The need for a new Constitution to put an end to anarchy and restore political stability in this country and to save this Motherland, the Sinhala Nation and the Sambuddha Sasana for posterity, as it had been done by our ancestors for millennia and to make it again the Wonder of Asia.
Posted on January 27th, 2019

 Dr Sudath Gunasekara (SLAS) Former Permanent Secretary to Mrs Sirimavo Bandarnayaka and President Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jesta Purawesiyange Sanvidhanaya 26.1.2019.

Part 1


The whole country knows that there is no Government in this country today. In fact this had been the hard fact ever since this present Government was installed in power in Jan 2015. The situation is getting aggravated every day. Therefore the crying need to seriously address this problem as soon as possible before the country collapses completely beyond redemption. Today governance and administration in this country has completely collapsed. People have lost their faith even in the Judiciary. There is absolutely no law and order in any part of the country including the Parliament that is supposed to make laws for good governance. At present it makes laws only for the benefit of the ruling politicians. This had been the most conspicuous feature ever since 1987.

If you carefully go through the legislations made thereafter and more particularly the 19 Amendments already made to the 1987 Constitution and the 20th A in queue you will see the substance of what I say here. What more evidence is required to prove my argument other than the Act No1 of that Government which gave pension rights for politicians with 5 years “SERVICE’ violating all the provisions of the Pension Minute  for Public Servants. Also take not that under this Act politicians are qualified to full pension. Subsequently even their wives were made entitled for the pension. Doesn’t this alone clearly show the priorities our politicians have in their heads?.

Today thugs and the underworld have already taken over both the administration and governance of the country. Underworld criminals and narcotic goons operate all over and they run the country even from abroad.  Gang leader Makandure Madus is a case in point. Every day dozens of people are murdered at close range shooting by gunmen. At least ten people die every day due to reckless driving. The leader of the gang who robbed the country’s Central Bank is the Prime Minster of the country. The Governor who played the main role in this trillion robbery is kept in hiding in Singapore with the blessings of his mentor and the people who rule the country. It is said Arjuna M cannot be extradited as Singapore has not signed that law. Definitely RW should have known this trick. That is why he selected Arjun M his long time chum to do this job. In my opinion President should not have approved this appointment. What more evidence is needed to prove that total anarchy reigns all over the country even at this moment, I pen these few words.

In fact having started in Jan 2015 today it has reached its climax. Law and order has almost ceased to exist on this once blessed land. There are two laws for the one for the North and one for the South. There is utter chaos and confusion all over. In my view this is the cumulative effect of the political gambling by the British made political parties that had been in operation since 1948, the year we are supposed to have got freed from their direct rule. The Soulbury Constitution that was a ‘made in Great Britain Constitution’ is a classic British colonial fraud and conspiracy to keep this country eternally divided, fighting and confused under their remote control forever. Apparently no politician or policy maker seems to have realized the fatality of the trap the Albions have fixed us in when they left the shores of this Island in 1948.  Apart from fighting for political  survival within that ‘made in Britain’ trap  our politicians as well as the policy makers have not made any sincere and honest attempt to take this country forward as an independent, free, prosperous  and vibrant nation for the past 70 years.

The open clash between the President and the Prime Minister and the Speaker on the one hand and the Legislature and the Executive on the other, noncompliance of orders and directions given by the President of the country by certain statutory bodies, the tyranny and dictatorship of minority politics, the unprecedented wave of crimes spreading all over the country and the utter chaotic and confusing  political, economic and social  unrest overflowing like  a Tsunami all round makes one to wonder whether total nemesis has already come to our door step. The present Government is run by a UNP minority with the direct support of the TNA and JVP protected by the UNP Speaker in Parliament. The President though is said to be the President has no control or say what so ever over the undemocratic and unconstitutional Government he is heading.

What I have outlined here is an attempt to propose a modest three stepped approach to get out of this political, economic and social abyss in to which our self-seeking unpatriotic politicians have dumped us over the past 70 years and thereafter and to take this country forward as a free, prosperous and peaceful nation, where all people will live happily as one family.


