinghe still not indicted of a financial fraud and a crime against the nation. Are the funds thus compromised and diminished in value, public property? Isn’t defrauding public funds an unbailable offence?

National Security – Food Security – Cultural Security?

There is no progress, nor food security nor security for the person. Year on year elections are delayed, but they still talk of democracy. Relentless attack on Buddhism continues unabated with dozens of Buddhist priests behind bars on frivolous charges. However, the mastermind of the Central Band Bond Scam continues to be the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. In any other self respecting nation, the Prime Minister would have voluntarily resigned even if not personally implicated. j

The Sri Lankan electorate must be realistic. There is no point in asking for the moon, we must be pragmatic and go for attainable goals here and now for the general welfare of the Sri Lankan people.  People of Sri Lanka should not be taking chances just in the way they stumbled in the dark and took a leap of faith in electing Sirisena. Electing a President should not be a gamble. It should be a well thought out and deliberate action. The educated, the clergy must help the nation in guiding the nation in the right direction and educating the masses on real politics not wishful thinking!

Democracy, Human Rights of Western Christian nations

Practically we must go for the least offensive political grouping who has a good chance of winning at the elections. There is no point in broad brushing all as ‘no good’ and trying to achieve the unattainable utopia advocated by crooked Yahapalana advocates, Western Powers and the NGO hordes both local and foreign. There is no country in the world where a Just Society could be found. There is no country in the world where there is Good Governance. Everywhere in the world there is corruption and they vary only in degree. The fact that the western world is crying about one percent owning the 99% is just the indication of the level of corruption and the influence peddling one finds in these countries.

We saw what happened in electing JR Jayawardene who promised a Dharmista Samajayak only to end up with capitulating to India, making Sri Lanka literally a vassal state of India  and a 30 year war – the longest war in the 20th Century!

The war crimes committed by the western countries pales into insignificance any that has been carried out by the security forces of Sri Lanka. Is there any country in the world that can rival the feats of our Armed Forces in how they carried out a humanitarian exercise that rescued over 300,000 civilians kept as human shields by the terrorist LTTE? Has anybody taken trouble to see how the victorious US treated those who were affected by the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. US doctors and other scientists came to inspect,  and observe those affected only to see the effects of radiation affected innocents and not to treat them. These are well documented. Previous to the bombing they meticulously photographed and documented these cities so that they can thereafter calculate accurately the ‘kill capacity’ of the bombs. These two cities were kept out of conventional bombing just for this purpose! The kind of thinking and morality these nations ascribed to do not equate well with what they advocate to other lesser nations as sacrosanct!

Pohottuwa – a practical alternative to Old UNP and Old SLFP

It is essential that the Sri Lanka needs a new political grouping. For me this grouping is Pohottuwa with Gotabhaya as the candidate for President with the blessings of Mahinda the former President.

Both the SLFP and the UNP are now beyond their ‘use by date’ and must be allowed to wither and die their natural death. When one looks at the parliamentarians in these two parties it is obvious to see, they have maneuvered themselves into their current positions of power only for personal gain and in doing so for the detriment of the country’s economy, security and its cultural degradation. They cared little other than to enrich themselves and their families and friends alone. Today they have painted themselves into a corner from which they cannot come out without getting soiled!

Sri Lanka is in the current plight since Independence and even before due to its weak and suicidal involvement in minority politics. Ever since the bifurcation of the Sinhala polity as a result of SWRD Bandaranaike breaking away from the UNP the country has been at the mercy of Racist Tamils and now since recently at the hands of the economically powerful fundamentalist Islamists. If this type of politics is to continue and it is going to be ‘politics as usual’ in the future too there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Sri Lanka and not definitely for the Sinhala majority who have tried their best to live and let live trying to accommodate minority wishes, demands and aspirations. For them what remains is only political hara-kiri if they are to give away what continues to be demanded. For the minorities is just as Separatist S J V Chevanayakam use to say – Little now, more later”. It is not difficult to see where these aspirations are leading the country to – they are definitely going towards total domination by Racist Tamils leading to balkanizing of Sri Lanka. This will eventuate in the North still feeding on the balance of Sri Lanka as their cash cow. Just let us say Sri Lanka gives way to Eelam and now there are two countries Eelam and Sri Lanka or what is left of it? Will there be peace thereafter? Only result will be an over 300 km border which is undefined, that bifurcates existing villages, divide waterways and other common resources and political affiliations. This will open up a hitherto non existing problems that will lead to open warfare.

