Gota to contest presidential polls
Posted on January 13th, 2019

Courtesy The Island

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaka has declared that he is ready to contest the next presidential election.

Rajapasa said, over the week end, that he was ready to take up the challenge if the people threw their weight behind him. The declaration was made at the Viyathmaga meeting, on January 12, in Colombo.

The former Defence Secretary made his position known on the next presidential polls against the backdrop of the SLFP declaring President Maithripala Sirisiena would seek a second term (SF)

14 Responses to “Gota to contest presidential polls”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    Are you going support Sirisena or Gothabaya ?
    I suggest you don’t’ go by reputation alone. Have a look the policies.
    Or may be you leave it to Mahinda. Support the one Mahinda instruct. Easier , isn’t it.
    I think it is the time someone to promise removal of Palaath Sabha, be it Sirirsena or Gothabhaya.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Some relief for Mother Lanka!!

  3. Charles Says:

    I am sure Gotabhaya a man to be trusted and relied upon will have the backing of every Sinhala Buddhist and all those who demands continued peace, security and the unity of all Communities without exception in our mother Lanka the pearl of the Indian Ocean..

  4. Dilrook Says:

    He must state his stand on 13A. At least promise to scale down 13A and not offer anymore devolution (federal). If he fails, his election will change nothing. Although as a person and a patriot he is more suitable to lead the nation than anyone else, we must also recognize the problems associated with his former US citizenship.

    For the benefits to outweigh these specific costs, GR must at least promise to scale down 13A and not offer anymore devolution (federal). If he fails, a true patriot will contest against him promising to abrogate 13A and other long standing patriotic demands. This will expose not only GR but also Wimal, Udaya, Gunadasa and the like.

    Sadly most Sinhala people are driven by either love or hate when it comes to elections and are unable to put the country and the community first. A lot more political maturity and toughness is needed from the Sinhala community to get their leaders to deliver.

  5. Christie Says:

    Look at the last 3 presidential elections.

    India and Indian Colonial Parasites backed Mahinda over Ranil by Indian Colonial Parasites abstaining from voting.

    India brought in Fonseka against Mahinda and failed.

    Sirisena won with Indian Colonial Parasites’ block vote.

    So there is no guarantee who will contest and who will win.

    India and Indian Colonial Parasites do not want any from Rajapaksa family or influenced by then to win.

    Indian intelligence service the Third Eye (RAW is the mask) wants Trinco at any cost.

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    See below what Welgama says. If so the President to be should start giving sweets to minorities. That is why Sirisena has started distributing lollies by appointing a Tamil governor to North and Muslim governor to East. He knows he is the SLPP+SLFP candidate, not Gota.
    Will Gota be the UNF common candidate ? If so he too can win minority votes.

    ජනාධිපතිවරණයට ඉදිරිපත් කළ යුත්තේ සුළු ජාතීන්ගේ ජන්ද ලබා ගත හැකි අපේක්ෂකයෙක් – වෙල්ගම
    January 14, 2019

    ඉදිරි ජනාධිපතිවරණයට ඉදිරිපත් කළ යුත්තේ හොඳින් දෙමළ කතා කළ හැකි සුළු ජාතීන්ගේ ජන්ද ලබා ගත හැකි අපේක්ෂකයෙක් බව පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී කුමාර වෙල්ගම මහතා පවසයි. කුමන අපේක්ෂකයා ඉදිරිපත් වුවත් සුළු ජාතීන්ගේ බහුතර ජන්ද ගත හැකි පුද්ගලයා ජයග්‍රහණය කරන බව වෙල්ගම මහතා පවසයි. ඒ නිසා මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහාතා පමණක් නොව කවුරු වුනත් මෙම කාරණය සම්බන්ධයෙන් සැලකිලිමත් විය යුතු බවයි ඔහු අවධාරණය කරන්නේ.

    ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණයේදී මුළු රටම එකම ජන්ද කොට්ඨාසයක් වනහෙයින් ඉන් 25% ක් සුළු ජාතීන්ගේ ජන්ද බව මන්ත්‍රීවරයා සඳහන් කරයි. 2015 ජනාධිපතිවරණයේදී මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතා පරාජයට පත් වූයේ එම ජන්ද අහිමි වීමෙන් බවයි හෙතෙම පෙන්වාදෙන්නේ.

  7. Randeniyage Says:

    Fonseka also won minority votes, although he speaks Andara දෙමළ.

