The Imbalance in the Neurotransmitter Network leads UNP politicians to Rowdyism
Posted on November 8th, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan

Ranil was appointed the PM in 2015 first lap not in accordance with the constitution. Subsequently, he shaped up, maybe with collaterals and Barter agreement and was appointed the PM.

Although Sirisena was the President, Ranil took the upper hand and was directing the President as if he is the Chief executive. HE Sirisena being pleasant, honest, moderately soft person he gave into Ranil. We had to point out to the President that he is the Chief Executive and Ranil is working for the President and not vice versa. All politicians are working for the common man, i.e. the people. Well, studying the UNP politics, we all know that UNP is a slave to the west, particularly the USA and UK. The USA wants a piece of the North for offshore petroleum in Mannar and Point Pedro, and use Trinco as a port. USA and UK can get it only through the imbecilic Tamils. Studying the history of Tamils, it is clear that Tamils can be fooled, with Collaterals and barter arrangement. There are western Tamil slaves in the USA and UK who will give support and act as a go in-between USA/UK/TNA.

The USA knows that if Ranil becomes the President, then they can fool him to divide the country and then they can walk into the North. From the good governance activities within the last three years since 2015, we know that there has been a significant amount of irregularities accomplished by RW & Co. Another hypothetical assumption is that if HE Sirisena is assassinated, then automatically RW becomes the president. This is similar to the Johnson becoming the president on the assassination of Kennedy. Ranil and UNP will do anything to win the re-election in 2020. Historically Tamil political parties have been supporting the UNP and non-else. That’s a historical connection.

Sirisena’s excellent intelligent service tracked down the plot and the President was quick enough to take steps to swop RW. Quote:

News reveals that Sarath Fonseka is behind the plot. It will be acceptable to assume with proof that the Prime Minister would have approached a military person for help. Maybe that’s why Sarath Fonseka was moved and given a ministerial position. It is incongruous to assume that Ranil has that brain to do things, however, a powerful nation is behind the mastermind. Can we dispute if this was not a plot to murder the president with the help of some ex-military soldier?

With all illegal activities the PM has done, such as Bond Scam, selling of bonds, selling of lands etc, he (RW) has not explained to the citizens of SL about Arjuna Mahendran and his SIL. Migrant Indians in SL, with no knowledge of what happened to them historically, are supporting UNP. Let them read this page: Ref: RW has the guts to engage in activities against LAW & Order and the constitution. Even now they are acting against the constitution wasting public funds against Law & Order.

TNA is a corrupt party formulated by LTTE for their benefits. However, LTTE is gone and the AVA sword culture has crept in the North. Has Ranil made any statement on the AVA group?

In 2015 when UNP got more seats Ranil approached MR and ordered MR to leave the residence. MR left quietly as a decent human.

TNA politicians are vultures. In the North and East, they preach casteism and discriminate on caste. Close to the election, they shout for rights and Eelam. The poor peasants believe that and support them. The poor peasants are not intelligent enough to understand the corruption of the racial and caste-oriented TNA buffoons. Barter system gives the TNA clown to accrue wealth. How much do the poor people get? NIL. It’s because of the Diaspora the N&E people are able to live and party. Do those people know what type of jobs their children and relations are doing overseas? Most of them in Jamaica live in detention and do cleaning jobs.

I have seen myself Tamils who cannot speak a word of English, they survive locked up in rooms and cleaning toilets. Some operate cleaning companies and employ uneducated coolies to do their cleaning. Unless they are educated and have a good standard of English, they do menial work. It’s a retributory effect by the god for punishing the Indian labor in the N&E.

Its wise for Ranil to move out of the residence and handover power to MR and leave everything to the President and the people. RANIL DOES NOT OWN SRILANKA. Citizens own SL. Let SL be calm and cool for people to live and move freely.

As far as the TNA is concerned, its best for Sambanthar and Co to support Mahinda and the President expecting for the best. TNA should not trust the West. When the West gets what they want they will suppress the people and walk over them. Remember the past in India and Ceylon under the British. The British are out of the EU now. Do the Tamils want to go through another round of fiasco? They have to remember the past how the Indians (Cholas, Pandyans & Pallavars) massacred millions of Sinhalese over 500 years, and millions of Indians were brought to Ceylon by the British in the name of plantation development. Indians massacred for over 1500 years and the Portuguese walked in massacred, then the Dutch came in and massacred, the British came in and massacred. Finally, LTTE massacred for 30 years. How long do we think a race can tolerate this ethnic cleansing? The Portuguese terrorists destroyed Buddhist temples and erected Catholic churches. These are intolerable acts by megalomaniac humans.

It is the SINHALESE people who suffered enough over the last 2000 years.

Tamil Nadu is an occupied state. Hindis are moving into Tamil Nadu and the majority speak Hindi. Speaking Hindi is prestigious in India. India is closely watching the Tamils in SriLanka. Internal movement into Tamil Nadu is making some politicians nervous of their political stand. That’s why they cry and shout for Tamil Eelam. Nedumaran is one kind.

Readers want to know the smuggling of Indian labor from TN to SL can read the article in the following link.:

Velupillai Prabhakaran is an eight-standard educated FOOL.

TNA & Co shall not shout and cry for rights. Tamils have every right as the Sinhalese although we are a minority. There is absolutely no question of short of rights. Tamils occupy prestigious positions. Only the Elites occupy political positions and government chairs.

There is no question of separate power required for the Councils as SL is a small country. Wastage of funds. Already SL is bankrupt.

SriLankan expects Ranil to leave Temple Trees and not cause any issues like a small child.

President is the Chief Executive of the three arms of governance. He gives final approval of decisions. President is the final authority. That’s democracy.

2 Responses to “The Imbalance in the Neurotransmitter Network leads UNP politicians to Rowdyism”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Fantastic article!

    I like to share the following again and again “There is no question of separate power required for the Councils as SL is a small country. Wastage of funds. Already SL is bankrupt”

    We, all Sri Lankans, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Malays should get together and get rid of this menace 13A and leave a simple administration and pass down the financial benefits generated by the savings to ordinary folks.

    It will also contribute to better health and education!

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    Hiranthe says: ” We, all Sri Lankans, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Malays should get together and get rid of this menace 13A and leave a simple administration and pass down the financial benefits generated by the savings to ordinary folks.”

    AMEN to that…!

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