A Bouquet to our National Hospital
Posted on October 24th, 2018

Garvin Karunaratne

On 23 rd August 2018,  a relation of mine who was unconscious was discharged from a leading Private Hospital in Colombo., because the son and daughter  could no more pay hospital bills They had paid three million rupees to the Hospital  for 17 days stay and had no more funds. Until then they had often graced Private Hospitals.  We  in London were very sad. Everyone expected the worst. The  patient who was not unconscious when admitted, said to be suffering from Viral Flue, diagnosed later  as pneumonia,  even had a bout of heart failure and finally became unconscious.

They contacted the National Hospital in Colombo and explained their plight.  They had no other alternative. They were told that they were welcome to come in

At the National Hospital, the unconscious patient  was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.. The doctors were very kind and prompt.  ..The doctors and nurses to a man nursed the patient. In a few days the patient recognized the son and daughter. Evidently the patient was out of danger and we in London rejoiced.  The Hospital  brought her around in  twenty six days all due to the care offered by the doctors, consultants and nurses. Consultants Bilshan and Manoj deserve to be congratulated for working beyond  the call of their duty caring for our dear relatives.

The patient was conscious, could talk sensibly and it was great to talk to her over the phone once again.

The patient was released, and asked to gain admission to the Rehabilitation Hospital at Ragama for physiotherapy.

However, though the National Hospital has been taken care of,  the Rehabilitation Center at Ragama where she was next  due to have been admitted for physiotherapy had seen bad days. She has been asked to come as an outpatient on four days a week. There are only some thirteen beds for women and this is all due to the fact that a building is yet under construction. I am told there are some fifty or so women patients who need close attention who have had to reside in nearby homes and become day patients.

It is hoped that the Ministry of Health will take some action- at least to get a temporary donation of a tent from the Army, where more beds can be accommodated till the buildings can be constructed. I hope this request will reach the ears of our Minister or our Hon President.

Many thanks to our National Hospital and its able staff.

Garvin Karunaratne


2 Responses to “A Bouquet to our National Hospital”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    It is very unfortunate that Sri Lankans do not appreciate the standard of their own National Hospitals. They all think that these private hospitals provide best care for patients and even they are ready to pay their life long savings to get treatments from a private hospital.

    They do not know that, in private hospitals, patients are looked after by a single specialist while in National hospitals patients are treated by a multidisciplinary group of specialists.

    Even in England it is the same, Even though we have a private medical insurance in England, we go to private hospitals only for minor operations like hernia or appendectomy etc. for major problems like heart attacks and cancer we always select a national hospital.

  2. nilwala Says:

    What GarvinK says about the National Hospitals and especially the dedication of the doctors and nursing staff at these hospitals is so true. We do not appreciate their services enough, and people just rush to the Private hospitals expecting great service, and often the doctors are not even available, and nurses have to be reminded about tests that need to be done, plus it costs a huge amount of money. For sheer service these National hospitals (and there are Base Hospitals in many districts?) are the best and something Sri Lanka can be proud of. If only they can provide clean toilets and uncrowded wards, even if people are expected to pay something for clean linen, the Govt.’s National Hospital system would be just about as perfect as can be expected.

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