War Crimes of the Liberators |
Posted on September 17th, 2018

hazards and catastrophes

US soldiers fought for democracy and the freedom of other nations. Yet in the course of military operations, they too committed war crimes. Most of them never followed up on, let alone punished.

In the wake of the Allies’ advance against Hitler’s tyranny, there were numerous atrocities committed by the victors, not only in the East. Apart from their medals, some American soldiers also kept a dark secret. GIs killed German prisoners of war and raped thousands of German women.

Estimates of the number of German victims vary widely, and are highly disputed among experts. Not least because they touch on a taboo, since for decades in Germany the subject had been considered as a potential strain on the relation between the Federal Republic of Germany and its Western Allies.

According to some historians there were several thousand sexual assaults by American soldiers in Bavaria alone when US forces liberated the region in April 1945. At some invasion beaches in Normandy, only every second Germnn POW survived. Often, the liberators – shocked by the sight of German atrocities – would fall into a spiral of violence. Very few of these crimes came under investigation by US military courts. Studies by the US War Department hinting at a comparatively high number of transgressions were classified secret.

WAR CRIMES OF THE LIBERATORS follows the deficiencies of discipline and military justice in the US Army using unpublished documents and moving statements by US soldiers as well as their victims.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    No country has killed innocent civilians and destroyed historic countries in the world than America. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth. Because they are the super power no country or individual open their mouths. They question others while they do the killings at ease. See Iraq and Libya. Two of the most powerful and historic countries in the world. You saw how these western hypocrites destroyed those countries and killed their popular leaders? Now Syria and little by little trying shrewdly and cowardly to destroy us Sri Lanka. They are trying through their proxies who are enemies of this land and fought a battle for many years without any success except their Leaders and cadres got killed by our heroes of our nation. When we have spineless leaders it’s easy for these western hypocrites to have easy access to the country. The two current leaders Sirisena and Ranil both are responsible for the situation we are in today. Someday they need to answer in the people’s court and face the people’s verdict. Sooner is better than late.

  2. Christie Says:

    I cannot understand why we Sinhalese worry about what the Yanks are doing what they have done.

    look at what India and Indians have done to us Sinhalese with their terrorists the LTTE and the JVP.

    Indian armed forces the Jawans are killing locals of Indian occupied Kashmir and indigenous people in the Indian Union.

    USA has powerful Indian parasites who directs USA policies in the Indian Ocean.

    Athul Keshap is the best example.

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