MMDA need to be implemented with or without ACJU – A REJOINDER
Posted on August 30th, 2018

Dr.Reffai Sri Lankan Association of Muslim Women & Girls

Assalamu alaikum.

I am shocked by this scathing attack on one of the oldest leading organisation of the community – namely ACJU. This article  has nothing to do with MMDA rather a vitriolic run down on ACJU.

Before responding to the accusations, though I am not a member of ACJU, I would like to ask the erudite writer where in the world  did he get this notion that “MMDA  ….. is misused/misapplied  by ulemas  to make girls victims as they are given in ‘marriage’ easily to fun-seeking  foreign ( mostly from the Gulf) men mulch older and, in some cases  married to many others back in their  countries.”  – as  much as I am familiar with the grass root level girls and  women, I have not come across a single case where any  ulema did anything of the sort. I would expect the writer to give  actual details of such cases if there are any.  Or else he is committing a grave slander against the ulemas of this country.

That being said, yes it is true ACJU is far from a perfect organisation of theologians but  it is unfair to expect it to be, since we are in a country which has various  aqeeda and anyone passing out from any madrasa, not only from  Srilanka but from  any country,  can become a member of ACJU – so it is anything but homogeneous – as it will consist of ulemas with a variety of views on any matter and usually the view of the head of the ACJU prevails or is presented.

However, the Srilankan Muslim community has no proper leadership. Politicians have miserably failed to give leadership and even organisations such as MCSL and NSC are sorely lacking in leadership due to various reasons mainly due to a lackadaisical attitude and lack of perseverance in any matter. Obviously knee jerk reactions, that too, very delayed at times, only when some problems crop up and then going into slumber back again, is not a sign of leadership.

In this back drop the only semblance of leadership we have is from the ACJU. It does have many strengths,  and is performing many meritorious acts, which I suggest Mr. Latheef to inquire from the head of ACJU and find out.  Meanwhile on matters which need absolute thorough knowledge of theology – a he calls it – which means really a knowledge of Quran and Sunna – when it comes to the MMDA,  if we are to call on every Jill, Jane and Mary to come forward to give verdicts (sic. fathwas), we certainly will be doomed.

MMDA matters are not simple matters like road traffic rules to change as and when we fancy. These will have long lasting impact on the society specially the female sector. They have to be changed, if at all,  having studied the problems properly and knowing the reality in today’s context and having the Quran and sunna as the back drop. I spoke to one of the spokes –  person in the ladies group which had a press conference regarding this matter and when asked how many  children she knows who are married younger than 18, she said  very  few but when asked how many she knows who were married at an older age and are miserable, she said many many. She did accept the fact that we have no records of any figures of the number of child marriages or how they are fairing.

Pray, I’D LIKE TO KNOW, what  the writer implies by ” If Muslim women’s views are not respected and required changes to MMDA are not made they (Women) too are likely to show their displeasure at the next polls and, as the trend goes they cannot be dictated even by their husbands about how they will vote.” – What in the world has the voting   to do with change to MMDA? WHEN DID THE HUSBANDS DICTATE  THE WIVES HOW TO VOTE? And if they did, is it a good thing we should preserve? Confusing.

What we need  is really not a total change just because some feel so. We must remember the maxim ” It is important to change when it is important to change and it is important not to change, when it is important not to change.”

First of all, what we need to do is a proper study on the situation at present; number of child marriages actually  taking place, and how they have fared in the past, what is the number of divorces among Muslims relating to marriage ages, the despicable situation of the qazis, the number of polygamy taking place and why etc. etc. With these hard facts in hand we can decide whether we do need a change or not.

More than anything, what we need to do most is to continuously educate the public specially the men, who will be the fathers and husbands of the girls, on the importance of  giving the rights of the women in their families,  as well as fulfilling their obligations according to shariah laws in order to please Allah. This can be done only  through ACJU – just castigating them and shunning them will only aggravate the situation.

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One Response to “MMDA need to be implemented with or without ACJU – A REJOINDER”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Idea is to get the baby machines to produce enough babies (votes). Earlier the better so you can have more and
    more votes. What these brainwashed (brainless) mythical god followers don’t want to know is it is going to end up
    in bloodshed. That’s what happened in Myanmar. Bangladeshis crept over the border to fertile Myanmar over
    long periods and multiplied and multiplied thinking dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick will work in modern days.

    Old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, malvies, malaysia, indonesia were converted to mussies
    countries within a few hundred years mussies arriving in those countries with their baby machine wives and
    multiplied and multiplied and outnumbered the natives. The dirty, disgusting, sub human trick worked in the
    olden days since people didn’t know until the menace came to their doorstep. But today’s tv, internet, mobile
    phone connected world people going to know and going to fight back to save their livelihoods. So uncontrolled
    mussie multiplying going to end up in a bloodbath. That’s certain. Will mussies ever understand or admit. Of
    course not, The brainwashed mussies think we start killing unbelievers and the natives will hand it over a plate.
    Will they?

    Year 0000 or year 600 no cars, no planes, no tv, no phones etc etc. and people believed in anything. So is there
    any wonder people believed in mythical gods. Today, we know how all the creatures on the planet came to
    being thanks to Charles Dawin who showed it is no god’s work. Then his book, The Tree of Life, explained how
    all the creatures came to being. All the life started with just one cell and multiplied and multiplied randomly to
    produce different species. Today all the honest people on the planet accept the Theory of Evolution to be true.

    Then NASA’s missions showed the world the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe where
    to this day no scientists knows the edges are. For a start, the Sun, which support all the life on the solar system
    is 93 MILLION MILES away from us.. To accept all this is god’s work is, difficult to understand in the year 2018.

    Buddhism disappeared from india quickly since it didn’t fit the indian society with caste system, inequality etc
    rampant society. Buddhism isn’t a religion of convenience. Buddhism is the only religion in the world, which
    passes the science test with flying colours. It shows humans to escape being reborn or get a better life in the
    next birth while all these other religions encourage to cheat yourself only to pay for your sins in the next life.

    Look at the night sky and the stars you see are billions of miles away from the ‘grain of sand’. They look so tiny
    due to their distance from us. Some of them could be even be suns in different solar systems. God’s work. The
    year is 2018. Not 0000 or 600!

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