The purpose of this essay is to present an appeal to the Maha Sanga who were the guardian deities of this land for the past 2500 years and all Sinhala patriotic citizens to wake up from their deep slumber, and to give up their blind political affiliations to green, blue or red camps, join their hands together as one nation least now. There is no point in writing to papers or social media or politicians by people like us as we are nobodies for them. That is why I opine that the Maha Sngha and a top group of Patriotic citizens of very high standing now need to take the whip in to their hands and command the politicians to follow the correct path and to do the right thing to save this country, the Sinhala nation and the Sasana. There is no point in requesting them. Now you have to take the politicians by their horns and whip them on their buttocks, perhaps the way they did it in 1956.

At the very outset I must say that this is a noble mission to save a paradise like country, a proud nation and a millennia old pristine Sinhala Buddhist civilization, like no other in the world. Please remember that if we don’t rise up now as a  nation in unison, discarding all blind and narrow political, religious, ideological and  party politics and rise up as  “We Sinhalese”   we are  doomed to lose this country forever and we are h definitely heading for total annihilation, both as a county and a nation. Also note we are already brought to the brim of nemesis and total extinction by our visionless and unpatriotic politicians over the past 70 years. This is the first hurdle we have to clear in nation building, however difficult it is going to be.

When Tamil and Muslim minority intruders are at war with us, ‘de jure and de facto owners of this land’, and ask for separate States with self-determination rights in this historical Motherland of the ours, I am only putting forward  a realistic and flawless work plan to put all communities in their due places, while the majority Sinhalese will be guaranteed their  legitimate place in this country, which is already being robbed by minorities due to the fault of Sinhala politicians, particularly the UNP, so that all communities could live together amicably in peace and harmony  as one nation as they had been living before 1815, by simply accepting by all these minority communities, that this land is the motherland of the Sinhala nation and that is inalienable and non-negotiable. It is a tragedy that all our politicians divided as UNP, SLFP and JVP etc going after the minorities wooing for their vote have made us 75% a minority and the minority the majority in this country.   The Sinhalese urgently needs a leader who has the guts and the character and charisma who can unite all Sinhalese under one banner and also who can stand against this tyranny of the minority politics and restore the lost rights of the Sinhala nation. Going by the way how Tamils and Muslims vandalize millennia old Buddhist heritage sites not only in the North and East but also all over the country, putting the minorities in their place and restoring and protecting the lost heritage and the dignity of the Sinhala nation is the priority number one of any Government. As the Sinahla say goes ‘tella badinta bella tiyenta one” first of all we must save the motherland, the only place we have on earth on this planet to live. No politician should ask for power if they cannot do that. Enough, all politicians have deceived this nation for 70 long years. Isn’t it a great tragedy that there is not a   single Sinhala political leader who condemn these heinous crimes and ask the Muslim leaders to stop their ‘Boys” engaging in such barbaric and provoking crimes. Here I would like to quote the Mavanella and Kiralagala incidents.

The approach suggested here is a radical departure from all post-independence conventional Sri Lanka politics where the politicians looked after only themselves while allowing the whole country to suffer and peril. It is  completely  a new vision hither to not thought of by any politician or any other, due to either ignorance or more due to fear of losing political power (which they consider to be more important than the country or the nation), who are caught up in the political trap cunningly  laid down by the vicious British colonial plunderers, when they left the shores of this Island in 1948, pretending to giving freedom to this country,  whereby they withdrew only from direct rule while indirectly continuing to controll the destiny of the colonies and keeping the eternally dependent on the colonial West and  their white allies spread all over the world. This clearly shows that colonial depredation is not yet dead. It is still living, actively operating both covertly and overtly to keep us weaker both politically and economically as their protectorates and underdogs forever.

