The Naked Truth
Posted on September 11th, 2018


We are grateful to Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and the Island-7th Sept- for the discussion on the war crimes probe initiated by the OISL Geneva with regard to the last phase of war against the Tamil Tigers.

Field Marshall who commandeered the army in its fight to liberate 20 million Sri Lankans from the yoke of terrorist LTTE, have touched on very crucial issues which should receive the urgent attention of the President Maithripala Sirisena who had been reiterating the fact that he will not allow any measures to punish the men of the war winning armed forces by the international organizations.

Field Marshall had emphasized that the number of civilians killed were around 4000-5000 which is very close to figures compiled by UK military sources revealed to the world by Lord Naseby. He also stressed that the number of civilians killed had been exaggerated. He also recollected the presence of the ICRC in the theatre of war except for a very short period in which they operated a ship with observers.

With the reports of the UK and US military sources confirming that the Sri Lankan defence forces had conducted a disciplined military campaign and for them to walk off with a highly political agenda, the foreign powers and the OISL made a heavy weather of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan defence forces have been given a bad name and their fate is indeed uncertain with the OISL resolution being co -sponsored by the Sri Lankan government and pursued thro various organizations and visiting officials from Geneva.

It is in this context that the President Sirisena should intervene and inquire why the Prime Minister and some in the Cabinet had acted selectively and discriminately to accept only the  OISL pantomime but refusing to seek the most relevant views of the General who led the army, the men with the specialist knowledge in international affairs and most critically reports by Lord Naseby, the UK and the US military missives.

The Nation which owes a debt of gratitude to the Defence forces for liberating them from bomb exploding LTTE hopes that the President and the ex Army Chief will consider to turn the scale and find their tongues to restore the dignity of Sri Lanka.


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