Reality in 8 years ago is still valid.
Posted on November 30th, 2018


This cartoon “Nelli Kale” was published on Lanka web 8 years ago. During that time, Somavansa Amarasinghe was the leader of JVP. Now Anura has taken over the party. Anurakumara is driving the party slowly but steadily into far-right. Many things they said and done today are unthinkable sometime back in JVP.  Anura Kumara is very successful for one thing. He has managed to turn revelries between UNP and JVP into lasting friendship. Actually forgiving and forgetting Batalanda within party rank and file in JVP must be recognized as greatest achievement of Sri Lankan politics.

I personally think if there is any award or trophy for politics, undoubtedly that must go to Anura Kumara. I don’t think anybody can make far right UNP rank and file to trust the JVP and consider that JVP as their most reliable political buddies in politics other than Anura Kumara. This is a greatest political achievement that even N.M. Perera like person cannot even imagine to do. Even though N.M’s case is much easier comparing to the rivalries between UNP and JVP, still I do not think that N.M or Colvin can do such a marvel. I have a great respect to Anura Kumara for his success in this regard therefore, I wish him all the best of luck. I honestly dream to see Anura to become our president in next election and Ranil to be his Prime Minister. Until that day comes, Sri Lanka will be in a political turmoil. I know for sure Anura can make a greatest presidency in our history and above all he can provide a very reliable and lasting refugee for our very unlucky prime minister ever, Ranil Wickramasinghe. Anura + Ranil combination would be a greatest political marriage of the century. By the way, please don’t misunderstand…I mean political marriage.



Nelli Kaley

Nelli Kaley cartoon -Somawansa leaves JVP lambasting new leader for deviating from Marxist path


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