I am only appealing to all concerned, particularly the 30,000 odd Buddhaputras across the country led by the Mahanaayaka Theros of all Nikayasorganized as ONE fraternity together with a patriotic group of national leaders of standing to put an end to this chaotic and confusing situation to achieve the sacred objectives  stated in the heading of this article “The need for a new Constitution to put an end to anarchy and restore political stability in this country and to save this Motherland, the Sinhala Nation and the Sambuddha Sasana for posterity, as it had been done by our ancestors for millennia and to make it again the Wonder of Asia and finally to take this country at least to what it was in  1815, where all different minority ethnic groups like Tamils and Muslims accept this land as the  Motherland of the Sinhala people and resolve to live as one nation and one country, where everybody is happy and contented. That will be the only way for ethnic reconciliation.

This noble mission consist of three major steps

Step 1 Changing the present anarchic and treacherous rule and replacing it with an interim patriotic Government

Changing the present anarchic and treacherous rule and replacing it with an interim Patriotic Government under the present Constitution and restoring political stability and normalcy in Governance is the priority no1 before us. In the above backdrop the most critical issue and the top priority before the nation at hand is the need to install a patriotic Government, and a government of the people, in the first place as the people and the country badly need a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             people centred Government at least to  run their day to day affairs freely, apart from taking the country forward.  A patriotic set of politicians from among those are already in Parliament, who love this country and its people than self-interest should form this Government. It should be formed within the provisions of the present Constitution. The shortest way to do it is by defeating the existing Government in Parliament.  But since the UNP has the support of the TNA and JVP this is impossible unless a chunk from the disgruntled UNP back benchers is won over. The UNP is also heavily backed by the Western countries with all their resources and their interests which are heavily guarded by the UNP Speaker in Parliament. As such the only way to form a new Government is to go Parliamentary election. There are two ways of doing it. The first and the best option is getting a resolution passed for a new election in Parliament with a 2/3 majority to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling. But again since that is also beyond imaginations the only alternative available is to launch a nationwide mass agitation movement to force the Government to resign. Once that is done and elections are held, going by the behavior of the electorate, I opine forming a new Government under the present Constitution by the true opposition will be a reality. In this regard I don’t think people have any other option than suggesting that the opposition camp led by Mahinda Rajapaksa take it over.

Step 2 The beginning of people friendly governing

Having got a new Government in place, it has to first, restore normalcy and law and order in the country. In doing so steps should be taken to limit the Parliament to 196 MPs in terms of the 1987 Constitution by abolishing the national list (29) by repealing Sec 2 and Sec 99a of the 14th Amendment to make representation in Parliament more democratic and meaningful. The Cabinet under this Government should also be limited to 30 as per 19th Amendment. Scrapping of superfluous Ministries, Departments and other government institutions like Corporations and Boards etc to reduce duplication and overlapping, cost and increase efficiency in delivery of services to people. Once this is done people will realize that a radical change in governance has dawned and good governance has begun to appear for the first time in this country.  They will begin to witness a people friendly government for the first time in modern history of this country and the hitherto prevailed government by the politicians, for the  politicians and of the politicians supported by an army of parasitic servants of the Government in power who were dubbed as public servants has ceased to exist.

Even with such changes the new Government want be able to take the country fully out of the present political Augean mess created by the deep rooted past political culture, a child of the colonial legacy, that was utterly inappropriate and therefore disastrous to our society. Therefore firstly to get out of this mess and second to bring about sustainable political stability that we need so badly to take this country to economic and social progress we need to go for a new Constitution based on our own history, traditions and values that were indigenous and appropriate to our own environment. For this we need a new Home made Constitution formulated by our own experts (not by foreign experts or even local agents of the West), setting aside all previous Constitutions that have a British paternity that was alien and inappropriate to our society.

Phase 3

The need to go for a new Constitution

The interim Government formed under phase 2 then should dissolve the Parliament and go before the people for a direct mandate for a new Constitution under a new election manifesto. The new election manifesto, unlike the ones prepared by the politicians in the past, has to be prepared by a group of local experts and get the politicians to comply with it. (A proposed draft of a people’s election manifesto is attached at the end of this essay as a guide line). The formulators of manifesto will canvas for the group who agrees to implement the manifesto in writing and swearing before the Sri Dalada Maligawa to implement the provisions of the new manifesto. It is expected that the new constitution will be ready within six months.