  8. Noor Nizam Says:

    We are with you Sir. The Muslim voters are acting on their own now, NOT mislead by the “deceptive and hoodwinking” Muslim politicians, the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulema and the National Shoora Council of Sri Lanka and the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka.
    Noor Nizam.
    Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.

  9. Nihal Perera Says:

    I am 150% behind Gotabaya… The only true patriotic leader who can save the country, from current parasites in the parliament.

    He is the only leader I trust.

  10. Christie Says:

    Dear Noor

    You know how Muslims in India are treated by Hinduthwa.

  11. Dilrook Says:

    Appeasing minority voters is the way to win minority votes which gives an unfair advantage to a candidate in post-war presidential elections.

    However, appeasing Sinhala voters can also bring victory. The problem is no candidate is willing to appease Sinhala voters!

    For instance, if GR can win 63% of the Sinhala vote, he can win the 2019 presidential election. A certain number of anti-establishment minority votes will come his way without doing anything. However, GR will be denied 63% of the Sinhala vote if he does Mahinda’s mistakes or fails to take a tough stand on 13A and other patriotic needs. Sinhalas are not fools to just vote for him. That era is long gone and only found in old people. If GR wants to win 63% of Sinhala votes he must appease Sinhala voters. Otherwise he will lose the election.

    Don’t blame Sinhala voters if GR loses. It is his fault if that happens. Ascribe to the Sinhala agenda and win their votes. That is my wish for GR.

  12. Randeniyage Says:

    Sinhalese will look at the election promises and vote, similar to 2015. Whoever simply blame the Sinhalese are thieves and fools and drohiyas.
    What promises Gota can make to majority?

    1. Gota’s name and past action giving the confidence.

    If that is all, he will loose. Surely. ( Becuase Ranil is the same (to minorities) which will give him 20% extra votes)

    Have to add

    1. Getting rid of Palaath Sabha wastage and DEVOLUTION nonsence
    2. Strengthening of armed forces.
    3. Correction of previous disasters such as Wilpattu Jassim City , Road through Sinharaja , Tamil only administrations in the East, One National Song, No preferential treatment to minorities in any form.
    4… many more sensible promises as he wishes.

  13. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Gota is the right candidate for the presidential elections. GR has to reverse what traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese
    Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@’s destructive work. Namely get rid of these
    Mother Lanka dismembering pradeshiya sabhas. Before thambi mudiyanselage jr@, we had government agents
    and there was no problem in managing the businesses of the ‘vast’ 350-mile long island. Now thanks to thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@, you have these thieves dens every 50 miles and what do these traitor thieves do? Plunder,
    plunder, mayhem, mayhem. To make it worse, Sinhala modayas will appoint a barrel man hitler mala paharan’s
    ghost or a bin laden from Sri Lanka Multiplying Community who then in turn destroy all the Buddhist temples,
    start tamil/mussie colonies in those areas to the delight of traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer.

    Then he has to reverse PR system, which gives traitor UNPatriotic_rats party an unfair advantage since most town folks vote for them. Another fact is, most of these places are awashed with Sri Lanka Multiplying Community mussies who will never vote for a Sinhalese party (remember UNPatriotic_rats isn’t a Sinhalese party). He should also get rid of thambi mudiyanselage jr@’s Constitution which is destroying Mother Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese (Buddhist) race from the island and causing so much confusion, chaos and mayhem.

    Then he has to reverse what traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Buddhism and Sri Lanka only) traitor
    chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (of
    course against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande Wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech
    wickrama Sinhala killer’s Sri Lanka dismembering, Sinhalese Buddhist destroying, Buddhism destroying work
    during the past 4 years. To bring back Mother Lanka to her previous beautiful self he has to reverse these
    treacherous acts done by traitor traitor traitor traitor UNPatriotic_rats party to please its ardent supporters
    tamils, mussies, catholic, india and the west. He shouldn’t also hesitate to punish these thieving, murderous,
    treacherous, lying, unpatriotic thugs starting from the traitor chief Batalande wa(n)dakaya who is the chief
    architect of all these miseries to teach a lesson to would be Sinhalese (Buddhist) race destroying, Buddhism
    destroying, Mother Lanka dismembering traitors. Then Mother Lanka will be a beautiful country once again moving forward in the world and Sinhalese will have equal rights where minorities make all the rules at the moment thanks to these traitor UNPatritoic_rats.

  14. aloy Says:

    I have read somewhere that one Welgama is the director of a new car factory to be built with Indian car maker Mahindra. Is he related to this Welgama by any chance?.

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