Posted on November 10th, 2018


Mr Basil Rajapakse has laid foundation  to build the New Leadership Talent with new blood much needed by Sri Lanka.  His plan and plan implementation worked with minute details with a fine time line clearly and cleverly established.

His power to convince the President and the Prime Minister, communication skills and ability to maintain confidentiality must be respected.  His power base is people. He does not derive power from his role.  As Management Guru Mary Parker Follett, The Mother of  Modern Management  (1868-1933)  described  the methodology  and art of getting things done through the people”.

She has established the mechanism to:

  1. Increase the number of Leaders rather than  decreasing;
  2. Train Leaders to move for  Powering With” instead of Powering Over”.   A leader pregnant with Over Power” will destroy himself and his followers.  A leader blessed With Power”  carry himself diagonally opposite direction and take his followers with him;
  3. Deal with Conflicts.  Analyse conflicts into Destructive Conflicts and Constructive Conflicts.  Capitalise on Constructive Conflicts, convert  Destructrive Conflicts into  Constructive Conflicts. ( For example you will notice each time you start your microwave it is likely to rotate in the opposite direction from that of its previous cycle.)

Basil is not  a big headed politician.  He is not unapproachable.    He is a good listener.  He work with small groups at the grass root level. He then build the pyramid. He has integrated Tamil and Muslim young leaders to work with Sinhala young groups throughout the island through Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna.

Mr Basil Rajapakse’s masterly craftsmanship  skills generated  new political culture in Sri Lanka.  With the opportunity to elect new representatives free of corruption, Basil will be in the frontline in the battlefield.

Now not only Prime Minister Mr Mahinda Rajapakse, but President Sirisena has the confidence in Basil Rajapakse.   This new found chemistry should help the nation.

We must thank Rajapakse Brothers and President Sirisena for saving the nation, culture and religion from the clutches of Dictatorship and Corruption .

Mage ratata daladha himi sewanai

Mage deyata daladha himi saranai

Sapathin sapirunu niwahal deranai

Upathin maa hata mey hama urumai

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