The Speaker should resign forth with if he wants to die as a Sinhala Buddhist  and not as a traitor of the Sinhala nation and Mother Lanka.
Posted on November 15th, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara.

  15.  11. 2018.

As I was watching the behavior of the Speaker Karu Jayasuriye this morning in Parliament I felt ridiculously ashamed of his common sense, apart from his knowledge regarding Parliamentary procedure and the constitution of this country he has to uphold as the Chairman of this august assembly.

His body language seen  as he entered the House and sat down in the Speaker’s chair aptly displayed full confidence brimming on his face that he is going to end up the day’s  proceedings   victoriously at the end of the day as he had preplanned  and conspired with his master RW   in consultation with their Western Ambassadorial advisors in the previous night.  The behavior of the Diplomuts of the Western countries in the visitor’s gallery clearly proved their interference and involvement in this conspiracy.

He opened the day saying that as the Speaker hereafter he will not accept any PM or Cabinet of Ministers in the parliament since a No Confidence motion had been passed yesterday (15).

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya mentioned this at the beginning of the parliamentary session held today (15). He says that he will not recognize all current Prime Minister, Ministers, State Ministers, Deputy Ministers as well as the current Leader of the House and the Chief Government Whip. This reminds me what my small granddaughter Sandali who was only 5 years then, telling her father ‘This is my room and this is my law” when one day she was asked to keep he room clean. Therefore isn’t this a five year old child’s behavior, the septuagenarian (78 years old) Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka has displayed. Shame isn’t it?

He also did not address the legitimate Prime Minister as Prime Minister when he invited him reluctantly to address the House.   He just said now Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa to speak. Isn’t it disgraceful and demean to behave like that for a Speaker of a Parliament. After all the Prime minister is the second citizen in the country next to the President and the Speaker   is only the third in the precedence list. One would expect at least that much of wisdom and decency from the Speaker of the House. See to what mean level a man could be pushed by this ugly legacy of dirty Party politics introduced by the British to our country.

I don’t want to mention about all ugly things followed in the house. Suffice it to say that his Speaker should take full responsibility for all ugly things that followed in the House due to his misbehavior including an MP being hospitalized for injuries caused by the ensuing brawl.

If the Speaker has a wee bit of self-respect and dignity, by the time I write these few lines he should have signed his letter of resignation from the post of Speaker and put it to an envelope to be sent to the Clerk of the House early morning tomorrow without waiting him to be pulled out from his chair disgraced and humiliated as a kihilikaru Speaker.

If he does not do that he will go down in the history of this country as the most disgraced and humiliated and chased out Speaker ever in the entire history of Independent Sri Lanka.

On the other hand if he still hopelessly hopes to remain as the Speaker of a government headed by Ranil Wickramasinha it will be only a wild day dream. Even a mega conspiracy by the Western world and the anti- Sinhala anti- Buddhist local NGOO, as they did in  2015 succeed  in a temporary win still he will go down in the history of this country as a modern UDARATA NILAME  who betrayed the proud Sinhala Jatiya and Sambuddha sasana  in the 21st century, once again to the Western Colonial invaders along with Ranil Wickramasinha  and  who helped RW to cede  the land of the Sinhale  to the communal Tamil   EELAmists and extremist Muslims Jehadists for few   Tamil and Muslim votes in Parliament to remain in power for few months.

11 Responses to “The Speaker should resign forth with if he wants to die as a Sinhala Buddhist  and not as a traitor of the Sinhala nation and Mother Lanka.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Dear Sudath

    It is India and Indian Parasites who control us .

  2. Nimal Says:

    If we compare what happened in Sri Lanka’s Parliament and in UK’s parliament on the 15th of Nov.It is a disgrace to Sri Lanka and a lot of respect to UK.This tells much about our failing culture in SL and progressive culture in UK.We want the world powers who behave like UK to keep an eye on the innocent and humble people of the island and even sanction or even intervene if the situation get out of hand. It seems the welfare of the people who elected these rascals is being completely neglected, fighting among them selves for their own benefit. No wonder the country is in a lawless state where our elected leaders are a bad example.

  3. Caesar Says:

    Current crisis in Ceylon, who created ?

    The constitution clearly defines all steps taken by President is accurate and correct. It is the deposed that tries to misinterpret the constitution to confuse public and gain support against the move and come back to power directly inviting U.S. and Western interference to the issue.

    The defied complained to S.C. and S.C. messed up by fixing longer date for trial while the A.G. has clearly submitted his recommendation stating the President’s move is correct and that petitions against should be dismissed. This act of S.C. is suspicious as Western interests are behind them.