The newly elected government will then begin nation building under the new Constitution, as a  free, independent and sovereign State of new the  Republic of Sinhale/Sri Lanka   with a smaller Parliament (168 MPP) and a lean Cabinet (19) and with less Government institutions and less public Servants as given in the new Constitution. The Head of the new Republic should be elected by the people. It will mark a turning point in good governance and open a new chapter in this country’s political history in this country.  The new Government will go to roots and rediscover, protect and foster the native heritage and build up the nation within 10 years to be called the miracle of Asia. This new Government will be a fully pledged Government by the people, for the people and of the people replacing the present system of Government by the politicians, for the politicians and of the politicians. I hope finally it will be a model for all Asian and African countries that have been subjected to colonial depredation and establishment during the past     few                centuries.

The New Sinhale/Sri Lanka Constitution should be based on the following premises.

1 Historically this country had remained the Traditional Home land of the Sinhala Nation, at least from 543 BC up to date.

2 Since 307 BC it had been the only Sinhala Buddhist nation in the world.

3 Sinhalese Buddhists were the people who found, developed and fostered the unique Sinhakla Buddhist civilization on this Island. It was also they who protected it from all foreign devastations firstly, the Indians, more particularly, South Indians, starting in the 2nd century BC up to the 12th century AD (culminated in the barbaric Magha devastation), who razed Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa civilizations (that ranked among the best in ancient and medieval world) to the ground and secondly, virtually destroyed it for 443 years from 1505 to 1948 by the Portugues, Dutch and British invasions. In all these wars it was the Sinhala Buddhists who had to face the brunt of the invader and die in battle in millions in defence of their Motherland. Among the long list of brutal and savages atrocities carried out by these invaders , shooting all those who could not be arrested, hanging them then and there, burning down all fields, houses and barns and slaughtering all animals of the natives to feed the soldiers of the invader could be cited as few example of the cruel crimes carried out by these invaders.

4 The name of the country ceded to British in 1815 was Sinhale as given in the Kandayn Convention of March 2. 1815. Except Taprobane and Serendib all other names over 23 like Zeylan and Ceylon simply meant the Land of the Sinhala people. Even the Tamil word EELAM means the land of the Sinhalese. This clearly shows that right throughout history it was the Sinhala imprint that has flourished on this land.

5 It was the Sinhalese Buddhists, the architects of the civilization in this country who fought against the invaders and died in millions in battle to defend their motherland in the savages and brutal 1818 and 1848 suppressions of Uva and Matale . It was they who lost all their lands in battles fighting against the enemies to defend the motherland for posterity.

6 None of the Tamils or Muslim at any time supported the native Sinhalese in these wars. Instead they took the side of the enemy and particularly the Muslims both in the Uva and Matale freedom struggles who supported the British by transporting their provisions, guns and ammunitions from the harbours to the interior and by spying against the Native Sinhalese. When Muslims were brutally murdered by Portuguese in 1665 and when those who survived ran to the King in Kandy it was the Sinhala King who saved them and settled in the Panampatuwa (these are the ungrateful people now asking for a separate State in the South East)

7 In the period of early political agitations even Tamil scholars like  extensively on the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country and accepted that this had been the Land of the Sinhalese from the dawn of history and they were the architects of the unique civilization in this Island nation. See what P. Arunachalam in his Sketches of Ceylon History (1906) and Ananda Coomaraswamy in his classic Medieval Sinhalese Ar (1905) wrote and comcluded about the Civilization o fthe country. I invite extreme communalists like Sambandan, Vignesvarana and Sumanthiram and even Jayampathhi Wickramaratna and Lal wijenayaka (self-appointed Costitutional experts) to read these books and find out as to where they should stand in this country. It is a tragedy and a pity too that the present day Tamil politicians dont undersatand what these greal Sri Lankans had said. Instead today they all follow a Malaysian Catholic Tamil Chelvanayagam, who had migrated to this country (around 1903) as a 4 year old boy who later became the Father of Ilankai Tamil Arsukachchi  (1947) and Grandfather of modern Tamil extremism in this country.

