Open letter to Mr. Pujitha S.B.Jayasundara, Inspector General of Police of Sri Lanka.
Posted on March 31st, 2019

By Charles.S.Perera

Mr.Pujitha S.B.Jayasundara,

Inspector General of Police,

Sri Lanka

Dear Sir,

I am presently living abroad but I am a man from a small village in Sri Lanka. Sir it is we the villagers who feel more for our country to the extent to  even shed tears in secret when we are unable to put right the wrongs that are being done to our country.

I have read you are also from  a village Mahamukalaanayaaya in Bogamuwa. That means you are a real son of the soil and must have seen youths from your village also joining the Armed Forces to fight the ruthless terrorism that we had thought for a long time was an invincible force. Many of those  Sinhala Buddhist village youth whowent to defend our country, came back in coffins, while some had gone missing, and others have escaped after sacrificing  their limbs  in the terrorist war. It was in their heroism that our country was saved and we live tody in peace and security.

But we pay only lip service to these war heroes who  are our own children. This is while those who should take responsibility for deaths, disappearances and mutilation are today demanding that our war heroes be taken before International Criminal Courts.  This had been going on ever since the elimination of terrorists and even the International Community treats our war heroes as their war criminals and the terrorists as their heroes.  This has to end without  our Government treat the terrorists and who aided abetted  them  with soft gloves, while  our war heroes are being sacrificed for a seemingly unachievable reconciliation with the Tamils- specially the TNA Tamils politicians.

The  TNA which keeps calling to take revenge from the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for the elimination of the terrorists, disappearances, violation of human rights, was a part of the terrorist equip terrorising the people  along side Prabhakaran.   In English Law it is said that you cannot go to court with blood on your hands. Therefore  neither the TNA no the Tamils of the diaspora who financed the  terrorism purchasing arms and equipment for them  terrorists cannot now  accuse the armed forces for war crimes when they were a part of the terrorists aiding     and abetting the terrorists.

In 2001 the LTTE during the heights of its ruthless terror against the people, wanted a political arm  to defend and be their spokes persons in the Parliament and outside the terrorists controlled areas.  Terrorist leader Prabhakaran selected the present set of TNA Parliamentarians. They set up an alliance along with Tamil Political parties such as  ACTC (All Ceylon Tamil Congress), the EPRLF (Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front), TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization), TULF (Tamil United Liberation Front).

Thereafter  TNA under Sampanthan of ITAK declared that the  LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamil people, Ananda Sangaree of TULF who disagreed  left the Alliance and TNA became the political arm of the terrorists.

The activities of TNA since then had been organised by the terrorist leader and for all intents and purposes TNA was a part of the LTTE terrorist set up.  Please see the article by Ms.Shenali Waduge in the Lankaweb entitled: Haul TNA to Court for links with LTTE terrorists & Separatist Demands-

 -for details of the involvement of TNA with  terrorism since 2001 to date even after the elimination of terrorism.

After elimination of terrorism in May,2009,  the then Government of ¨President Mahinda Rajapakse should have disbanded the TNA but for whatever reason  it had not been done and we are today suffering the consequence of that failure.

Dear Sir, since 2001 TNA which  had been involved with the terrorists and terrorism never raised a voice against  the savagery of the terrorists and their massacres of innocent villagers, passengers of busses and trains and mass killings by placing claymore bombs in markets and public places, and assassination of many political figures and officers of the Armed Forces and the Police. 

In their silence through out the period of terrorism the TNA and its members were aiding and abetting terrorists in those massacres, assassinations, without directly participating in  the bloody savagery of the terrorists.

Even today the TNA Parliamentarians continue in terrorising the  newly settled Sinhala people in the villages calling for their identity cads and property Deeds. Recently  a group of Tamils  supported by some TNA politicians occupied the Mulathiu Nayaru Khandha Ancient Buddhist temple on the Pongal Day , threatened the resident monk Venerable Kolamba  Medalankara Kiththi Nayaka thero, and even dug a foundation for a Kovil in the temple premises.

Though no killing had been done this too amounts to a terrorist activity, to frighten  persons and make them leave the area in fear  for life.

These TNA politicians continue to criticise and condemn Sri Lanka in international forums and contact foreign countries  complaining about imagined discriminations against the Tamils by the Government calling for their assistance to  win  separate rights and priviledes to the Tamil people and to cooperate  with them for the setting up of a separate Tamil only Province in the North and East. Their statements against the Government are in breach of the Constitution and amounts to criminal defamation

Despite these activities which are  in contravention of the Constitution, the law is not being applied against the TNA Parliamentarians. They are not even been called to the Police Stations and warned against making such statements.

Most often when questioned as to why the TNA Parliamentarians are not taken to custody when they make seditious and libellous statements, authorities cite  an on going reconciliation, and state that the law is kept silent not to hamper  the reconciliation process.

The reconciliation is not a one sided activity. If TNA wants the other communities of Sri Lanka to reconcile with the Tamil Community they should reciprocate these acts of reconciliation by he Government. But so far they   continue to make more demands without making any advance towards reconciliation with the Sinhala.

The Tamil people are kept silent by threat, and made to follow the TNA through fear of them and fear of retaliation. If the Law is applied to the TNA politicians and make them understand that they are not outside the law of the country, the ordinary Tamil people will trust in  law and order and act freely without blindly following the TNA MPs  through fear and for favour.

One Mr.Jayantha Liyanage of  Sinhala Mahasabha once filed an FR action against the TNA, but the courts advised that as there was a move for reconciliation with Tamils   it is good that the legal action is not taken against them for the moment.

But this is not correct any more as the law should be applied when it is broken or in the process of being broken. What is the use of a police force Sir, if you are absent in the North and allow the TNA politicians go free despite their criminal  activities that hamper peace security and freedom of the people.

TNA Parliamentarians Shritharan’s  recent statement that Gotabhaya Rajapakse had killed over 140,000 Tamils  which is false and therefore a statement of criminal defamation.  It is not  acceptable that he is allowed to go free after making such seditious statements. He should be called to the Police Station and warned not to make such false accusations which makes him liable for criminal prosecution.

There is no reconciliation in  the police allowing these TNA Parliamentarians to break the law, and still go free.  The Police should call Shritharan to the police station  to warn  him about making such statements of criminal defamation, and warn him against making such statements in future.

I do not intend to write more as you may already be aware of these unlawful activities and pronouncements of the TNA Parliamentarians. They are citizens of Sri Lanka and the laws of the country should be applied to them as well, no matter whether there is an ongoing reconciliation process.

As a member of the Public I implore you not to be a onlooker of breach of law and order by the TNA Parliamentarians,  and request you to intervene to make them understand that they  too should respect the law.

Yours Sincerely,


Copy to: President of Sri Lanka Mr. Maithripala Sirisena,

              Leader of the Opposition  of the Parliament of Sri Lanka:Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse

              Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe

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