    There is no constitutional crisis at all, what President has done is right and prevails, S.C. messed up and it could be suspected that foreign elements that are Anti Sinhela are behind S.C. and influenced them. S.C. upgraded the question to a constitutional crisis and messed up to the hilt. They have no regard to the inconvenience taking place for the public and their day to day life without a govt. to drive the country and economy, on the other hand the members of judiciary who are living above the public, isolated and aristocratic does not have regard to Sinhela nationalism, but serving their Western masters.

    The verdict on 06th Dec. will uncover the secret whom they are really working for while on payroll from poor public of the Ceylon. The Yankee Ambassador said they will appoint next president and chose who rule the country!

    When all these are connected together, the story is completed!

    Corruption at Judiciary is at top.

    Dam, Shit Western Law and system!

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    I totally agree with Ceasar.

    India and the West must be pumping the 3 SC judges with millions of $$$.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Sudath,

    These guys are with thick skin and they don’t feel shy to tell the worst lies on earth to come to power and to stay in power. We can’t expect such opportunistic politicians to resign and go home.

    MR has a genuine interest in safe guarding Mother Lanka and it is clearly visible in his speech yesterday.

  6. Caesar Says:

    Current crisis in Ceylon, who created ?

    Excerpts from JVP Leader AKD as bellow proves the involvements of S.C. Judge!

    Story completed!

    July 2018

    AKD raised conflict of interest against Bond Scam Commission member & present SC judge claiming his daughter was working in former PM Ranil’s office during the Commission of Inquiry.

    AKD also says that the SC judge had been associated with UN backed Lawyers Collective before being made SC judge in Sept 2016 (before 1st bond scam in Feb2015 & 2nd Bond Scam in Mar2016)

    He was appointed to Presidential Commission on Bond Scam in Jan2017

    AKD says the SC judge was on board of a Finance Company, AMW Capital Leasing, Finance PLC, board of directors of Cold Stores Ltd, & worked at HSBC earlier.

  7. Charles Says:

    Speaker want resign. It was the judiciary that messed up everything with their interim order. Now till 7th December, one has to wait. But for for what order from SC ? They will again upset the apple cart. They gave a wrong decision once, there is no guaratee they will not repeat it once again.

  8. Nimal Says:

    This is not the time to play party politics and run down the judiciary and the Parliament. If we have to have a good country then the laws must be clear and all people.
    Why is the law is so confusing and open to misinterpretation where some say the elected president can dissolve the parliament but some say not,etc.
    It was shocking to see one member of the Parliament was injured in a assault in the Parliament. This is unacceptable and people must know who the thug who did it and be criminally charged and punished.
    No one must degrade the position of the President,Speaker,MP and the judiciary which are there to serve us the people or we will demand the outsiders to come to our rescue. We will not allow a lawless country.
    Bond scammers and other wrong does must face justice that include people who pay bribes. Must bring law and order to the country and with the help of the internet the humble people are no more stupid and ignorant and they want the best for the country and what they saw in their parliament was horrific.

  9. nilwala Says:

    Yesterday we had a little edge over those who are trying to sell off our country and its assets, after 2 UNP MPs showed up with drawn knives during the scuffle. Today we lost that edge with the idiotic behavior of MPs throwing cushions and stuff at the Speaker.
    What makes grown men revert to being schoolboys??
    Anyway, our country hit a new low today….and I can only hope that the intervening weekend before they return would make them behave like people responsible for the Future of the country. Today the real target of the UNP and its cohorts was revealed. One does not really know where the President stands in all this. Will he stay with his PM is the question.
    The behavior of the very partisan Speaker has been intolerable to those who want the country to take a course correction, but it still did not warrant the truly bad behavior today which rapidly turned advantage into disadvantage. The Prez and PM camp leaders should have sternly advised them to stay cool. A strategy of making the most of the UNP bad guys’ unacceptable behavior yesterday with their mistake of brandishing knives carried into Parliament, should have shown them up.
    Instead,they lost their advantage by behaving badly themselves today.

  10. Charles Says:

    Yes but the law is suspect because they should have envisaged what situation would have arisen if the hearing of the cases are put off until 4th December and allow the Parliament open for business untiil then. If they listened to the Attorney General and allowed the elections all this comedy shows would not have happened.

  11. Nimal Says:

    I wonder who the 2 UNP buggers who pulled a knife in the parliament, should be criminally charged?

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