8 Even as late as 1965 K. Indrapala professor of History in his PhD Thesis Dravidayan settlement in Ceylon concluded that there were no Tamil settlements in the interior of this country and they were confined to a narrow coastal strip in the north and East. I am talking here on  Indrapala, who wrote  his PhD and not what he had said recently at LTTE gun point in his “The Tamils of Sri Lanka”: (300 B.C.-1200 A.D.)-

9 All minority races including Tamils and Muslims are thus only descendants of immigrants who had come to this country from time to time either as traders, invaders or illicit immigrants. There are very few who descend from those left behind by early invade. The last category are the Estate Tamils who were brought as indentured labour by British to work on their Tea and Coffee plantations after 1840, who continued as British citizens and who were left behind by the British when they left in 1948. As such none of these categories   has any legitimacy to call this their motherland unless and until they become full citizens of this country after learning the Language and history of the land and integrate with the natives. The irony is none of these people accept this country as the land of the Sinhalese. Instead they all want separate independent and self-ruling parts carved out from this Land. Some people like the LTTE and their proxies have dictated even war against the natives claiming the land of the Sinhalese for 30 years.

All these crazy people must learn the wisdom of Rev Cardinal Malcolm Ranith’s ( one of the greatest sons of Sri Lanka in modern times} latest statement where he said “Buddhism in this country is the big tree and other religions are only small branches of the big tree.’ In my opinion this is by far the best description of the Sri Lankan society made by any religious dignitary or a historian ever. The same thing could be said with regard to ethnicity as well. Accordingly I will put it as “Sinhala race in this country is the big tree and other communities are only small branches of that big tree”. Why can’t the Tamil and Muslim politicians, the treacherous NGOs, Colombian Sinhala politicians and the so-called International Community also understand this all-time reality and learn to live together without quarrelling with the Sinhala people who are the true Bhoomiputras of this land. Both Tamils and Muslim could be compared to  ‘parasitic plants on a Sinhala banyan tree’     struggling to kill it and trying to be the banyan tree.

If all these five categories could understand the wisdom of Rev Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the day they do so, on that day, ends the ethnic and religious clashes in this country.

I suggest the new Constitution should be based on this historical foundation.

Under the new Constitution I propose two systems of alternative Governments. This will involve two phases

Phase 1  A Government with two national political parties as  trial 1.

Phase 2 A Government without Political parties (to be followed by trial 1)

1) First trial: a system of Government with two National political parties. This is a novel model aimed at ending all ethnic strife and rivalries by bringing all communities under the ‘one nation concept”. There want be either Tamil or Muslim or even Sinhala political parties under this system

The two political parties I propose to achieve this goal are,

1) Sinhalaye Bhoomiputra Pakshaya

11) Sinhalaye Mahasammatha Paksaya

What is envisaged under this part will be two national political parties not labeled after ethnicity, language or religion as it is done today. They are based on hard facts of true history of this country that no one on earth can refute. Therefore both will be modeled on the concept of Civilization State as proposed by Martin Jaques in his ‘When China Rules the World” The civilization referred to here is the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization that had been the bedrock of the Sinhale State. Both Parties are open to people of all ethnic groups in this country. Within this dominant civilization matrix all citizens of this State have to get identified as ONE NATION. Under this system all ethnic and religious political parties will be banned. As such all minorities will have to be a part of these two parties and there is no other option. This is done to eliminate the division of the Sri Lankan nation on ethnic grounds as it exists at present and build up one nation. It should be noted here that I have named these two political parties after taking in to consideration the past political history of this country starting from 543 BC and ending in 1815. as stated below

Elections under this system will be held for the 168 electorates and the new Government will have 18 Executive Committees as given below.

2) Second trial: A system of Government with no political parties after 5 years in office, I propose this second alternative to be tried out, if the Two party system also fails to deliver the goods as expected.

( to be continued)


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  1. Christie Says:

    Sinhalese unite and stand up to Indian Empire and Indian Colonial Parasites.

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is sad to say but it appears that the true Sinhalese Buddhist leader is not emerged or born yet.

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