Right to reply …. Going Loco in Colombo!
Posted on September 25th, 2018


Dr Sarath Obeysekera

September 24, 2018, Opinion in Daily   Island …………


I get in to a bus and tender my fare and stretch out my hand for the bus ticket, and the bus conductor ignores me and goes to collect the fare from the other passengers! And this is despite the fact that issuance of a ticket has been made mandatory by law!

I go to a fish monger to buy a kilo of fish, and he adds some unwholesome pieces to get the correct weight. When I question him about it he says not so politely “Take it or leave it.” And it makes me wonder “wow, what a way to get my money’s worth!”

I go to the bank to do a transaction and wait in a queue, a politician comes along and he is escorted to the bank teller ahead of me! I say to myself “Come on, is he not my representative? Then why am I being overlooked here?”

I go to a travel agent to inquire about a place I would like to visit. He explains the whole process involved and at the end of it he says “I am sure what you see there will leave you breathless.” I say no thank you to him and walk out of his office. Why? You tell me, if I am left breathless will there be any life in me?

I take my dog for a walk and I meet a guy from the neighbourhood and he asks me “Are you taking your dog for a walk?” And I wonder why he is asking me this question. Does it seem that am I not taking my dog for a walk?

I tune on the radio and the announcer says, “You are listening to the number one radio station in the country.” I change the station and that announcer also says, “You are listening to the number one radio station in the country.” Now I am dumbstruck as to how there can be more than one number one radio station in the country!

A couple of months ago I went to get my new national ID. As I had paid for the same day service I was given a number and asked to wait in a certain area, which was crowded. As such, several others I had to stand and wait (so much for convenience!). Those of us who were at the back of the place could not hear the numbers being called out as they were not using a PA system for this purpose. Although they had monitors to display the numbers called, they were not operational. After spending a quite a lot of time I managed to get the clearance to hand over the relevant documents to the officer in charge. That day I was at the Registrar of Persons Department from around eight in the morning till about seven in the evening, but could not get my new NIC. Then I was told by a person working there thatI had to come the following day to collect it, which I did. Now what I am confused about is I pay the required amount of money for same day service, but I have to go the following day to collect my NIC. Now don’t you think they should reimburse part of the money I paid them for same day service?

Now when you consider all what I have mentioned above does the caption ‘Going Loco in Colombo’ make sense to you or is it just nonsense?


I whole heartedly agree with M. JOSEPH A. NIHAL PERERA with the content of his opinion about Colombo ,

I would like to add more to his opinion with a snippet published sometime back, which may be applicable not only for Colombo but all of Sri Lanka


We  read daily about doctors going on strike with no compassion and kindness towards ordinary people .When you watch TV you could see poor people travel far to get treatment lamenting on OPD waiting for doctors to see them.

Today I was listening to the radio, and heard about wildlife officers on strike .An elephant after being shot on the leg was lying in a irrigation water tank and suffering for days as Wild life Vets were not prepared to rescue the poor animal .

Yesterday we heard about few thugs attacking a bus and indiscriminatingly gunning down prisoners.

Today I was being driven almost hit a three wheeler because he changed the lane unexpectedly and I put down the glass of the door and told him that he should not have done it, resulting barrage of abuse and showing readiness to do bodily harm to me and my driver .It was his fault and he was behaving like a non -human  ( I do not call him and animal because animals may be better than humans).

My conclusion is that the behaviour of ruling class is so repugnant and inconsiderate and people may be thinking why  should we behave  differently ?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


2 Responses to “Right to reply …. Going Loco in Colombo!”

  1. Christie Says:

    Simply because we live in a colony of an empire.

    A colony of the Indian Empire.

  2. Ukkubandage Gunasinghe Says:

    I totally agree with opinion. Last July I was in Sri Lanka. I thought that it was different than 2 years ago when I was there, specially people. What happened to polite good citizens we had? Sarath, you will get a kick out this joke related your walking dog incident. One villager going to take a bath everyday another person meeting him asking OYA NANDA YANAWADA_ This used to happened every time. One day he got mad, when he was asked NANDA YANAWADA guy SAID-NO MAN YANAWA UMLAGE ________HUK_____. That was the end of it.

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