Reparations: Yes to compensation for non-LTTE Tamils – No to compensation for LTTE terrorists
Posted on October 8th, 2018

LTTE remains a banned terrorist organization not only in Sri Lanka but in 32 countries including India, US, UK, Canada, EU, Malaysia. The UNSC Resolution 1373 incorporated by the GOSL in April 2014 has listed 15 foreign-based organizations as LTTE fronts warranting the countries from where these fronts are functioning to investigate & hold them to account for material support for a terror movement under their laws as LTTE is banned in their countries. Over & above this the UNHRC has passed 3 resolutions crux of which aims to hold to account only the Sri Lanka National Army. This is retributive justice to a National Army defending the country & its citizens while offering restorative justice to LTTE terrorists that were responsible for 3 decades of gruesome pre-meditated murder. Only Tamils who had no links to LTTE should receive any compensation. LTTE terrorists should not be given any compensation.

We suffered 30 years of terror no doubt, but we never got breathing space to adjust ourselves to life after LTTE without the interference of the very entities that did nothing to stop terror in Sri Lanka. UN, Western nations cannot shirk their guilt with regard to this.

The LTTE victims were Sinhalese, Muslims, Foreigners & even Tamils

While the LTTE killer cadres comprised only Tamils (even those from Tamil Nadu) those that provided covert/over support included not only Tamils but Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers, foreign governments, foreign envoys, NGOs & their local stooges, UN officials & associate bodies, the Church & their representatives too. If we go to investigate every person or persons that benefitted by LTTE we are unlikely to go anywhere, however there are some who have been very vocal about their support & their links need to be investigated. TNA and members of the TNA belong to this category & when Sri Lanka has a 6th amendment applicable to them it is a surprise that no government wishes to incorporate this against them.

It is accepted that with the blur of distinction as LTTE not only had a civilian armed force but also fought in civilian clothing, mistakenly the Armed Forces may have killed some Tamils. This is a grievance shared by Sinhalese whose sons & daughters were also mistakenly killed by the Armed Forces during the JVP heyday.

However, no civilian involved in hostilities (voluntarily or by force) in civilian clothing is not privy to enjoy the privileges offered to a civilian.

So in terms of reparations, compensation must ONLY go to a civilian who was not involved in any LTTE terror act at the time of death. How sure can the office of missing persons be of this?

The office of missing persons has no right to force the tax payer to pocket money to be given to men or women who belonged to a banned terrorist movement.  

The Opposition & civic society must make this very clear and the Government should also understand the basis for this argument. If anyone wants to compensate terrorists out of their own personal funds, we have no issue but no terrorist group that remains banned has any right to be paid by state funds without them first being tried for their criminal acts & premeditated murders of innocent civilians.

In giving compensation to terrorists, a government is doing injustice to the real civilians that the LTTE killed.

So far even the UN has failed to death totals for Tamil

  • Civilians who were not involved in any LTTE acts of terror
  • Civilians who were part of the LTTE armed force
  • Civilians who were involved in hostilities (either by force or voluntarily)

Without this crucial data, how can all these deaths be placed as civilian & compensation offered to the ‘civilians’ who were involved in terrorist acts?

Therefore, how many & who are the genuine cases of civilians? How many of these LTTE cadres have run to foreign shores & taking up false identities yet claiming to be missing & seeking state funds for their families? This is totally unfair on the Sri Lankan tax payer.

All those who are demanding reparations for the LTTE do not pay taxes and so they do not feel the weight on the taxpayers who are already having to shoulder many blunders & errors committed by politicians. Therefore, officials must think twice about this absurd venture they are walking into.

No Tamil who has been involved in LTTE has any right to state compensation.

The government is welcome to offer a general amnesty so long as the LTTE & LTTE fronts & LTTE linked Tamil political parties give written assurance that they have dropped the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 for a separate independent state & UNHRC removes their witch hunt against the armed forces demanding that only th National Army be brought before tribunals.

The government must demand that the UNHRC does not welcome any of the demands made by LTTE fronts who remain de-listed including the ones that have been removed only on the personal whims of the former foreign minister.

