Demonstration for Sinharaja in London, UK
Posted on January 22nd, 2019

Sinharaja Protect Community

Dear Friends

Demonstration for Sinharaja in London. .

we  will stand for a peaceful demonstration on 24 th January 2019 at Old Palace yard at

British Parliament square from 11.00 to 1.30 pm to make aware of ongoing destruction in the Sinharaja forest.

The objectives of the demonstration,

1- Stop the construction of abusive  roads and nature trails inside the Sinharaja Rain Forest

2-Stop relocating the wild elephants from sinharaja rain forest to a elephant holding ground which is not other than a elephant prison

3- protect the wild elephants, leopards and all other wildlife in sinharaja by strict regulations.

4- Halt  and remove   illegal Eco tourist buildings inside the Sinharaja forest

5 Stop commercialisation of sinharaja forest

6- stop the construction of mini hydro electricity power plants inside the Sinharaja forest

we are kindly requesting you to look into this matter and to join to the peaceful demonstration to stop  the destruction of Sinharaja Rain forest in Sri Lanka. Please join with  demonstration. Please check the attachments.

Thanking you

Keerti Hewagoda  , Environmental Activist 07459841598

Dr Chandrika Iriyagolle  07548122521

Mr Kamal Rajapakse 20 87156257

Sinharaja Protect Community

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