What the Islamists are planning is even more sinister.  They are planning to take full control of Sri Lanka through gradual land grabbing such as is happening in  Wilpattu, Land buying in the economic centres and in the hinterland through population explosion and economic might supported with Middle East funds. Their plan for total Islamisation works like a cancer and has been proved to be extremely effective. This has happened elsewhere in Maldives, Bagladesh, Indonesia, Malysia and other. This is also the reason why Myanmar is extremely cautious about the Rohingyas and their status within Myanmar!

It is best that the old SLFP gives way to Pohottuwa so that all the bad things associated with its past can be left behind with Sirisena and Choura Ragina. Like the elephant carcass it should float away into the ocean with the last left over crows and vultures to perish and go into political oblivion. There is nothing, simply nothing that can be salvaged from those who are still clinging to Sirisena or of the Old SLFP! It has served its purpose, done more damage than good to the Sinhala people!

The reason Gotabhaya should be the candidate is, because even if possible –  a Mahinda administration still means ‘politics as usual’. For him politics is a numbers game which in fact it is.  He still has ‘old loyalties’ that are inimical to the well being of a future Sri Lanka. His gamble still is to get whoever on his side and continue with politics as usual. This is why the nation must be wary of who sides with Pohottuwa too! If it is a continuation of the old politics whereby we have no escape from minority politics of unending appeasing and gratifying the devil, then we are planning to fail.  There is another way and that is to unite the divided Sinhalese and undo what happened in 1951 and the conditions that led to the bifurcation of Sinhala Polity. What Bandaranaike did in 1956 is only to climb on Sinhala movement not very different to what Champika Ranawaka is attempting to do now – riding roughshod over others shoulders!

The solution for  Sri Lanka is for the majority of Sinhalese -those in the SLFP and the UNP to rally behind Gotabhaya for there  is no essential difference in their political outlook – be it in politics, in economic strategies or other. We need a new and young team of politicians, more educated and more patriotic than the self serving oldies left in both of these two political parties.

It is only a government dominated by the Sinhalese who can bring meaningful solutions, peace and genuine reconciliation to Sri Lanka’s peoples, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.  Any dilution of this effort by the selfish demands of minorities – Racist Tamils and Islamic Fundamentalists will keep our Motherland mired forever in the quagmire of unending divisive and suicidal politics of yesteryear. Any administration that comes into power with the help and blessings of these ‘Shylocks’ is doomed for disaster and failure and will be a continuation of our sordid past.

Therefore it is of paramount importance for the majority Sinhalese to unite behind Gotabhaya to put an end forever to the internecine minority politics.  This way it is possible for Gotabhaya to get elected without agreeing to impossible concessions to minorities just for the sake of forming a government. It is these demands by never satisfied and never satisfiable minorities that devastated the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and made it the now oft spoken Tear Drop at the end of India.

 It behooves well for all – be they Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim of whatever religious denomination to unite behind Pohottuwa and elect Gotabhaya to bring collective prosperity to Sri Lanka in the years ahead!

3 Responses to “Patriotic SLFPers  and UNPers, unite behind Pohottuwa! Away from ‘Politics as Usual’ & a practical alternative to Old UNP and Old SLFP”

  1. Christie Says:

    We Sinhalese Budhists, Muslims and Christians have to unite and stand up to India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

  2. Christie Says:

    Please note my comments are moderated and appear much later. This is the norm if you criticize India or Indian Colonial Parasites.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    This is a well argued essay. Totally agree with your analysis. This is the way forward for the country.

    “It is these demands by never satisfied and never satisfiable minorities that devastated the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and made it the now oft spoken Tear Drop at the end of India”. You have put it well.

    But I’d like to add to the ‘never satisfied and never satisfiable minorities’ the following: the bloc of voters that have always subscribed to pro-Western ideologies slowly evolved over the decades into what is today vaguely known as neo-liberalism usually identified with the UNP (most UNP supporters among ordinary voters have no idea about this), and the leftists (the veterans – who prioritized class wars over patriotic struggles aimed at national rejuvenation – are now on the nationalist camp, and so least harmful, but the JVP and its offshoot PG (Peratu Gami)s into which the legendary leftists have degenerated are now playing the destructive role that their ancestors, probably unwittingly, played. It is these three forces that traditionally obstructed the appropriately left leaning forward march of post-independence SL generally led by the SLFP. The latest to join these three reactionary blocs is the JHU. The SLFP is no more, but it is being reborn as a more modernized and more enlightened political grouping in the form of the Pohottuwa (SLPP).

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