When there are 5000 Missing soldiers and when soldiers & intelligence officers are getting arrested & placed in prison without bail or without pressing charges against them thus resulting in the halt to even their salaries it is a damn shame & joke that terrorists are getting paid by the state. Let sanity prevail & not allow stupid decisions.

No country in the world compensates terrorists!

A country must compensate VICTIMS OF TERROR not the PERPETRATORS OF TERROR

Shenali D Waduge

5 Responses to “Reparations: Yes to compensation for non-LTTE Tamils – No to compensation for LTTE terrorists”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Yes. A country must compensate victims of terror not the terrorists or their organisations but our spineless leaders and the government will do any low thing at this hour to please the minorities in view of the votes in the coming elections. What about our own Sinhalese who were butchered and maimed by LTTE barbarians? Why no one talked about 700 policemen who were killed by LTTE in cold blood and other atrocities done by them? Where are the lands owned by Sinhalese in North and East? Why only talk about Tamil lands? This country belongs to all Sri Lankans irrespective of colour, religion or party. They should have every right to live as they pleased and any place they like. Today everything has become upsidedown because of this weak governance and the habitual government of mixed fried rice. We need a change as soon as possible. We need a strong government with intellectuals and visionaries who can improve the standard of living and good education, health etc. We need a team who loves this land and it’s people. Enough is enough we cannot allow third class uneducated politicians to play with our lives and the country’s economy like this. This corrupt practice must be stopped at all cost. Join the patriots to form a new decent government with a strong leadership.

  2. . Says:

    Sudath Gunasekara Says;
    I fully agree with you Senali, In addition I also suggest that
    All these 59 traitors of of the Nation right from the top Ranil wickramasinha downward
    1 First should be condemned and publicly exposed to all Sinhalese a) all at home and b) all over the world
    2 Second they should also be publicly exposed in an island wide vigorous propaganda campaign as traitors of the Sinhale and the Sinhala Buddhist Nation and none of their descendants at least for seven generation should be allowed to either politics or public service in this country
    3 All Sinhala politicians led by JO should immediately take actions,legal and otherwise,stop the implementation of this treacherous law passed
    4 Also call for island wide public protest campaign asking the UNP Speaker and the Puppet President not to sign this treacherous resolution so that , though passed in Parliament it will not become a law
    All these 59 traitors should (I know the Tamils and Muslims will never do that) tender an open apology to the Sinhala Nation and withdraw their support tin open Parliament and apologies to the whole nation that they would have never have doneit but for the pressure brought upon them by Ranil wickramasinha and the Leader of the House Kiriella.
    5 If they failed to do that they should be brought o the Gall face and publicly punished in any manner deemed fit by the Sinhala people of this country, in the name of the thousand soldiers who have sacrificed their lives and limbs to save the country from the Communal Tamil LTTE terrorists and our ancestors who died to save this country for us for the past 2500 years.
    6 The voters of the Districts (as there are no seats now) should be asked to stage public protest in front of the mansions of these traitors and bar them from coming home
    7 In addition to all these steps voters all over the country should guarantee that none of these traitors are ever returned to Parliament or even a Village Council or a Maranadhara samitiya in a village in future..

  3. Dilrook Says:

    The 59 traitors belong to UNP, SLFP and TNA.

    JO and SLFP 15 voted against it. But there is a problem. JO has 51 and the SLFP 15 group has 15. That means 66 votes. They could have defeated it easily. But not all JO MPs voted against it. Possibly 23 JO MPs did not vote against it including Mahinda, Dinesh, Wimal (suspended) and Udaya. Who are they trying to fool? There are enough fools among us. Those who did not vote against the bill are all traitors.

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    “Those who did not vote against the bill are all traitors.”

    Indeed, Dilrook. Unfortunately fooling will continue using stolen money and in the end these traitors will wipe out PATRIOTISM completely.
    LTTE is better than TRAITORS who pretend as PATRIOTS, because LTTE will help to arise patriotism but TRAITORS who hide in the patriotism will destroy Sinhalaya completely.

  5. Christie Says:

    India should pay all victims of their terrorist arms the LTTE and the JVP.

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