There is no difference between appointing Kiriella and Digambaran as Ministers of “Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development”.
Posted on January 2nd, 2019

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

  “Gazette on subject purview of ministers raises questions” A news item. Dec 31 (FT)

Minister of Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development Lakshman Kiriella has four State institutions allocated to his ministry. These institutions include the Ceylon Ceramics Corporation, Kahagolla Engineering Service Company Ltd., BCC Lanka Ltd. and State Resources Management Corporation.

An interesting fact which is highlighted here is even though Minister Kiriella also holds office as the Minister of Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development, no relevant institutions have been allocated to fall under his purview”

Monday, 31 December 2018)

According to this news item, even though., it appears to be an error I am glad that Minister Kiriella has not been allocated those subjects even by mistake. Any way I dont believe that it is a mistake, going by the manner in which Ministries are been formed, named and subjects are been allocated these days in this country. I wonder whether that is also a part of the scientific naming of MInistries of this Governmnet.Whatever the reasons may  be, I believe god may have beconed the President and PM not to include these subjects in Miniter Kiriella’s list or later god on his own deleted it, after inclusion byMS under pressure from RW, as he knows best that these subjects should never be  given to this intruder and pretender, Kiriella, for he knows that it would be the death knell of the people called Kandayns Sinhalese; I mean the Sinhala people who live in the hill country and its pheriphery.

What ever it is, let the fools ponder, on these flimsy matters, while the Gods will look after the Kandyan Sinhala peasants who had been a betrayed and forgotten set of people in this country by all Governments and politicians in this country since 1948.Coming back to the subject of allocation of subjects to Ministers, what is important from the angle of a Minister is neither the number of institutions that are given to him, nor the name of the Ministry but  the facilities that come with it and how much money one can make out of it. The nubmber of Ministries and Ministers is also not decided by any rational  planning of its functions or exigencies of service to people but merely on the dictates of political reasons to keep the bunch satisfied to maintain the majority in Parliament. That is why  when there are no subjects to be allocated then they  are named as either Minister Without Portfolio or Minister of Special Services, accompanied with all facilities normally made available to any Cabinet Minister. I can understand appointing Deputy or Junior Ministers to Cabinet Ministers. But still I am confused as to why they have another set of parasites called non- Cabinet Ministers while you are already having 40 Deputy Ministers whom I believe are also Non-Cabinet Ministers. The only explnation possible is that this political gamble is done only to pacify MPP in a devious manner to keep them bribed and tied to the party to maintain the required majority in Parliament to make laws for their own betterment.

In Minister Laksman Kiriella’s case, in my opinon, it is a very good thing these two subjects of  ‘Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development” are not given to him for the following reasons.

In the first place he is neither a Kandyan ( though he pretends to be one)  nor a politician who loves the people who are called Kandyans who live in the Kandyan territory under dippressed and appalling conditions in the secluded valley bottoms after they were being deprived of their native lands by the British plunderers when they openend up the hill country forests to plant Coffee and Tea in the 19th century, or on the degraded hill slopes after the invaders are gone even  without minimum basic facilties, buried and soaked in abject poverty and missery. Mr Kiriella’s main objective was to collect Tamil votes on the estates for the UNP and in the General election.

In my experience he has been a number one betrayer and traitor as far as the Kandyans are concerned. For example he was the man who took Ranil Wickramasinha all over the plantation Raj for the 2015 elections, promissing lands for Indian estate Tamils to build houses and for agriculture and won all the seats there in that election.  If not for these election promises he made and also for Ranil the  Prime Ministerial candidate being taken round, makin another of High Schools with lab facilities for A level students of these Tamils, how could a man who got only 53,000 votes at the 2010 elections from the whole of  Kandy District bagged almost 200 000 votes for the UNP, to win all the seats in the hill country areas  in 2015 creating a record, as I have pointed out many a time even before. I presume out of this 200 000 votes at least 150 000 are Tamil. If not for this unpatriotic and trecherous action on his part the UNPatriotic UNP would never have bagged the entire hill country that was the Motherland of the Kandyan Sinhalese, as it had been for thousands of years. By this dastardly act he has not only deprived the Kandyans of thousands of their ancestral land for ever but also set a very serious precedent that will serve as a lever to remove all the Sinhalese from the central hill country,-the geographical Heartland  (HADABIMA as I have named it in 1991) of this Island nation, that decides the survival of the entire life system and the civilization of this country. If you dont call this a treacherous  and criminal betrayal of the Kandyans by him, then  I do not know by what other name one should call it

No government should ever give the Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development  Ministry to any man or woman who doesnt know who Kandyan Peasants and their problems are and also who does not undersatand critical role of the Central it had played over  millennia  and continue to do so  in protecting the entire life system and the civilization of this country

Collecting nearly 200 000 Tamil votes for himself and the UNP at the expence of the Sinhala nation in the 2015 General election is the epic record  he has kept in his entire political carrier. I ask him as to what service he has renderred to the neglected, forgotten and betrayed sector of the native Sinhala patriots who had sacrificed all what they had and died in tens of thousands  between 1505=1948 fighting against Portuguese, Dutch and the British,  to protect our motherland for you and me and the posterity, other than this betrayal of a nation?

Aded to this national crime there is also the story of millions of payments he is supposed to  have made to some 48 hand picked men and women of his choice for engaging in collecting votes in 2015 for him. In this backdrop I strongly suggest Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development  Ministries  should never be given to Kiriella .It is better for him to be given a Ministry that has nothing to do with the Sinhala people in this country. Instead he should be given a ministry like Fisheries and Marine Resources.

As far as the subjects of Kandyan heritage or Kandyan Development are concernerned they should never be given to a person who does not know who the Kandyans and their problems are. They should be given only to a person who has at least seen the Report of the Kandyan Peasantry Commission of 1951 and who understand the critical importance of the central hill country that decides and dictates the very servival of the entire life system and the civilization of this country.

There is no difference between giving this  subject to Kiriella and Digambaran. Because both men serve only the Indian estate Tamils. Digambaran for inborn love for his people and political servival and perhaps for creating a Malayanadu right at the centre of Sri Lanka as their original Homeland in South India is a  virtual hell compared to this Paradise on earth and therefore they have no place to go back. Kiriella on the other  hand serve the estate Tamils  singularly to collect their votes  for his political survival, as he knows for certain that Sinhala voters will never cast their votes to him hereafter, looking at the treacheries he has committed against the Kandyan Sinhalese during this short spell in politics.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Sinhalese are being mislead by the whole thing.

    Indian Colonial Parasites want a Separate State for North, East and the Malay Nadu.

    Wake up Unite and stand up to India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

    If you do not believe me look at the voting in 2005 2010 and 2015.

    Indian Colonial Parasite block vote abstained from voting 2005, then voted for Fonseka 2010 and then for Sirisena 2015.

  2. jay-ran Says:



  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Milk dog belong to Sinhalese murdering, Sri Lanka destroying, Buddhism destroying traitor UNPatriotic_rats
    party. So you can only expect lies, murders, robberies, mayhem, Buddhism destruction, Sinhalese race
    destruction, Sri Lanka dismembering only. Only Sinhala modayas will keep voting these out and out traitor
    low lives to dig our own graves. Tamils, mussies and catholics are overjoyed seeing destruction.

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