America’s pain in the Ass & October revolution in Ceylon!
Posted on November 9th, 2018


America and its CIA the self-appointed policeman of the world is the most shocked and disappointed over the drama that unfolded on the 26th October 2018 simply for the fact that America and CIA has the monopoly in changing regimes, assassinating leaders that opposed to US system and policies.

It not necessary to recall all events in this aspect from the contemporary history.

Since months America has been mulling about they who will decide the next president in Ceylon against Gota and without any respect for our National heritage and Sovereign rights they went in to say that US will decide who the next President of Ceylon and its future govt. was a shame on them surpassing the will and rights of the owners off Ceylon.

In the background, what happened on 26th October 2018 was a deep shock and surprise to Yankees who never imagined there are smarter people than them on this earth!  The 26th evening plot was not known by Yankees and CIA not even their cohort India and RAW.

No wonder Yankees are having a huge pain in the Ass and shame in front of the world that they missed and deprived of the opportunity proving that we Sinhalese are cleverer than other species on the earth since early history unknown to American infants. Our roots are from Ravana the inventor of nuclear power and flying technology etc.

You damn Yankees, keep your hands off Sinhale, mind your own business!

Hail bold My3!

3 Responses to “America’s pain in the Ass & October revolution in Ceylon!”

  1. Hiranthe Says:


    Rawana Balaya is at work along with other loving forces of Mother Lanka.

    But we have to realise that My3 was only the messenger. He had no control over this. The situation forced him to do it against the will of his SLFP politicians who has nowhere to go similar to Run-nil’s golayas.

  2. Christie Says:

    India and Indian Parasites have over the years managed to brainwash we Sinhalese to hate the West in particular USA.

    Most of us would like to go and work in the West and live in the West. How any of us want to go and live in India. Even Indian Parasites don’t want to go back to their mother land.

    It is the Hinduthwa that hates Gota for wiping out Indian terrorists the LTTE.

  3. nilwala Says:

    Yes! MY3 stepped in with some new spine and saved the day for Mother Lanka….and for this we should be grateful and give him the support he needs to battle the UNP and its cohorts in the weeks ahead. All is not over, and as the days unfold towards January 5, 2019, we need to be vigilant and not let X’Mas and New Year celebrations swamp us into our usual post-holiday mindset that sets in naturally in the aftermath of all the jollity and cameraderie that food/drink/song/dance brings on to divert our attention.
    So watch out, all those who waited for the “CHANGE/wenasak” in 2015, and all those others too. IT’S NOT OVER TILL IT’S OVER!!

    There will be all sorts of legal issues being brought up and the Judiciary has neither been asked for nor revealed its position. There must be a good reason why RW has not sought an SC determination as yet. What he has up his sleeve and what the interventionists who are with him will do, as well as what the legal eagles who pushed a messy and ineptly crafted 19A and now present twisted arguments to support their “Parliamentary Democracy” thesis of a Westminster model within a Presidential system that despite 19A still empowers a Peoples’ Sovereignty expressed via the President as Head of State, and NOT via the Parliament, might come up with is anybody’s guess.

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